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For The Love of Labor | Carhartt Handmade Films

For The Love of Labor | Carhartt Handmade Films

Since when did Labor
Day become a celebration of 70% of mattress sales? Shouldn’t Labor Day be about
everyone out there laboring? Well, you bet it should. This day was founded
in 1885 to pay tribute to the American worker,
the men and women who make sure that the
rest of us have the basic human needs of food,
clothing, shelter, and 76,000 channels a high-def TV. So instead of whining the next
time roadwork’s screwing up traffic, think about
the guy busting his hump in 100 something degree heat
and the mechanic keeping your car on the road, so you
can get away this long holiday weekend. You still with me? Good. Now let’s start saying
thanks, shall we? Thank a farmer. Thank a rancher. Thank a sheep dog. And would someone please thank
whoever taught this little girl to do that? Thank someone who builds. Thank someone who breaks. Thank this engineer for
keeping your hotel room cozy. Thank the groundskeeper for
keeping the grass green. Speaking of labor,
how about we thank the doctors and nurses who
help women who are in labor. Better yet, thank every mom
who ever went through labor. Like horseshoes? Thank this guy. Like beer? Thank him. Her too. So before you bite
into that juicy burger this Labor Day weekend
thank the cook. No, thank the butcher. No, no, thank the cowboy
who raised the cattle in the first place, because
these people right here are what Labor Day is all about.

63 thoughts on “For The Love of Labor | Carhartt Handmade Films

  1. I love my American made Carhartt clothes. Today, I wore them while welding up pipe in the dirtiest, nastiest, greasiest place that I have ever been. Most people would throw close away after they look like mine do today, but I love my Carhartts more than most people. Thanks for this.

  2. Great video, my only suggestion is that you use the song "Work to Do" by the Isley Brothers. And thank you to all the garbage and sanitation workers for doing the jobs a lot of us don't. And thank you to the retail workers of America!

  3. I'm thanking my mom for giving birth to me and my siblings and my dad for being a mechanic and my grandfathers for being in war and the rest of my family that has been though alot

  4. Thank you for this video. Most people don't care about the farmers and ranchers. I grew up farming and ranching in west Texas

  5. I saw his ad, and I thought it was just so amazing. This is something we all need these days. We get a special day to thank everyone for what we have in life. And all people think it is, is time for sales, days off, but its really to honor people for their hard work. And I think that everyone should se this, and remember the real meaning of Labor day. <3

  6. Wow this commericial is really something special. Makes me really feel bad for my lack of appreciating the labor of the people around me.

  7. I love this add lol. I don't look like I do hard labor but I do. I fix your house when there's something wrong and I've built stores so people could have jobs. Im not the big guy or the only guy but i help make it happen. Its nice to see some appreciation. ☺

  8. Wow, I wish this message was EVERYWHERE on youtube and offline! What a powerfully positive message! Thank you!

  9. Excellent video! I wish more companies would produce Ad campaigns like this. If I didn't already love Carhartt, I would defiantly check them out after watching this!

  10. Labor Day was created by Ronald Reagan to replace May Day which is actually the day of the workers

  11. I enjoy Carhatt products. I also i appreciate everyone in your media department for making this content. Wholesome and genuine.

  12. thank you for being a positive ad that uplifted me this Sunday night, and for not trying to sell me some useless shit i don't need.

  13. Thank you for thanking us HVAC guys. But i'm still going to whine about the road work preventing me from going to work lol.

  14. Awesome commercial. Special thanks for the incredibly warm Base Force Extreme Cold Weather. Didn't need super heavy outer gear or multiple layers because of them.

  15. Saw this as an ad and just needed to come over here to say well done to Carhartt 👏 I love the message. Best ad I've seen in a long time

  16. When I was younger I used to ride sheep. It was so fun. Now I'm 15 and nearly 6'. Can't do that anymore…

  17. Thank you Carhartt, for a real commercial about real people. God bless our hard working Americans, whether they are wearing Carhartt or not. Best commercial I've seen in quite a while.

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