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For Jobs, For Us | Bernie Sanders

For Jobs, For Us | Bernie Sanders

Millions of good jobs lost. Communities devastated. The jobs moved overseas. Only one candidate
for president has consistently fought
trade deals that ship Michigan jobs
overseas. Bernie Sanders. Sanders opposed the disastrous
NAFTA trade deal. Opposed special trade status
with China. Now he’s opposing the
Trans-Pacific trade deal. While others waffle, Bernie is fighting hundreds
of thousands of new job losses. For jobs. For us.
Bernie. Sanders: I’m Bernie Sanders
and I approve this message.

86 thoughts on “For Jobs, For Us | Bernie Sanders

  1. How the on Earth is that Hillary character leading? I mean, sure woman president and all. But she's just not the right one! Aaaand she hasn't been consistent….. Actually consistent is a useless word in her case…. Hillary just switched sides to gain voter empathy….. She doesn't care for anyone other than her BFF for life, namely… Wall Street.

  2. Guess who was FOR these trade deals before the primaries?

    Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    – Supported the TPP before she began running for President!

    – Said she opposed the Colombian trade deal, newest email batch: She lied. She was for it. That was a bad deal for Colombia.

    – Guess who's a good friend of Hillary Clinton, who formerly wanted to fight China, but who now wants more bad trade deals with China? Henry Kissinger!

    I have no clue about NAFTA, but she was most likely for that as well!
    OBAMA in 2008 – Clinton said "great things about NAFTA until she started running for president."
    Why am I surprised? OF COURSE She flip flopped again!

  3. Super Tuesday could have gone better but it could have gone much much worse. Bernie won what he absolutely needed to win and a little bit extra! The hardest part of the race is nearly over and Bernie is still very much in despite all the media blackout and all the unfair attacks. Now he has money and growing name recognition. More and more people are about to hear about his plans and the later primary states are more likely to favour him. This race is about to get exciting! This is no time for defeatism. This is the time to start catching up.

  4. Delegate count

    Sanders 399 Clinton 596

    This is not over! Do not believe the hype the msm is telling you. The vote now moves out of Clinton areas and if CO, OK and MN are any indication the Midwest is feeling the Bern!!!!!

  5. By the way, if anybody says that Bernie and Hillary basically have the same policies I have some examples why that's not true. A lot of the time Hillary's policies are designed to sound similar to Bernie's while being fundamentally different. For example, have you heard Hillary talk about "getting unaccountable money out of politics"? Note the word "unaccountable". This means she doesn't want money out of politics, she's only talking about secret money. Open campaign contributions would still be fine! She tries to make it sound like she agrees with Bernie but she seems to have no plans to actually get money out of politics. And that's based on her own words!

    Same goes for many of her other policies. They sound like Bernie policies but are much less effective and much smaller.

  6. People voting for Hillary because she's been around for three presidencies should not vote for her for the same exact reason. If she's been around for that long and hasn't done anything, what makes you think she will do anything in the next four years? Nada, zip. We'll be in the same spot in 2020 as we are now with her as the president. the only change is Bernie. Do you want that change? Vote for Bernie. He's the only one who will get us there.

  7. Hats off to the people of Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado, most of Massachusetts, and of course the people of Vermont to give him a massive boost leading up to Michigan and March 15th

  8. Hats off to the people of Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado, most of Massachusetts, and of course the people of Vermont to give him a massive boost leading up to Michigan and March 15th

  9. Kick her ass Bernie!
    No more neoliberal economics and neocon foreign policies! Hit her HARD! FULL ATTACK!

  10. GUYS! Bill Clinton was blocking Bernie voters on super tuesday! Sign this petition to show America that we will not stand for it! https://www.change.org/p/massachusetts-attorney-general-maura-healey-arrest-prosecute-bill-clinton-john-f-mitchell-violation-of-ma-election-laws?recruiter=499406303&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

  11. Ok, people are losing their jobs so, what we gonna do? Make the hiring process more difficult, raising artificially the minimum wage, and cancelling trade agreements to shut down our external commerce, of course. Socialists and their problem with calculators, pathetic.

  12. How does it feel to support an officially lost cause? Bernie has lost against Clinton. He can't overcome the loses he faced yesterday. FACE UP TO YOUR DEFEAT AND SUCK IT UP.

  13. We need to go outside to march in favor for @BERNIESANDERS people need to know about him and us! This is a Revolution! This is our time together! I'm Latina and I'm with you! #feelthebern

  14. www.change.org/p/massachusetts-attorney-general-maura-healey-arrest-prosecute-bill-clinton-john-f-mitchell-violation-of-ma-election-laws
    We should have won MASS. Let's stop this voter fraud / voter infringement from happening in future states!
    Sign the petition~

  15. Northern States will come through for Bernie.
    Also just because your State voted don't stop phone banking or helping in any way you can.

  16. Kansas Nebraska Maine Michigan Florida, Illinois, Missouri Ohio is the areas Bernie supporters have to target. Spread his message and reach as many as you can. Go and represent Bernie not yourselves. Reflect Bernie to the others who do not know about him.

  17. Overjoyed for Bernie here in England!🔥🔥🔥 Surely Bill Clinton showing up at Massachusetts means Hillary is nervous. If she felt she had already won he would not have bothered. Go Bernie!!

  18. From the UK: This morning I placed $170 worth of bets on Bernie becoming the nominee and winning the presidency.
    I'm literally putting money on the line because we believe in you!

  19. If you want Bernie to be the next president, make sure to vote in the primaries, and get the word out intelligently.

  20. Sign the petition if you think it is inadmissible to let Bill Clinton get away with what he did in MA.

  21. Come on Bernie Sanders. tell the people the truth. Hillary Clinton supported every job destroying trade deal from NAFTA to the TTP. Hillary Clinton biggest flaw is trade got to point that out if you want to win

  22. She may have won more states, but she has almost run out of southern state, keep this up guys. Focus on Michigan, there we can do good and get momentum in March 15th states

    with their bullshit headlines "it's a race between hillary and trump"
    because it's FALSE.

    Bernie CAN EASILY WIN if we in the NORTH states really tell everyone
    about the media's bullshit and let people know about Bernie's fairer policies.

    I have not been discouraged not even a little bit.

    AND WON despite this media bullshit.


    Please Vote Bernie Sanders NO MATTER WHAT the media bullshit is.

  24. and fought to put American made products in federal gift shops, years ago, this isn't just for the election, this is who he is

  25. Republicans: BLAME THE MEXICANS!
    Bernie: Blame the corporate trade deals that are shipping our jobs overseas!

  26. This ad seems to accuse Bernie of supporting the NAFTA disaster. There's a several-second segment at 0:14 where the screen says BERNIE SANDERS: DISASTROUS NAFTA TRADE DEAL. I just showed people that screen, and they thought it was an anti-Bernie ad. Maybe take a look, and see if it needs fixing?

  27. Bernie should stop saying "I'm different from Sec. Clinton…" but "I'm better than Sec. Clinton…"; and should stop describing himself or his policy as "idealistic", instead start talking more about how it could be pragmatically and effectively benefit the people and the country; and stop being so noble and playing "clean", instead should show that he can be tough and would like to get "dirty" if it's necessary. My best wishes…

  28. This shows that Bernie
    1. hates the poor
    2. hates progress

    He hates the poor because he hates it that poor countries get a chance to have jobs and develop.

    He hates progress because he wants to hold onto archaic jobs and don't support pushing people to take on higher skilled jobs that generate more wealth.

    Bernie would have been against the invention of the tractor in the 1800s because it killed jobs.

  29. Missing word in the second sentence of the description. "…which enrich [ ] at the expense of…" With love from Britain.

  30. Where is Hillary Clinton's publicly stated position in this Ad?? what the fuck is wrong with the Sanders campaign?? You give her the chance to come and say 'me too'. Guess who the voters will vote for then because of their lack of info, (which the lame stream media won't give them)+ name recognition?
    Please go back and look at how Obama did it!
    Are you blowing this thing on purpose?

  31. Socialism, crony capitalism, government does not create jobs for the middle class – only FREE markets do. American capitalism pulled millions of people out of poverty over the last 100 years.

  32. Media keeps trying to tell everyone how its over but its really not. Most of Clintons lead comes from people somehow accounting superdelegates to her. Sure, right now she has the majority but they will always go to the side who has the popular vote. It happened in 2008 and it will happen now if Bernie… no. WHEN Bernie catches up.

  33. Bernie – drop Wisconsin in to that ad and start running it here!
    In Wisconsin we have a Repug Governor, Assembly & Senate because the people are still pissed off that the DLC/NeoLiberal/CorporaDems sold us out for their billionare owners. Are the R's worse? Of course. But the pissed off masses don't always do smart things when they're mad.

    Bernie & trade will bring Wisconsin back to sanity.
    I bet the same thing in Michigan too.

  34. As someone who makes a lot of money, I will be taxed more under Bernie. How's that fair to me? I'm being punished for being successful.

  35. "Do the elected officials in Washington stand with ordinary Americans – working families, children, the elderly, the poor – or will the extraordinary power of billionaire campaign contributors and Big Money prevail? The American people, by the millions, must send Congress the answer to that question." Bernie Sanders is the only man who can finally fix the broken political system.

  36. make sure that we all vote for BERNIE SANDERS… he can still win … lets fucking put BERNIE SANDERS againts trump and watch BERNIE dance circles of true, factual, common sense, for the people with great concrete reasoning, around trump bullshit-ness.


  38. I love Bernie! This ad isn't my favorite of his, though. I do like that it addresses the NAFTA issue.

  39. bernie didn't have his first job till he was 40 socialist elizabeth warren saying trump is racist yet she impersonated a native american bye bye liberals

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