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Fonseca Reveals His Hidden Talent & Dream Collaboration | Billboard

Fonseca Reveals His Hidden Talent & Dream Collaboration | Billboard

And honestly, we started looking
with the label and the whole team what was the best week
to release the album, and when we came to the conclusion
that November 9 was the best week; I knew around that week my son was coming,
so I said, “Well, a great welcome.” Hi, I’m Fonseca and I’m going to play
here at Billboard Fishing for Answers. If you could collaborate with any artist,
dead or alive, who would it be? I would love to make a song…
write and collaborate with [inaudible]. From your tour,
what was your favorite city? Well, we just did the tour…
the tour of Colombia and… and Bogota was very special. Also, because we were premiering… A very special venue is being
used for the first time in Bogota, which is the Movistar Arena,
so it was a very special night because that was my favorite night. Who do you consider a leader
in Latin music and why? Juan Luis Guerra. I definitely think that… I think Juan Luis has been
an influence for everyone, but above all it’s been a project
that’s been really… solid and consistent from the beginning, and that has had its sound… It has been developing
its sound over the years no matter what is going on around and has given us as that example,
inspiration and motivation to all. Favorite song to sing
when you’re on tour. Well, that changes, but I think “Ven” is a song
that I enjoy a lot now because it’s a very
mystical moment of the show and it’s a song that has
connected a lot with people who goes to the concerts
and who follows my music, and they’ve found sort of… a very special sense. So it’s become like one of those…
concert special moments. Secret talent. I don’t know. What can be my secret talent?
Let’s see. I’m good at playing poker. Songs to do exercise.
Metallica. I love Metallica to do exercise. I’ve always been a Metallica fan
since school, but… but when I do exercise
what I usually do is, I grab a complete album
of Metallica and go. What was the first concert you attended? The first concert I went to… was in Bogota. And it was from Los Prisioneros,
the Chilean group, and Hombres G. And I also remember that… I asked my dad a lot to take me
because I couldn’t go alone back then and, I don’t know,
maybe I was 10 years old or something, and… he took me
and that concert left a mark on me because I remember when…
when the lights went out and the shout from people
was something that left a mark on me, and it’s something that, I don’t know,
like I’ll never forget it. That was my first concert. How do you describe your fashion style? Men in Black. Basically. Although, sometimes I go out a little bit
from the colors… from black, but let’s say I like black
a lot for playing. In fact, we always ask… Almost everyone dresses in black
along with the band. I don’t know if it’s because I love
Metallica since forever, but… but it seems to me that the stage
looks good when we’re dressed in black, and I like black a lot.

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