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– It started snowing again. Snowing and raining it
got like really cold, it’s like back to winter just no snow, it’s the worst! But we’re gonna back the best of it ’cause I’m here with one of
my favorite Instagrammers! I’ve looked up to this
guy from the very day I actually started to make
an effort with Instagram. The creativity that I’m
about to show you guys from my friend here, is gonna blow I mean if
you saw the thumbnail, you can already tell, the dude is a beast, absolute beast, and we’re gonna share some tips and tricks with you guys today to
start doing those same types of photos pretty much anywhere, so to kind of further prove
that fact we’re sitting here in the middle of an alleyway, in the snow, to make this tutorial for you, and honestly I couldn’t be more excited. How are you are you
not freezing right now? – You know honestly its worth it. – Dude I’m so I’m in a Puff coat. I am in a puff coat and I’m dying. – I’m sorry man it’s (laughs) – How are you but I mean like he’s just like an urban
street photographer so it’s all about the
fashion before being warm ’cause you want those
fire Instagram shots. – Exactly – Tell me – That’s a fact So today we’re going to teach
you guys how to levitate, and to do that all we have
to do is use this stool right here and a tripod because – Wait that’s it? – Yeah some of the times I don’t actually float in my photos, but we’re gonna show you
three different methods in which you can levitate in your photos. – Sick I thought you
were actually doing it. I’m a little bit bummed on that. – Well – I though some David
Copperfield stuff happening but – Hey there’s some illusions everywhere. Don’t be surprised about
what you see on Instagram. – That is very very true. – That’s true for real. – Also why did we pick the
coldest day to do this? – I don’t know bro – Because we needed to do it a video? – (laughs) – That’s a great answer – That’s a great answer – Alright let’s teach this stuff – Alright let’s get started. (hip hop music) Method one step one. We’re gonna take a picture of the background that
we want in our scene. Method one step two. We’re gonna take a picture of ourselves in a floaty like position, so that we can insert ourselves in the first background. So to make sure it looks natural, we’re gonna make sure that we don’t look stiff in the jump we gotta make it very fluid, so it looks super realistic, and we’re gonna show you
some examples right now. (light rock music) Alright method two step one, we’re gonna take another
picture a background so that we can insert ourselves again, but the reason we’re taking
so many pictures of background is in case we make a mistake somewhere, we can always come back
to that background. It’s like our original starting point basically a blank canvas Method two step two, we’re gonna use this so
that we can lean on it and make ourselves float whoaaaa! (light rock music) – Alright we’re walking to
find another background. The Irv here can cut himself out of it and paste him into whatever
background we’re gonna go find. Alright how long have you
been shooting on Instagram for and how long have
you made a career of it? – Well honestly the
first year of Instagram it was pretty dry it
was more experimental, I didn’t really do that much it was more just trying to figure it out. – Figure style out? – Yeah – Figure out the grid? – Pretty much but I’ve always wanted this conceptual feel to it, and once I found that it was the right – Fit for you? – Yeah I just went for it I loved it. – Love it yeah cause
you’re like I’m right now kind of heavy on landscapes, and I’m trying to shift it a little bit, and the shift is hard to do when you start trying to change
your style it’s not easy. – It’s not It’s not especially once your your core audience has kind of already figured out what your niche is – And they like you for that thing. – It’s very hard to switch. Luckily I love what I do
so I don’t need to switch. – Dude your account is so dope. – Thank you bro – So everyone needs to
and like 100 per cent troll his account, you will learn no like don’t
troll it in a mean way, go to it like mob over there, hit that follow button ’cause
like super inspiring stuff and when people are putting inspiring work and putting their heart
and soul into what they do which is what this guy does on the daily. He grinds! I love it man his stuff
is just go follow him. Just go follow him, drop a comment, are we good for trains? – Yup – Drop him a comment, tell him I sent you, Show the man some love! What are you thinking of this spot here? – I love leading pathways
and stuff like that so I think I intend to take myself from the other picture, and put myself right here. – Whoo hoo I love it! – Right around here – Alright let’s snap that pic bro. – I’m trying to match the background, with the subject, and I think I’m gonna
take a picture of myself on this garbage can right here, show them the garbage can, – (laughs) sounds so random okay – And then I’m gonna Photoshop myself in the background all the way over there. – Whoo hoo hoo oh I’m pumped dude – Got it cool
– let’s go! – Alright so once again no tripod – You’re gonna get wet! – No nothing – It’s soaked! – To show the illusion that you’re not literally flying on something, or you’re not levitating on something, you want to have something
long like this that can cover – I’m not responsible for your injuries! – Like this – So it covers like oh that’s so cool. – See so now you don’t have to Photoshop anything under your back – Yeah I guess like this whole ridge that whole ridge you
don’t have to worry about – Exactly – Jacket covers it – ‘Cause if you don’t do that you’re that then you’re gonna have
sharp angles and it’s gonna look like you were
leaning on something. It’s gonna help a lot. – Ooh gee that is like straight up magic! That’s like something we would do back in the magic industry oooooh illusion! (light rock music) – Alright now we’re getting
our background shot, as you can see the bouquet is still there, the background is nice and blurry, and I can take the shot
from the exact same angle. I was pointing it a little bit up, I’m eyeballing it, you know if you’re
perfect you can actually measure the angle that you want
but I don’t want to do that. – I just wanna get the shot really quick ’cause it’s freezing outside. – And it’s raining. – We’re gonna eyeball it to make it nice and quick for you guys and here I am taking that shot, and a couple different angles, so I can see what’s best. Now we’re good to go, – Photoshop time! – Time to go home and
Photoshop this stuff. – Whoo hoo! (light music) You know I’d like I’m fine with winter, I’m fine with summer, but just like choose. Be winter be summer I don’t like when it’s supposed to be warm and then it starts snowing and it sits, and back and forth (sighs) Let’s talk about this float
thing for a second shall we? From day one when I met
Irving I’ve always wanted to do a video or something
with him with regards to this floating concept, and whenever he posts a photo and it’s of him floating and doing something crazy conceptual on Instagram I just think, ahh, he’s just so good
at that and I’ve always been inspired from him
amongst all the people I follow I really love his stuff. So I’m super excited to be able to share some of that with you guys today. So I wanted to do a quick recap to just kind of go over
a few of the points so you guys know exactly what to do when it come to making yourself float. Let’s start with method one. You actually don’t need
the background frame for method one because all
you’re doing is capturing someone jumping mid-air. The key like he mentioned
was making it look all floaty and watery and fluid, which I have no idea how he does so well because when I do it I look
like I have rigor mortis and I just got tased mid-air like (groans) But he does it extremely well, I threw my camera into
high speed frame rate, he jumped up in the air, did it a whole bunch of times until I knew that I had something I was happy with, some vertical some horizontal, gotta remember the Instagram
you know vertical photos and when we were done that was method one. Method two we’re using
that background frame now and another frame of
him floating on a stool, and then we’re just merging
those together in Photoshop, removing the stool. The stool is used because
you can get way more meticulous harder to reach angles and floating directions
that you can’t just do, I mean he’s not gonna jump up in the air and just like hope for the best and then fall on his
back and never walk again so we use the stool for that instance. Now the third option is just
cutting him out of that photo, and pasting him in a
totally different photo. And to make that realistic, we were saying you have to
make sure the light matches. The light from the photo that
you’re cutting someone out of, has to be the same as the
light of the background that you’re gonna use to paste them into. Yes that made sense. So that’s essentially
one two three methods, I’m gonna show you how to use the pen tool in Photoshop so you can quickly make a layer mask, select that stool and
blooop delete it forever. It’s super fast we’ll just
take a couple minutes, dive into that right now. Alright so fire up Photoshop, make sure you have the background photo and you’re float photo we’ll call it. And then you’re gonna
copy that float photo, and paste it on to your background photo. Now what I like to do is change the opacity of the float photo, so they can line them
up as close as possible. I just pick something
in that photo that I can use as something to line up so in this case I’m using the sign, and we’re just gonna
arrow over back and forth just to make sure that’s
perfect right about there and then I’m gonna make
that opacity back to 100, zoom back out and you’ll
see when I hide and unhide the layers everything looks good, now we can start making our layer masks. So just come down here to this little icon with the circle inside
the rectangle click that, that’s you layer mask, then we’re going to go over
and select the pen tool, that is the type tool we want the pen tool which is this one and we can really be meticulous with this, and I highly recommend
you taking your time, to make this as perfect as you can. The more time you take with the pen tool, the better your photo will be. So we’re masking out the stool. So all we need to do is
select around the stool. So we start by clicking our first point, we start making our
way around the subject, just gonna make our way along
the bottom of his coat here, top of the stool, make sure to take our time, I’m doing this probably
even faster then I should be I should still be doing this a lot slower, but for the sake of not keeping you guys here for a full day, Keep going all the way down now you don’t have to be as meticulous around his arm where
I’m doing this right now because there’s nothing
in this particular spot that we’re masking out, just the spots with the stool. I mean you get to a point where you wanna kind of bend that pen tool you can click, and then click another point, hold that drag and that
makes the tool bend. Then you let go, hold option, and you can bring that
tail end of the pen tool back and continue the path. Then when we get past his thumb here, I don’t need to actually mask out his individual fingers so we’re just gonna do big block kind of selections
all the way around back to where we need to continue masking, which is the stool right here. So now we’ll take our time again, going around his hand, going around his watch, once we pass this little spot here, again we can just be
kind of loose with this, ’cause we don’t need to mask that, back to where we need to mask that stool, being nice and meticulous, past his arm, now we’re just gonna outline
the stool kind of loosely. And then we’re gonna bring those points all the way around and
make this weird shape and connect it right back
with our first point, and then we’re gonna right click, hit make selection, and then hit OK. Now I just realized I had
that feather set to three, I’d probably have it set to zero so it keeps that selection that we just made nice and tight to the subject, so maybe play with that number, figure out what works for you but I probably would have had it at zero if I wasn’t trying to so this fast. Alright once we’re done with that, hit B to select your brush tool, make sure your foreground in black, make sure your on your layer mask layer, and all you have to so is paint away, and that banishes the stool. Essentially we’re painting away to the layer beneath
which has nothing in it which is why that stool
is able to disappear. You made a mistake and you wanna go back you can just hit X that
makes your foreground white, you can paint the stool back in, hit X paint it away. So you can see it’s a little sloppy, if I had taken a little bit more time I wouldn’t have any of
that weird kind of fuzz around his sleeve but like I said it’s
the most important part, so definitely give it its due diligence. Alright down here you
can see the stool legs left some kind of weird
shadows on the ground we’re just gonna remove
those using the patch tool, so come over here to the tool bar, select the patch tool, which is this one right here, is draw selection around it, when it’s highlighted
just drag it to the left or the right whatever looks better, let go and its done. Again, select the problem area, connect it, drag it to the left or right whatever, up down let go control D to deselect, It’s done So we can do the same
thing for the big sign up on the wall here, draw all the way around it, select it, close that up, drag it over, let go command D sign’s gone. Now for this sign on the garage door, all these panels are different shades, so if we just tried to drag that down to the panel below it,
you’d see a brighter spot, it just wouldn’t look right, so we’re just gonna use content aware, like I taught you guys last week, on how to remove people from your photos. Check out the link above. Hit L to get the lasso, select it, shift delete hit enter peace out. You can do the same thing for
the sign on the other side, peace out. And that is it now we
have our finished photo, that we can continue color grading and doing whatever we want tweakwise to make it however your style is That’s it guys I hope you
really enjoyed this video, I hope you get something out of it, I love these types of photos. If you’re doing this today and you’re trying it out yourself, totally tag me on Twitter on Instagram I’d love to see you guys
floating in your photos, Check out Irving’s profile, I’ve linked it below, he does incredible work and special thanks to you Irving for coming on the channel and showing everybody this, I really appreciate it and yeah keep up the
good work yourself bud. So hit that like button
if you like this video smash it if that’s something
that you’re into 2018 style Subscribe if you aren’t already and and I will see you guys in the next video. Peace! – Oh my goodness what is that? – Dude what is, who is this? Oh hello! Who is this? – My best friend right here. – Oh what’s his name? – Geda – Geda – Yup – Oh wow just purebred husky! – Uh huh – Oh can I have him? – Not really – (laughs) (light pop music)

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