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Flexicar talks about Google AdWords

Flexicar talks about Google AdWords

Flexicar offers inner city
residents and businesses a way to have access to a car without
incurring all the costs and hassles that come
along with car ownership. My name’s Monique Conheady, and
I’m the co-founder and CEO of Flexicar. Our cars are very
special to us. They all have names. This care over here is called
Biggles, and he lives there permanently in a designated
spot provided by the local council. You makes bookings online. When you have a booking you
walk up to the car. You use your Flexicard to
swipe across a reader. It unlocks a door, it
deactivates the engine immobilizer. And it then enables you to
jump in the car, drive it around for the period
of your booking. We have done some advertising
outdoor and in print, and haven’t had much success. Online and direct marketing
strategies produce better results for us. Google AdWords gives us an
opportunity to rank high on the page of a Google search, and
entice people to come and visit our site and learn
about our service. It’s very cost-effective to
bring someone straight to your site where all your information
is laid out for them to see. 25% of new leads have been
generated by Google AdWords. When you only have a small
marketing budget you want to make sure every dollar is
producing a result, and you want to be able to track
the result that you’re getting from. We had almost 400% growth in our
second year, and we expect to have some more growth
again this year. Things are really going a bit
crazy, which is good. In the future, people won’t need
to own a car in the city. They’ll just have a SmartCard,
and that will give them access to a tram, a train, a bus. Less traffic congestion, and
just a nicer city to live in. So, it feels really good to
have made Flexicar happen.

13 thoughts on “Flexicar talks about Google AdWords

  1. Google rules.

    Still, I've lived in Shanghai, Taiwan, Bay Area, Beijing, and have toured Japan and India, and I say, fuck cars. I'll take my metro and feet (/bike) any day.

  2. ?

    i guess that wouldn't work…people might try to steal the cars way too often for this business to make a profit off these cars.

  3. See how good adwords is when you work in a very competetive market. Like throwing money down the drain unless you have Thousands to spend on it

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