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FLEX TAPE® Commercial

FLEX  TAPE® Commercial

(rock music) – Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Tape. The super-strong, waterproof tape, (splashes) that can instantly patch,
bond, seal, and repair. Flex Tape is no ordinary tape. Its triple-thick adhesive
virtually welds itself to the surface, instantly
stopping the toughest leaks. Leaky pipes can cause major damage, but Flex Tape grips on
tight and bonds instantly. Plus, Flex Tape’s powerful
adhesive is so strong, (water running) it even works underwater. Now you can repair leaks in pools and spas without draining them. Flex Tape is perfect for
marine, campers, and RVs. Flex Tape is super strong, and once it’s on, it holds on tight. And for emergency auto repair,
Flex Tape keeps its grip, even in the toughest conditions. (thunder crashing)
(tree crunching) Big storms can cause big damage, but Flex Tape comes super-wide, so you can easily patch large holes. (revving) To show you the power of Flex Tape, (revving) (boat crashes) I sawed this boat in half, and repaired it with only Flex Tape. Not only does Flex
Tape’s powerful adhesive hold the boat together, but
it creates a super-strong, watertight seal, so the
inside is completely dry. Yee doggy! Just cut, peel, stick ‘n seal. Imagine everything you can do
with the power of Flex Tape.

100 thoughts on “FLEX TAPE® Commercial

  1. When your roof just got cut to half and you see 999 bucket Full with flex tape..
    Modern Problem
    Modern Solution

  2. Turn to and follow Jesus Christ. hell is a real place. Jesus Christ saves from eternity in hell fire. Study the bible

  3. lol this flex shit is terrible
    you guys think the boat is real he just grabbed a new one that is not sawed and put the tape on it
    i would rather burn my money then buy this

  4. When u see only one person is defending area 51: smile

    When its phil swift who's using flex tape to cover up all the entrances: frown

  5. Oh my god.This is no lie guys it’s working everything is real unlike other commercials.It is worth it,good job Flex seal 🙂


    Phil Swift: hold my Flex Tape
    The monsters: commit di..
    Phil Swift: grabs chainsaw
    ThAtS AlOt oF dAmAgE!

  7. Bleeding profusely from an open wound? FLEX TAPE!

    Out of tampons and need an emergency replacement? FLEX TAPE!

    Pot holes on the road? FLEX TAPE


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