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FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Tape Clear the super strong waterproof tape that’s clearly the best way to patch, bond, seal & repair. Flex Tape’s triple thick adhesive instantly bonds to the surface stopping the toughest leaks while remaining virtually invisible. Plus, Flex Tape Clear is so strong… it even works underwater. Now you can repair pools and spas with a clear watertight seal and even make quick repairs without changing the look of your beautiful surfaces. Now it’s easy to fix rips and tears. Plus, Flex Tape Clear holds on tight even when wet. Flex Tape Clear is perfect for emergency auto repairs – and lets light pass right through. Boats, campers, trailers & RV’s now everything in plain sight can be sealed watertight. To show you the power of Flex Tape Clear (Saw cutting) I cut a giant hole in another boat and repaired it with only Flex Tape Clear. Not only does Flex Tape Clear’s powerful adhesive keep all the water out of the boat but even in shark-infested waters it creates a super strong water-tight barrier that seals out the elements and you could see right through. And even in the most extreme conditions Flex Tape Clear can take a pounding and holds on tight. I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat. Waa Hoooo! Guys? Hello? Where’d everybody go? That’s amazing.

100 thoughts on “FLEX TAPE® Clear Commercial

  1. Imagine having Alzheimer and repairing something with Flex Tape Clear and forgetting and say, "Oh, I forgot to repair my desk with the Flex Tape Clear that I bought!"

  2. if flex tape was made in 1911 titanic would have been saved," it even works under water" and "its virtually invisible"

  3. I learned from this vid that i should cut a hole in this boat, repair it with flex tape clear just so i can see right through it

  4. Hey you.

    Yes you.

    Stop scrolling the comments.

    It will just waste your time.

    For real mate!


    If you dont stop I am going to stop writing.

    Okay then.

  5. I am happy that flex products have been embraced as memes.

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