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Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

you think that with the beautiful
photographs that we have of our round blue planet it would convince any
doubters but there are still some who insist that the world is flat
correspondent Mariana van Zeller discovers more about this fast growing
movement in California I’m Mariana van Zeller and I’m in Southern California to
look into a growing movement in America people who claim the earth is flat they
call themselves the flat earthers and we’re here to try to understand what’s
behind this unconventional view and how it can affect the rest of us so what’s happening here today why are
you here this matters to me flattered that shows you that you are
not a mistake and you were created and so you have meaning in matter – we’re
not monkeys floating through space on the false maxim that testable it’s not
measurable it’s not provable it’s not real how old are you guys just out of
curiosity do you think it’s a growing movement yes and we’re networking and
getting stronger people are realizing it it’s coming out in the media you’re
hearing the term flatter this is becoming more normal people are more
open-minded to it he’s not wrong a recent survey of Americans found that
two percent believe the earth is flat for the US population as a whole
that works out to be over 6.5 million people
even high profile artists and athletes are getting on board I want to try to find Mart sergeant
who’s one of the leaders of the Flat Earth community
nice to see you man mark used to design video games and run software trainings
now he devotes himself full-time to promoting the Flat Earth with all the
attention that you must be Mark Sargent I am Mark Sargent
thanks for meeting us here it’s a pleasure to be here so tell me what is
this movement all about this movement is about changing the world literally you
think for the longest time that you live here but what if it wasn’t this what if
this was just the illusion yeah we’re gonna open this thing up and the reality
look something like this in a nutshell you have North Pole at the centre the
continents splayed out organically on the sides
Antarctica is stretched around the entire outer edge like an ice ball the
Sun in the morning are very very small and the stars are just lights in the sky
a giant planet area which means is built by somebody someone bigger than us
someone better than us do you think it was a god not my place to say your
belief in the earth being flat flies in the face hundreds of the world not only
that we have satellite imagery we have photos from space and nobody here
believes any of that anymore so you don’t believe that people travel in
space no oh it’s much worse than you know meaning the only reason NASA was
founded in 1958 was to keep this thing under wraps as best they could be big
think of the shockwaves if all of a sudden you’re telling a civilization
that this model this is an it anymore flatters is the last conspiracy anyone
ever looks at mark and his fellow flat earther seem to be pretty convinced that
the earth is flat and that we’ve all been lied to for all these years but I’m
interested in knowing what impact this might have not only for science but for
society at large so we’re heading to meet with an astrophysicist that we hope
can answer some of these questions the universe began about fourteen billion
years ago an event that we call the Big Bang james bullock is a professor of
physics and astronomy at the University of California Irvine he specializes in
how galaxies formed did you ever think a few years ago that you’d be having this
discussion for National Geographic it’s frankly shocking we’ve known for 2,000
years based on observations you can make with your own eyes that the world is
round they have all the evidence right in
front of them and they still choose not to believe in it you know who knows what
motivates people from the inside to believe these things but science is
important science is valuable science saves lives it makes our lives better
and more comfortable and it enriches us intellectually and to question what
scientists are saying and suggested they’re part of some massive
international global conspiracy it’s really scary are they a threat to the
work that you do as a scientist if say government stop funding science the
cause of some kind of anti science anti intellectual feedback they’re getting
from the populace that’s when it really starts getting dangerous for our
civilization and as the war on science heats up some Americans are fighting
back we’re heading to the largest lake in California to meet the independent
investigations group which is a group that essentially debunks paranormal
claims and they want to do a round earth task may that be a test that will prove
that the earth is not flat but that it is round let’s go we’re ready to launch
you ready Craig ok so what’s happening here right now okay this is the boat
base target it’s horizontal stripes we’re gonna launch a small boat out into
the water here with a striped target and as it gets farther and farther out
you’ll start to lose the stripes one way that Aristotle proved 2,000 years ago
that the earth is a sphere was with a boat’s test very similar to this one as
a boat approaches the horizon it appears to slowly dip down into the water before
disappearing completely that’s got everything to do with the curvature of
the earth if the planet was flat the entire boat would remain visible so
it’ll be a very visual depiction of the curvature of the earth and what’s really
interesting is that some of the flat earthers including mark sergeant’s are
actually going to be here for this test they want to see it for themselves what
do you think is gonna happen here today I appreciate the scientific group coming
out and trying to do this test great appreciate the enthusiasm but cannot
work can’t work yeah okay so the test is starting the test it’s starting right
now at first all the stripes are clearly visible but sure enough as the boat
reaches the horizon the stripes begin to disappear one by one it’s pretty amazing
you can actually see it really clearly with this camera here and you see that
the red stripe cuz that was at the bottom has completely disappeared and
it’s now getting closer to sort of the middle
Green we’ve lost about one and a half stripes so this can only happen white
because of the curvature of the earth but mark Sargent and the other
flat-earthers have a very different interpretation of
the results so you don’t think that what we’re seeing is actually real you think
it’s because oh yeah here in flat earth believe it’s a globe mister
demonstration that doesn’t change anyone Korea Lord no mark do you really believe
this stuff tell me the truth I’m serious right absolutely 100%
believe we are not on a globe we are part of a giant studio set all the
world’s a stage and you’re on it I still don’t understand that like who’s gaining
from all this from this larger exclusive the highest authority higher than
presidents this super-rich people that are behind the scenes remember the first
rule of powers stay hidden so this is for me where I think it gets really
dangerous because we’re going back into the dark ages all right you’re
essentially perpetuating ignorance by denying science you know there’s a
real-life implication in all of this science has had its chance and they
aren’t putting up a defense I think that the flat earth could potentially uh sure
in a new golden age or it could assure in an age of chaos it’s easy to dismiss this as just a
silly theory and unimportant but the problem is that is a growing movement in
America more and more young people seem to believe that the world is flat and
you know it’s more than just distrust and government it’s this notion that
thousands of years of empirical scientific evidence is now being
dismissed as a mere conspiracy and that’s where I think it really starts
getting dangerous for all of us

100 thoughts on “Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

  1. For many years, people have clashed on whether the Earth is flat or round. What are your thoughts on this heated debate?

  2. She speaks of 'danger?' No, it's called Truth. Nasa faked the first moon landing. The Ancients were correct. The earth was and is flat. It certainly isn't a spinning globe. Interesting that she has such a serious, concerned look on her face but if she knew the truth behind the scenes all these decades – now that would put a serious, concerned look on her face but she will be one of the last to know that the earth is not a spinning ball, because her, along with millions of others, will need it proven to them in documents and literal visuals – real ones. The day will come when the truth will be revealed and then they won't look at us as crazy. They'll realise that it was them who were slow to believe and do their research.

  3. Why won't the all mighty NASA or SpaceX put this to rest with a live camera feed of the Earth in its entirety?

    The fact that they don't tells you all you need to know. There is nothing to debate or analyze or prove.

    Show us the live feed. It's Damm near 2020. They waste billions allegedly sending probes to Mars. Drop off a camera along the way.

  4. The earth is round but spinning in a giant turtle’s mouth, half is night because that half is inside the mouth, and the other half is facing the sun

  5. Flat? Round?
    I honestly dont care. Lol
    But I'm only here cause it's interesting to see what others think and see people arguing about weather the earth Is flat or round xD

  6. I came here out of curiosity and I cannot believe that anyone would such absolute rubbish. Another good reason to get rid of religion. All these flat earthers are taking the bible literally. It’s like the world is going backward.

    And these people actually believe that they know better than the science which has brought us so much and saved so many lives with modern medicine.

    This kind of delusional thinking is dangerous four children.

  7. We didn't say the surface of earth if flattened out in straight line. It just flat .it also have mountain and naturally formed rock formation even underneath the earth under the water .some parts of the ocean is deeper that why it looks like its curving a little the far away u get

  8. Of course the stripes disappear your the boat is getting further away it like they're tryna trick there selves into believing their own lie

  9. HIS explanation-is not thorough enough- the prestigious, wealthy people are basically puppeteers controlling us! The world is a stage!!!?
    Who benefits from this ?
    And what does it really matter.
    To say science can not be trusted is ridiculous. GPS and satellites are part of every nation……..why would science invent things to only prove the truth if they were trying to hide it

  10. Hahaha the stripes disapear but the water behind the boat stays same level they are as stupid as the test itself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I have a question for all those who believe the earth is round.

    Did YOU ever measure curvature "on open water for at least 50 miles" to see if what the science books say are correct?

    If YOU haven't measured a CURVE yourself, then at best you have NOTHING but the words of others who themselves have the word of others.

    When you trace the FACT that NO ONE has EVER successfully measured a CONSISTENT CURVE on open water (because water conforms to its container) then you have to admit that you BELIEVE something thats not proven.

    Furthermore not you or anyone else can spin a ball and pour water on it and the water sticks to the ball in fact water goes the opposite because of centrifical force.

    In fact if you have a washing machine or a dryer in your house that uses centrifugal force to draw the water away from whats spinning…

    Isn't it strange that the laws of science are used everyday and washing machines and dryers to spin water away and yet they tell you you're on a spinning ball and water is held to the spinning ball…

    This is whats known as BRAIN WASHING…

  12. Here’s another test to prove the earth is flat, easy to understand, easy to be performed and replicable anytime.
    All you need is:

    – A plank (preferably balsawood), homogeneously thick, floatable, size: 2 mx 0,5 m
    x 0,1 m, – A lake (calm sea)- Very calm weather, no waves, no wind- And a water level.
    Put the plank into the water and position the water level right into its middle.
    Look at the water level and you observe, that the water is absolutely level.

    The earth must be flat or something.

  13. The further away the boat moved the less stripes they could see and I was laughing so much because the land behind the boat was much taller so this means they were moving the flag down hahaha Its fact that the Earth is FLAT

  14. Thomas Kundera  yes just because NASA said so
    go find the truth by your self
    you have to know that not everything is right just because the majority think so
    go and check out the globe earth map it's totally fake for example Russia is bigger than Africa while Africa is bigger than Russia when see the numbers how is that make sense while the flat earth map everything is right about it
    use your mind and set it free from what they want you to know
    they're hiding the truth
    just use your mind and you'll see.
    PS. the earth pictures by the way are totally fake try fish eye cameras and see what you can do with it

  15. Let's TEST D DEMONIC SPINNING BALLS indoctrination 🤩 how do you verify the distance between us and Polaris light years away?

  16. Clown world. Time to pick up your guns and shoot your local degenerates today, brothers. It's not a shooting, it's a purge. Like Christians were "allowed" to in the past.

  17. He was saying that it would shock society if they knew the earth was flat but the theory of what atoms look like has been changed multiple times and thats what we are made of. so y would nasa be made to waste billions of dollars on something that we probably wouldnt care about

  18. THIS LIFE WE LIVE IS FILLED WITH MANY DECEPTIONS AND LIES,,,,its simply a real life matrix aimed at blinding us from the truth,,,,but only those who are awakened from the matrix would know the truth,,gods truth,,,,the earth was always created flat,,,,,believe it or not.


  20. "We are here to try to understand what's behind this unconventional view"

    Unconventional is a very interesting way of saying wrong

  21. Let them have their fun. Some are serious. They are ignorant. The rest are no different than the zombie invasion crowd. Oh yes and some are trolls and if you engage them in debate they have you just where they want you and they get a good laugh out of it.

  22. Not only is the Earth not a ball or spiracle,, it's stationary it cannot be moved and it's covered with a Dome to hold back and ocean blue sky !!!

  23. If you could leave this earth atmosphere or even see it from a side view or even prove that it moves, because it's stationary… I will pay all of your living expenses… I'm very rich !!!

  24. Lies, the earth is flat and it's proved and we got Jake Paul for it just stop using gopro cams to make the earth look like a circle

  25. Science is not fact its theory, that's why it's not perfect. Especially math. If I have a $ in my hand and multiply it by nothing, it's still there. So 1×0 is 1 not 0.flaws everywhere

  26. Why does National geographic waste their time with this shite? you are giving liars and gullible fools a voice, just ignore them and leave it to everyone else to call them crackpots.

  27. Earth not flat, but it's not spare like, it's more like a firmament, no matter what u say u can go around earth weither it's flat or spare like.

  28. If the earth is flat, can someone send me a video of the edge? And if u think the earth is globe, send me a video of it rotating.

  29. Flat earth shows you are not a mistake….we’re not monkeys flying through space???? Last I checked I did not look like or behave like a 🐒

    Living in a “snow globe” gives your life meaning…..???? I would have loved to have heard the answer to the follow up question…” In what way does it give your life meaning?”

    So when we as humans put fish in a tank in our homes or lock up any other animal in essentially a cage….we have now given those creatures meaning in their existence? I think they would beg to differ.
    Do you really see yourself as a fish in a tank and something or someone is watching you to see what you will do in the surroundings they provided you ?

    Science has had its chance and they aren’t putting up a defense ?

    I think when the FE’s finally spent some money on research and actually purchased a gyroscope that could detect the earths movement they would have given up. It did in fact show the movement of earth 🌎but they decided to say it wasn’t detecting the rotation of earth but rather the rotation of the sky….??? So they take it a step further and put the gyro in a vacuum chamber and still the gyro shows the rotation…..and of course they don’t want to except the results.

    I understand people want to make a difference in the world and want to be part of something bigger than themselves but trying to say the earth is flat is not the way to do it. We have already been there.

    Our “ time” spent on this spinning rock hurling through space is insignificant to the time that came before us. We are a blip on the radar screen of time. Make the most out of your time spending it with family and friends. Give and expect nothing in return. Enjoy the brief moment that we have.

  30. I just cant stand there stupidity it has been proven that THE EARTH IS ROUND there is no "debate" because the people at NASA and Space X are not going to believe what these flat earthers say they themselves proved it was round by sending rockets to space they didn't just prove it to other people they proved it to themselves to they are not going to change anything also one thing they don't get is that it is round why would it not be round mars is round you can see that the sun is round the moon round Jupiter round everything that is not earth is round so WHY WOULD THE EARTH NOT BE ROUND YOU IDIOTS

  31. this is so annoying, there is so much scientific evidence that disproves this "flat earth"
    they just dont care do actualy do research

  32. the blue sphere you see is our Celestial sphere around us…

    The sky is made up of five unique layers of gases, all together called the atmosphere. From lowest to highest, the layers are the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere and the exosphere.
    This is the Celestial sphere around us you know the blue sky….
    not the ocean
    and a Dome is just a word it's our sky…. im not saying a Dome of Glass solid….. it's just a sphere of gasses we call our atmosphere

    our sun puts out Violet uv rays …the ocean absorbs the red light (this is how fish get warm)and reflects the blue light on to our sky
    The famous blue color image of Earth was taken by NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a four megapixel CCD camera and telescope.
    The image was generated by combining three separate images to create a photographic-quality image.
    The camera takes a series of 10 images using different narrowband filters —

    from ultraviolet to near infrared — to produce a variety of science products. The red, green and blue channel images are used in these color images.

  33. there is cars and land right behind the boat and those strips….
    so the curvature of the earth is where?
    this is proving that the boat is just sinking a lil

  34. The people who believe this flat earth garbage are the ones who feel left out when others speak intelligently about our universe. They feel left out and want to contribute somehow so they claim there is a grand conspiracy. These people are morons and a danger to society especially if they start electing other morons to government. We are already seeing this with global warming. If you look at JFK, the Moon Landing, or any other conspiracy theory, there is always a potential reason for the conspiracy (ie: JFK wanted to end Vietnam and splinter the CIA. His brother was going after Traficante and organized crime etc etc.) With this idiocy, no one can explain why they think this is being done. Who exactly gains and what is the end result? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. People feeling left out. wow.

  35. This is stupid. I am sorry but the people who believe the earth is flat are stupid. I want evidence. Give me a picture from space of a flat earth or just show me a picture of the edge of earth. I want evidence REAL evidence.

  36. big bodys of water; bottom floors are all different depths…
    so water will be down a hair or up a hair….
    SO WHAT? there is land mass sean still right behind him

  37. this is ridiculous……
    just because every hill or sea shore isnt the same height dont mean its disappearing over the curvature of earth……

    the fact you till see land mass beyond the boat or beyond the plate stacked with yellow towels……
    proves the Earth is OBLATE
    and the fact that we have a blue sky way above our heads proves we have a Celestial Sphere over us….

    its simple!

  38. You can meet with all the scientists you want, but they will never be able to explain how water BENDS around the earth. You can't bend water people, because water always finds the lowest level . You can't magnetize water, so water isn't being held in place by the earth spinning at 1000mph. LISTEN PEOPLE, Science is not going with whatever someone says , real science is having many overall tests proving the same thing. Everyone wants to follow nasa, but no one else can go into space as they put it to check up on their story. Nasa could fix all this and put it to rest if they would show the entire earth, but they won't, because they know we will know what they know, and that is the earth is FLAT just like the Holy Bible says, and nasa is leading people away from knowing the truth; that there really is a God that made the earth and us, and not some stupid big bang billions of years ago.

  39. Only 6.5 million Americans think the Earth is flat? That means there are a couple of dozen more more Americanss that aren't dumb fuckwits than I thought

  40. problem is , your test was bogus… the stripes were not hidden by curvature, but by the waves of water.  proof?  the horizon was still higher behind the boat. obvious error. too bad, you had a chance and you blew it giving the flat earthers MORE  momentum

  41. It shows that people love to believe what they would like to be true and there are always some charlatans who will profit from these false beliefs of innocent people to make money or notoriety. It can explain perfectly well the religious phenomenon!

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