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Fixing the DISASTER – Server Room Vlog Pt. 1

Fixing the DISASTER – Server Room Vlog Pt. 1

So the server room behind me has gotten a *lot* of upgrades since the last time I showed it off. It’s got a gigantic UPS that conditions power and acts as a battery backup, And more recently, it got an upgrade to our solid-state editing NAS, going from normal SATA SSDs, to NVMe SSDs. But what *hasn’t* been upgraded… …is the organisation. This place – is a disaster. And we need to make some space for Petabyte Project, – a clustered storage server that we’re working on with Seagate and 45Drives. So: We’ve teamed up with CableOrganizer.com, Ubiquiti Networks, Bonded Logic, TRENDNet and Protocase to give *this* place a complete makeover. So come along for the ride! I mean, look at this! [higher pitch] THIS IS AWFUL! [LTT intro] [LTT intro – ‘Laszlo – Supernova’] Okay – So, the plan is as follows: #Cleanup of the room #Cleanup of the servers, #CableManagment of the room, Some #Reconfiguration, and – network switch (sic) movement, #Upgrading our Wi-Fi here to our new Ubiquiti gear, #MakingRoom for the Petabyte storage cluster by consolidating some of the roles of some of our servers, Erm, adding acoustic dampening to the room so that it won’t be so loud out here in the studio, And, adding #DustFiltration to the room, so we won’t end up with the same situation we were in before with everything being clogged up with dust. You guys might remember Johnny from previous episodes of LinusTechTips such as ‘Installing a UPS’. I lost the paper, like, plan-o-gram thing for our patch panel. Erm- So you’ve on- figuring out what everything is going to, right? [Johnny: Yep.] Linus: Okay- Cool. Err- [beep effect for timer] Linus: So… [servers power down] (gasp from Linus) Oh, wow; are you rolling? Roll, roll, roll, are you rolling? Okay! So that is a perfect example -of what can happen when you #CableManage your server room like this I just accidentally stepped on one of our Power Squids and I knocked out- Oh, no, did I knock out New Whonnock Server? Oh, my goodness. Okay, erm- well at any rate… Sorry, Johnny, I was just going to say So, like, all the bonds that we set up in the switches- [Johnny: Yeah…?] I don’t think a single one of the storage servers Other than New Whonnock which I just put in- still has any of that stuff still plugged in. [clank] This is one of the ingest stations for footage and we’re going to be moving this actually to a- to a tower out here instead. Because what we discovered was as much as it’s nice to have, like, Your GTX 1070, 6950X Extreme Edition system behind lock-and-key, We discovered that there were just issues with USB 3.0 signalling that prevent all these high-speed peripherals from working properly with long cables that go into the room. [Johnny: Do the editors need to be on the Internet?] Not any more! ^Link ^state ^changed ^to ^DOWN! Well, while we wait for the Vault to sync file systems, and all that- We can move pretty much everything that’s not bolted down -out of here. Okay. It’s amazing how *my* server room could end up in this condition, right? Oh, balls. This is my current solution for a PDU, or Power Distribution Unit. So I have these, like, Dollar Store power bars. We have to shut this thing down. Hey, Dennis? Are you still copying files on the Ingest 1? [Dennis: Yeah.] Err- Yeah, sorry, I have to shut it down. We need to tear apart the room. Okay, so I have all matching drives in it. Seagate 6TB ones. But, we completely ran out of capacity. Nowhere to put anything. And I had to expand it somehow. So I [censored] (Subtitler note: He totally just put any old drives in there) (probably the LTT way) Oh, to those of you asking what happened to the 10TB drives that were in the desk? Oh, suddenly there are 6TB drives, and yeah [censored] (sub. note: he probably swapped the drives out) (the LTT way) These, are not officially supported by unRAID yet So, I can’t boot this system unless I pop these drives, …wait for it to boot up, And then hot-swap them back in. [laugh] Pretty much everything is off now. ..so quiet. Now what? I’ve never done this before. The lifeblood of my company, I’m just, like, pulling it apart. No big deal, right? Okay. The janky lifeblood of my company. Like, we’re a media production company. Literally, nothing can happen without this room operating at 100%. Or at least, the 60% that it does. [sounds of discomfort from Linus] This feels *so* wrong right now. ♫ The power bar’s connected to the- ♫ ♫ -power squid! ♫ ♫ The power squid’s connected to the- ♫ ♫ -other power squid. ♫ Actually, no. This power squid goes straight into the back of the UPS. Okay, so that’s not *that* bad. Two layers of- ow. Ow, that hurt. No, it’s fine [Johnny: You okay?] I’m fine… …just hit myself in the face. I gotta tell you- I have actually lied to the staff about outages before, Where they’ve been like ‘Oh what happened?’ And I was like ‘Oh yeah, it was like, a crash’, But like, I stepped on a power cord. [laughing] [censor beep] Oh my goodness, I just pulled this power supply out. Was that not locked? (to himself) There we go… Jeez… That’s on one of the new servers, too. What’s my excuse for that? The way these are cable-managed is like, horrible. It makes it very difficult to get at anything. I have a plan for these. So once everything’s out of here- We’re gonna like, drill a hole [sic] in the top of the cabinet. What is this? Oh man- Yeah. there is a lot of unnecessary cables going out through the wall here. This is so funny look at this. Here’s like, my pathetic attempt at cable managing, back where there were only five going there, and I
just like, all these are not cable managed because they went in after the fact. Whew, okay. Wow that makes a big
difference. Power cables, yeah… You know what’s funny too, is we just bought a bunch more power squids and Power Bars because we were out of them, and I’m
returning like, seven to the population. I think this is about as far down as it
gets until it’s time to start pulling out servers. -Yeah, really not my favorite rails.
-Yeah. got it?
-Oh my goodness it’s so dusty- ewwwwww. So while I’m dusting out all the server rooms- (“Server Rooms” repeated 2 more times) [What] Johnny’s working on is getting all of the switches taken out of the rack, because every single one of them needs
to move for us to do our new cable management schema. Ah, this is our oldest switch. I’ve never actually blown it up before.
This one’s kind of a funny config, the guy from Data Cache recommended like, a
modern Core i7 and like, all this good stuff, and I’m like, “can I just put some
old hardware that I have lying around?” It’s like “Yeah I guess so”,
so… Got like, a p80 motherboard with like, an 860 or an 875 K or
something like that, and we do get like, random restarts from time to time… So
that’s another reason to move this over to a virtual machine. Oh SMOKIN’! -There we go.
-Okay go ahead… So these are both fully solid-state new servers.
-You got it? Okay… Yeah, you know, just the entire archived
history of everything LMG has ever made. I oughta be careful with these SSDs! Hey Palel, I’ll show you something that
hasn’t happened since we moved in here. Oh the door still won’t close, damn it! Yeah, the door closed on the server
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go wrong?

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