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FIRST TIME Rock Climbing/Bouldering! ft. Geek Climber | Beginner Tips VLOG

FIRST TIME Rock Climbing/Bouldering! ft. Geek Climber | Beginner Tips VLOG

yeah that right hand
oh oh that’s loud well that’ll be fine what’s going on guys I am here with my
friend geek climber and today guys we are going to climb but let’s be honest
I’m probably just gonna fall and he is going to see what I’m doing wrong and
give us some beginner tips here we go let’s do it quick tip you apparently you don’t need
to bring shoes to a rock climbing gym there’s your first tip of the day by the
way guys I’m wearing my spider-man shirt for good luck let’s go right there oh
yeah there you go you know I bet people here are so
desensitized to people filming like nobody is giving anyone any weird looks
ever giving specifically to me anywhere it looks all right guess I’m gonna climb
now let’s do it so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna climb
the easiest one possible with no instruction just pure instinct we’ll see
how that goes by the way geek climber is also going to
show us how it’s done so after you watch me epic fail he’s gonna crush it the V E
stands for very easy I’m assuming yes very easy you all right we’re gonna go
yeah it’s a yellow one it’s the easiest one possible okay so you guys start with
both hands on this on the starting hold both hands here and yeah okay you know normally I’m very terrified of
heights this is is that it both hands on both hands okay
yeah okay good you’re right it was very easy constant getting down is the scarier
part Oh okay okay that was too easy right that
was that that was a little too easy yeah just so you know this type of rock
climbing without a harness is called bouldering so the next level after ve is
called VB is the V basic okay so let’s go find a V basic alright let’s go find a
V basic alright the pink one great um you guys
have both hands on the start okay so I gotta go both down here both hands there
and this needs to give you off the ground
feet off the ground yeah job god that’s okay so strange so this is a very
strange feeling like that that’s very weird that is so strange
okay so so right right foot on the bottom one lower one lower one this one yeah
okay that’s that’s easier and then you know like this yeah okay this makes
slightly be more sense right foot right foot just the right foot right foot okay
alright now I then now we shall we feel right hand they’re here but you gotta
get your foot up fell okay yeah alright yeah ok ok and then go up I don’t even
know where the next one is and then try to get your left foot on where your right foot is okay yeah reach
big one there you go okay that works that works a lot of pure strength oh man
this is really taxing on the floor arms alright take a break gotta get your foot higher
left foot higher this is all right set it okay good job don’t
look down whatever you do you can jump down go
probably come down come down okay yeah jump down jump down are you sure
that looks really far yeah oh wow that is terrifying
alright so what are your thoughts on that definitely a lot of room for
improvement but you’re using a lot of a pure strength to to go up there but you
know what I’ll be honest I totally went into this thinking I could get away with
using pure strength I’ve done a 123 pound one rep max for weighted chin up
and five reps at 85 pounds so I like to think I’m not bad as far as raw strength
goes so one thing out is so you want to start with your left foot and because
you want to square up the one thing climbing is you can actually you know
tilt your body sideways and then so if you can right click there and then left
hand there it’s actually more stable than left hand and left foot because if
it’s just on one side then you’ll swing out right and there’s actually a term
called barn door ing in rock climbing so you want to avoid it you always want
to have the opposite hands and feet on the wall at all times so you want to put
your foot here when I start I start with my right foot and
we shot with my right foot on their right hand I mean like that and then
after that I want to go up your left side so that means I’m going to reach
out with my left hand so that means now I have to get my left foot in place so I can reach so always the opposite hands or feet
that’s always on the wall yeah like that – oh cool who’s definitely the grip oh
my hands this is really difficult yeah does not seem like not not so
straight for right you really just can’t like muscle your way through yeah the
first one is I just go directly off even though you barn door a little bit it’s
fine because it’s actually a little bit inclined but this one is like straight
and you really got to get the technique down so you have no barn door and then
everything will be simple guys nice nice alright the weight on their left foot
is there go nice oh that’s cheating that’s cheating oh
let the one yeah that’s the one okay nice okay unless he does so I guess that was a
success despite that one cheating thing in my defense I totally didn’t see the
color yeah I still think it was a winner yeah definitely definitely all right so do you want to do another
VB do you want to do like one grade higher you know what let’s do one grade
higher do you want great high just see we’ll just see what happens all right so
let’s find a V0 ah man you’ve got to be kidding me oh
nice Roscoe nice! there you go! crush it screw it! wow did it on the first try. that
wasn’t so bad like the holes are bigger and sets it’s actually called slopers
meaning there’s no in cut that you can actually address your arms in so you
gotta somehow you know stick it like a lizard and then so typically that’s
harder for people who have small hands and I guess site for you
good job man this is uh is that difficult for you to hold on to the slopers? this uh yeah it is awkward more than anything else yeah I was just really
awkward so that might actually felt easier for you compared to the pink one
honestly yeah it actually was easier it felt easier than the one we just did
nice good job okay okay well that was unexpected you know what let’s do a v1 thing come
on yeah and then right hand
oh oh that’s loud well that’ll be fine yep come on boom yup nice come on stick
it nice nice where’s the thing comes up oh
that’s that’s cheating is this one very top or somehow yeah it looks too far you have a foot on
the road you have a foot on the right foot on the right side oh this one yeah flexibility yeah Oh God alright next time
I thought you are tall enough to directly reach but if not for shorter
people say like with me I actually have to get my left butt up
this super big one alright you know I’m so ripe alone on this one on the side
right and then left them up to that super big one I’ll just sit on there you know what I think it’s time I mean
if you climbed the first sign that you can climb a v1 that mean’s you’re a
little bit too talented so I can’t even make a fist that that will conclude the
me climbing portion of this video because yeah okay well guys I think it’s safe to say that
my spider-man ing days are gonna have to wait a little bit maybe not just yet
gotta say the biggest thing is really just the grip like I can’t even close my
fist now it’s just this wild yeah I’ll say you did well I mean that you did a
VE a VB a Vo0 almost got a V1 I’ll say too last move I think it will all
right thank you well yeah big thank you to geek climber
coming with me to rock climb for the very first time be sure to check out his
channel geek climber he makes a lot of rock climbing videos so check them out
if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe
subscribe to this guy and subscribe – this guy – I make geeky fitness and
flexibility videos so if that’s your thing stick around alright I will see
you next time bye

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