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Find Motivated SELLERS ON FACEBOOK (Part 1) | Wholesaling Real Estate

Find Motivated SELLERS ON FACEBOOK (Part 1) | Wholesaling Real Estate

– [Cris Chico] Hey it’s
Cris Chico and this is video one of a three part series where I’m gonna break down for you specifically everything you need to know to generate motivated sellers on Facebook. So by the time you’re
done you’re gonna have a clear picture of how
this strategy works, and now you can decide for
yourself if this is an avenue that you want to take with
your real estate business. And I made some notes here cause I want to make sure that I don’t forget anything. Now one of the nice
things about Facebook ads, for motivated sellers as compared to, lets say for example direct mail, is that once you get
everything up and running, the financial commitment
required for you to start testing this particular
strategy is not that much. As an example, when you’re
doing a direct mail campaign, so you’re gonna go out and
you’re gonna gather a list of landlords across a variety
of different zip codes. And that list could be a couple thousand, to three, to four, five thousand or more. Individuals that you’re going to send your postcard or your letter to. On a direct mail campaign
like that we have say, 5,000 mailers you’re talking
about at least a couple thousand dollars in mailing costs plus the additional cost for the list
and all the other things you need to have in technology, et cetera, to launch that campaign. So there’s a lot of risk involved because, if for some reason you
pick the wrong list, you pick the wrong postcard or letter, or you do something wrong, then you’ve got a lot
of money on the line. Now the benefit to
finding motivated sellers on Facebook is that you don’t have to make that large commitment. You can start off with
a budget of 20 dollars, 25 dollars, 30 dollars for the day, and you should be able to
generate leads that same day. So if you start an ad at
eight o’clock in the morning, by the time the day is
over you should have generated motivated sellers. Otherwise you’re doing something wrong. If you do everything
wrong and you screw it up, then that’s all you’ve risked. And if you are doing it
correctly and its working, then you continue to spend more. Because then you’ll say hey, I’m going to go out and spend another 30 dollars tomorrow, and another 30 days after that. So at the end of the month, maybe you might have spent
1,500 or two thousand dollars to generate motivated sellers, only because you saw signs
at the very beginning of the campaign that things were working and then you scaled from there. So that’s one of the benefits
of Facebook advertising as opposed to some of these other methods. So in terms of a budget, my recommendation is that you go into it with the understanding that you are going to spend at least a
minimum of 500 dollars. I think its better if you have a budget to spend 1,500 dollars for the month. Keep in mind is that
you don’t have to send a check or send payments to
Facebook for 1,500 dollars. Your only committing today
to spending 20 dollars, and only if today works. Then tomorrow you will spend more money. Now in terms of how much it’s gonna cost to generate a motivated seller, that’s gonna depend on the market. Generally we’re looking at a benchmark of how much we’re gonna pay per lead. For us that benchmark is 35 dollars. That’s kind of our baseline. In some markets we’re able to have leads that we can generate for less than that. In some markets we’re
gonna generate leads that are gonna be a little bit above that. But in general if you
take all of them together and you average them out, we recommend being at
about 35 dollars a lead. Now that 35 dollars per lead for a seller is significantly less than what you would pay trying to get sellers on Google paper click. Typically Google paper click, which is if you go to Google.com and somebody types in sell my house fast, if you are wanting to be in
one of those advertising spots, you are going to typically spend anywhere between 250 dollars to, I’ve seen as high as 750 per lead. Now the challenge with
that is not necessarily that the leads are bad
on Google paper click, but that its very difficult for somebody to get started brand new. And the reason for that is because there is very little margin of error. When you do Google paper click, you’ve got to say I’m gonna continue to spend 200, a hundred dollars today, and a hundred dollars for
the next five or six days, and hopefully be able to
get a lead during that time. Just one lead . You may not realize that
you’ve been doing it wrong or that you’re not doing
it in the way that it should be done only after you
spend quite a bit of money. It’s a viable lead source, but it’s a very unforgiving lead source. Now with direct mail, that also depends on every market. So if you compare
Facebook with direct mail, direct mail is going to be higher, Typically what I’ve found
is that with direct mail, you’re going to be somewhere
in the 80, 90 plus. Most of the time its 150
dollars or more per lead. So right now Facebook is
able to provide you with a very targeted and less expensive lead In addition to that we can also generate leads on Facebook for buyers. And the great thing really
is that if you can do that, if you can go and Facebook today, and start generating sellers, and also start generating
buyers at the same time, in any market in the country, which is in fact the case, then it really makes the business so much easier for you just to be able to jump in right away
and start getting results and start finding buyers and sellers. So this is video one in the series, so I want you to go ahead
and watch video two, where I’m gonna go ahead
and discuss specifically the targeting and how we find
motivated sellers on Facebook. And as always if you enjoyed this video, if you found this helpful, go ahead and click on
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