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Financial Marketing Tips: Combining Print and Digital Advertising

Financial Marketing Tips: Combining Print and Digital Advertising

Hi, I’m Daniel Laws, principal owner of DaBrian Marketing Group giving you a couple of tips to help print and digital work for banks specifically. First and foremost let’s start with the customer. Make sure you have your CRM you look at the needs and wants of those individuals in the CRM. Consider patterns, and make sure that you’re focusing on the needs and wants. Millennials don’t care about your brand any more. Get the memo. The next piece is analytics. Make sure you’re focusing on the measurement, looking at cross domain, call tracking, as well as tagging campaigns so you can clearly identify what is and what is not working. The last piece, review, measure, and analyze. Specifically for return on ads spend what is leading to new deposit accounts, new loan applications, and what’s leading to higher profitability per customer? At the same time consider not just the last touch point, but those other touch points that led to the final conversion and figuring out where the true value is coming from, for you and your customers. Thank you, good luck.

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