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Finally my BETTA KOI laid eggs | 20ft concrete pond filter is done!

Finally my BETTA KOI laid eggs  | 20ft concrete pond filter is done!

Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s World channel Today we are going to talk about aquaponics well As you can see at my back I have here 30 sacks of stones and this will serve as the filter for our fish and at the same time the bedrock for our Vegetables. Well last time we made a video about how to make seedlings of lettuce, Pechay, mostaza and even Water spinach and we are going to extend our aquaponics because pier experience our aquaponics Experiment is really very successful Please be with me guys as we are going to put this one. Of course Dan- Dan is here. Dan2 can help us Carrying the stones I Hope we can finish this because one sack of this weighs more than 30 kilos But because Dan-dan is strong man. Oh So we will do this Little by little Guys, you will see that this bedrocks before have been fully planted with lettuce and in the past videos that we have we successfully planted Pechay I and also mostaza in this tank and today I am going to extend Because it’s my first time to put the seeds of the Kangkong and this Kang-kong are really growing well You will see that they are now very visible and over there is the tank of our filter tank That’s gonna be our filter bucket and it’s gonna be filled with stones now as what I have promised you in a previous videos It’s quit deep by the way Our fish are now too big and they can be harvested already for a pet store. We will put this one now This is the procedure We’re going to fill this with stones and at the top of this will be our lettuce. I’m also planning to Put some tomatoes some okra and Even string beans. I would like to try that one I will put a PVC pipe over here that will serve us the guide for the inflow of the water so this gonna be filled with stones and The water will rise up flow in back to this tank So I’m expecting that as soon as we can complete this one. We will have a Crystal-clear water, but many have said no you cannot because this is exposed to the Sun Well, we are going to learn these things together There is no trick there is no cheating. What you can see is the reality of what we are doing Finally we have done placing all the stones in this filter bucket now by means of this submersible pump Now we gonna be able to lift the water inside this filter bucket And if you will note that this submersible pump is 80 watts, and this is quite big I would like to thank all those who made a comment that They advised us to use a big pump for us to be able to move and clean the water So we will try this one out. Come on We will submerge this one And put the hose inside in this tube So you see the inflow of the water the water will go down passing through the tube and will rise up already clean because the stones Will filter the water now. So this is the cycle by the way, this is not yet final because we Lock stones. We will still add some more sacks of stones over here and then that’s the time we’re gonna plant our Vegetables like this. So I’m planning to fill this with water spinach.Because Kang Kong is really good for health Also, if you are going to regularly eat that and that’s my favorite also, so we will fill this with water spinach You will see guys the inflow of the water is now that strong and we will also make some adjustment because I have to Make this level to that pipe over there Or maybe we have to cut a little bit So that they look at that the water is now flowing in Maybe we can just push this So guys you will see that the water now is being cycled by this beautiful submersible pump from here the water will go up here and then goes back down and this this is The nitrogen cycle that we are talking about and this will not be touch anymore. This will be filled with plants I would like to also announce that we have successfully breed our BEtta koi and we will check the breeding tank now and we will see if the eggs already hatched. Come on Well breeding tropical fish is really very Encouraging and challenging and we already made a series of video about breeding this betta fish but still many are asking Questions. Can you make some more videos about betta? Yes, this is now the actual video that we are making and you will see that I have here again four individual breeding containers for this betta and my way of breeding better has proved to me to be very Effective and you will see now that this betta have already laid eggs. They made a bubble nest and Of course, if you will observe that the bubble nest are already scattered that’s an indication that the eggs were already hatched by the Father betta or the male betta many still don’t know that it’s the male betta who will incubate the eggs It’s not the female. So after the female has laid her eggs, of course, you will observe that She is no longer needed inside in the breeding tank That’s why you have to immediately remove this female betta from the tank and many also have asked Dexter I don’t have any more problem about how to make or how to prepare the pair of betta to lay eggs But my problem is after they hatch the eggs because they will just disappear. Yes This is a common problem if we are not careful enough in the betta fry They will really disappear because number one they die. Number two Maybe the parents ate them and number three is when we are going to transfer them to another container We will make sure that the water have the same temperature Well, by the way, I will show you the place where I prepare for the fry of this betta This tank is a Small tank prepared for the betta fry. There’s no betta fry in here yet But I have prepared this water for two weeks already Because we cannot put the fry of betta in a new water. They will certainly die And the moment we are going to transfer transfer them in a bigger tank Make sure that the tank is clean and the tank has no bacterial meaning the water is clean. And also I am Putting this plants where the plants can provide good condition of the water also, so im pairing this yet They are not yet compatible. Of course the bubbles are there, but maybe the male is not ready yet but in this tank you will see that the bubbles are already scattered so we can safely assume that the eggs are all at the beginning to hatch and You will see the female is Keeping distance. The female is no longer going near to the bubbles and little later we will remove this female from the breeding tank and you will see that bubbles protruding all over and this is an indication that they have Laid their eggs already you look at the female the female is there because she is already afraid to go near because the betta koi is Overprotective of the eggs, of course you will see the actual laying of eggs Also, you will see this one, but it’s not really very clear There on the process now of laying their eggs because of our videos many people have learned to breed their betta fish and This is the thing that I am really proud about because since we made a BLOG on how to breed our betta Many people and have posted friend requests on my personal Facebook account well I cannot anywhere accommodate you all because I’ve reached the 5000 Limits my three accounts have already reached 5000 limits but I’m planning to make another account on Facebook so that we can be friends and you can also follow our Page Dexters.world and Dexter’s World entertainment that’s the thing that we can share with you so far I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and please visit our website Also, we have a big website where we have items for sale only here at Dexter’s World Channel

100 thoughts on “Finally my BETTA KOI laid eggs | 20ft concrete pond filter is done!

  1. I am one of them here in Guyana my baby bettas r doing amazing sold 3 today thank u so much for all the information you shear thank u 🇬🇾

  2. Great video! You inspired me to make my own turtle pond. Check it out on my channel when you have time Dexter. 🙂

  3. Dexter thanks to you I have successfully bred 6 pairs of betta the frys are now two months old I have separated 120 so far and breeding another batch of betta

  4. It's fake I come to your house there is no fishes ducks hens any thing every one I am telling truth

  5. Good day Dexter! I just have a small question for you, why are you selling your goods at a dollar price? is it all of your products are imported? im just confused because you are here in the Philippines and yet your pricing is at dollar rate what's the point of selling them in dollar rate? many people will be confused about that especially those people who do not know how to convert dollar into peso, and people might think that your items are imported yet its not… correct me if im wrong because im also one of your follower.

  6. you need big pipe for this kind system because small pipe you use now will clog more often. and you need make a special hole to you can use for suck all dirt and all mud inside the pipe you buried with stone. if you have no access for that inside pipe your system will clog and not working properly.
    and the hole you make on pipe, vertical hole is more recommend rather just pinch hole with drill. over time it will filled with dead algae.

  7. Thanks a lot Dexter's for the information..
    I'll follow your all setps but my female betta don't lay eggs..
    Now what can I do…

  8. please make a study in aquaponics plant will get deficiency of micro nutrients of boron, zink, copper, and so many we need to

    supplement this in chelated form . i experience it after one year.

  9. How to understand male and female angel fish and breed them
    Please make a video on this…………

  10. Sir DEX,u r the best fishtuber ever! Luv ur channel! U will be the best fishtuber in the world one day! We r with u!
    Me and my cousins luv to watch ur each and every vdos! Keep up the great work!

  11. Hi sir. Goodevz. How i can buy betta fish from you?i am from cagayan de oro city. I want to collect a betta fish.

  12. dexter do you ship your bettas nationwide? I've been watching your betta vids and now I want to buy some of your quality bettas 😅


    so i just got my betta fish yesterday and i tried feeding him pellets but he would just bite them than spit them out i did this at night by the way so than i waited till morning thinking he was just stressed tried feeding him again he still just spit out the pellets than i tried tropical flakes and as soon as he saw them he just started eating them but i heard flakes aren't good for betta long term what do i do.

    [foods i have]

    i also have flakes made for bettas pellets made for bettas and tropical flakes all tetra brand

  14. My betta male make a buble nest but dont wants to breed. Maiby female dont want to breed I dont no. What I need to do?? Pls reply dexter.

  15. Sir I am thinking of farming Molly in my 100liter water tank.And I am highly inspired from you.so sir can you plz make a video on all the facts of mollies???If you do so I will be very much glad☺☺🙏🙏!!!

  16. Kuya Dex! Please review my youtube channel and look at my most recent filter review video. I would love to hear your thoughts!

  17. Because of you dex i have massly produce hundreds of baby bettas..thank you so much for sharing your video to us it inspire me a lot..and i hope you will also be making a video on breeding angel fish..tnxx

  18. Thanks a lot dexter, but i have a question, how did you siphon your big fish tanks,? Did you do that?or it doesn’t need? Please answer me

  19. Nakakainis yung mga nag co-comment ng di maganda…just keep up the good work sir dex! 👍 kinulang lang sila sa aruga hahahha

  20. If I breed a pair of betta fish and let their fry grow together, never separate them even their reach the maturity level. Is there a chance that their not fight or eat each other?

  21. Those are beautiful Betta! Your aquaponics systems are coming along nicely! I have been working many hours lately, so have missed watching your videos….

  22. I successfully beed my beta fish but the fry died so one week later I tried again but the male ate the eggs 😢please help

  23. Hiii dexter my question is when will be 2 feeding of betta fries let's say I feed betta fry on 2 day after their birth that will be 1 feeding…
    So when to feed them again?? After 2 hours or next day?? I'm using baby brine shrimp as feeding.

  24. Kuya Dex! Sana makapagbreed ka ng pure or kahit gold betta pati platinum white ng maraming batch and sell it kasi it seems na walang masyadong gold bred betta dito.
    Additional din kuya dex is lava rocks or pumice para sa filter

  25. Hello, Mr. Dexter, I am having trouble with your videos regarding the beta. I wish you had translated all the beta series in Arabic language in order to benefit from the explanation of your beautiful simplified explanation.

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