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Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad’s Joker ACTUALLY Batman’s Boy Wonder?

Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad’s Joker ACTUALLY Batman’s Boy Wonder?

Don’t get me wrong, the newer, Grittier version of Batman is fine and all, but I definitely miss the endless stream of Robin’s bizarre catch-phrases from the 1960s. “Holy uncanny photographic mental processes!” “Holy priceless collection of a truscan snood!” “Holy interplanetary yardstick!” Oh. Oh. Let me try one! Uhh… Holy Robin focused online conspiracy theory video, Batman. Did I… did I do it right? *Punches Robin Matpat in the face* *POW* *Film Theory intro plays* *Film Theory intro plays* BOF! *Film Theory intro plays* *Film Theory intro plays* ZZWAP *Film Theory intro plays* *Film Theory intro plays* Whack! *Film Theory intro plays* Thwack! *Film Theory intro plays* BONK!!! *Film Theory intro ends* Holy Film Theory Internet. Welcome to the show where we lay our investigative cards on the table and the jokers are always wild. WOOHOO! Seamless Segway alert Joker, the clown prince who needs no introductions And seriously when I say he needs no introductions, He literally doesn’t need any introduction, there are just somethings that don’t need to be re-explained Batman V Superman Plus I already talked about him plenty of times in my theories around the release of Suicide Squad last year Which if you haven’t watched them yet hit you tooootally should by clicking the “i” icon in the right hand corner and after doing all that research and getting myself super amped up to see the movie and prove my theory , the Joker… was in like 5 minutes of it My theories were 5 times longer than the amount of time that he actually ended up in the movie. I mean, I guess I should be counting my lucky stars since that 5 minutes is a full two minutes longer than Jimmy Olsen lasted in the entirety of this extended universe. “Miss Lane. Jimmy Olsen, photographer.” *Gunshot* But still, kinda of a let down. In fact, from my perspective the most interesting part of this new DCEU Joker has come from the fans, nay, the theorists. You see, back before Suicide Squad hit theaters, HECK, even before Batman V Superman hit theaters Online theorists were guessing that the Joker wasn’t quite who he said he was That he wasn’t just some off-the-street criminal mastermind like he’s been in every other cinematic incarnation But that he was instead Batman’s favorite Boy Wonder, Robin. Robin, who had somehow been transformed into a psychotic madman and for those of you who think you’ve already heard this theory, well.. Stick around because I think you’re going to be surprised by this one. Now, as far as I can tell this fan series started gathering evidence with a Reddit post from Jason-G169 back in 2015 who started analyzing all the promotional materials around holes in these movies and legitimately there ARE a LOT of weird coincidences here: The bird tattoo on the Joker’s arm, the way Joker holds his cane in the Suicide Squad poster being similar to how Robin’s suit is positioned holding his lance in Batman V Superman, the bullet holes in the Robin suit hanging in the Batcave matching strange dots on Jared Leto’s shoulders and promo shots for Suicide Squad And the fact that in the video game Arkham Knight, one of Batman’s former Robins has a scar of a J on his face left there by the Joker, a scar that just so happens to be in the same placement as the tattoo the Joker has in Suicide Squad. Legitimately when you look at all that evidence laid out there’s a fair amount of to go off of But then the buzz kill train named David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad *WHOO WHOOOO!!* rolled into the station and killed the theory DEAD. When asked what the most outlandish thing he’d heard about the movie was, he responded with this: “That the Joker is Jason Todd.” (Interviewer) “Really!?” “That ain’t the case.” Now, if you’re NOT a Batman super fan, let me catch you up: Jason Todd in the comics is one of the three main characters to have taken on the mantle of Robin over the years and I say “ONE OF” because just like there’ve been multiple Jokers so too have there been multiple Robins. You have the original Dick Grayson who eventually moves on from being Batman’s sidekick and turns into the hero Nightwing. Jason Todd is the next Robin. At least until the Joker kidnaps him, beats him with a crowbar and blows him up in a warehouse. *O-O-O-OVERKILL!!* And then there’s Tim Drake who tries to alleviate Batman’s depression about Jason Todd’s murder by becoming the new Robin. it’s also worth noting that all three of them have, at one point or another in the comics turned into the joker So the idea of one of these characters turning into a tatted out jugalo isn’t as absurd as it might seem turning into mister J is like a write of passage for the boy wonder, right next to stop crime in a green speedo in the comic, dark knight strikes again, Dick Grason is fired for bieng robin and becomes the joker, Jason Todd after getting killed in a death in the family by the joker, gets gets resurrected via Lazarus pit because, Hey! if you’ve got a pit that’ll revive your dead well, you use dat thing upon his return, he takes on the role of the villian RED HOOD Which just so happens to be the Joker’s original criminal identity And then theres tim drake, who in the 2000 movie Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker, Got himself kidnapped and brainwashed by the OG Joker, who then implants a micro chip into his neck that mutates his DNA to make him into a Joker clone. He is litteraly a werewolf , exept for hair, he has white clown makeup, and a killer laugh. *KILLER LAUGH * Get it … look im not saying that all of this makes a whole lot of sense just that is a thing that conically happens in this series like every other month to the robin character, but still i know what your thinking… WHY AM I STILL TALKING! We already herd David air debunk this theory So outside of my love for hiding under comforters in the middle of hotel rooms in NewYork city because im recording this on the road Why am i wasting so much time recording this thing? Well listen again to what he says… “that the joker is Jason Tod… it aint the case hes not”. Notice David Air didn’t say that the joker wasn’t robin he said that the joker wasn’t Jason Tod. But as we just went over there are at least three different robins and when you actually look at all the evidence put together across he d.c.e.u the much more likely scenario is that this version of the joker is actually Tim Drake robin number three So get ready as bat pat? straps on his utility belt we haven’t a moment to waist so quick to the theory mobile would you like to know more?

100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad’s Joker ACTUALLY Batman’s Boy Wonder?

  1. This probably won't help buuuuuuut

    If you search this up on youtube it'll show an anamated skit where the joker visit the teen titans.( teen titans go) and actsidentally gave robin "joker gas" which turned him into kid JOKER just like you told us how joker manipulated robin into a mini joker! See ?! Youtube is helpful after all

  2. This is true three robins three jokers when the justice leagues became gods in the comics bat asked who is the joker the chair said “there are three”

  3. I love this theory even though it’s kinda off the books because it got me into Batman lore! Now I have done my homework and love the Batman comics and it is all because of this theory!

  4. Imagine making a verbal mistake in a short on the spot interview and some guy on youtube spinning that verbal slip up into a 20 minute video with 10 million views

  5. So I'm just starting and I think that Robin never felt noticed or cared about towards Batman, so one day he decided to use a chemical reaction from something (idk) and turn himself into a hero so he would get noticed by Batman. But it failed, not leaving him physical wounds, but mental. He turned mad and soon he was pushed into a mental hospital. He would tell stories to people about he's Adventures with side jokes and got his name. Joker.

  6. Question MatPat what are we gonna do with our new fifth Joker? Y'know, Joaquin Phoenix…
    How does he tie into the Joker universe?

  7. To my knowledge, there were more than just thoe three robins. There was certainly Dick, Jason, and Tim, but then there was also a female robin who acted more like the lego robin does in the lego batman movie, and now we have Damian. I can't remember what the female robin used to fight, but I do know that Damian commonly used a sword, before his father got onto him for how violent he was and made him stop using it in recent comics

  8. me: I hella want VRV
    VRV:not available in ur region, sorry not sorry
    me: *wishes that I want nord vpn (100% not sponsered

  9. I’m pretty sure I had a crush on robin from teen titans when I was little. Well, pretty much any of the animated robins. EXCEPT THE ONE FROM TEEN TITANS GO

  10. Weird I always assumed the Jimmy Olsen in BvS was just a CIA agent using his name as a cover. Dang so the dude is actually dead then

  11. Oh come on i think it's Dick grayson just look at the grave he was dead at 2000 Dick grayson used also a staff when he was robin for example : teen titans , the batman and the titans show !!

  12. Me be like pfffft like I will believe this therory after a minute me be like omggggggc dat make sense broooooo

  13. One other problem… Based on what the Robin suit says on it, we can guess joker kills Robin… But if Jared's Joker is Robin, than what happened to the OG Joker?

  14. Bit late but on top of that the shock makes a split personality in the squad movie he says he hates Harley robin then says he loves her joke hmmm

  15. Am i the only one who when he was talking about his other vids hear "washed" instead of "watch" or "watched"?

  16. That idiot director doesn't know what he talking about. I'm sick of these Hollywood dim-wits you think they know more than the fans.

  17. I think zack Snyder once said that the dead robin was meant to be dick grayson, so I don’t get why the he had a gravestone when Bruce was a kid or why it said 2000 when it was in the 1980s.

  18. Flipping dang it, I’m in the middle of playing Arkham Knight, and I already started thinking that maybe that’s why the Arkham Knight knows so much, but I still wanted to keep playing with the mystery unsolved until it was revealed!!!

  19. Bro I have a serious headache and I’m really appreciating the fact that mat has to come up with all these theory’s show evidence and write a script and say the words on the scrip edit it try not to mess up the words and other stuff and he has a son like you must get headaches a lot so I appreciate it, mat and you also get a lot of money and love so kinda a win win

  20. After hearing that this new joker might be robin is actually right I mean if you have watched batman beyond then you should know this but remember the part when robin got baited into saving a helpless woman? Yeah joker manipulated robin into thinking he's joker son but batman finds them and tells tim to remember and shot his so called papa so I think that's where this theory is going haven't finished watching it yet (edit) lol I literally guessed that this theory would sum up batman beyond alot

  21. I think this might be wrong because jokers backstory is he wanted to get money for his family before his baby was born so he turned to crime and wore a red hood outfit andwhen batman comes he falls through a batch of chemicals and it turns his skin white and hair green and then he saw his reflection and went insane oh and his wife and baby died and in the injustice comics dick Grayson is dead he got killed by Damian Wayne murdered him and Tim drake is also dead and so is joker sooooooooooo yeah

  22. SOOOO….this could be a potential SS2 synopsis theory??? Ya think James Gunn would run with this?

    Ya know they're watching…. just sayin.

  23. But joker's tattoo also has the Batman simbol on his left arm with a nife. And that could mean somthing. Joker could just have that Robin tattoo because he just killed him maybe that is sometging

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