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Fillet Mignon Steak | Alex French Guy Cooking | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Fillet Mignon Steak | Alex French Guy Cooking | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, me and Hotpoint are bringing to
life people’s incredible food memories. You’ve sent in loads of them and I’ve picked some great ones for us to recreate. Russell sent us in his food memory of the most amazing Filet mignon when he went on a beautiful family cruise and the perfect person to bring this memory back to life is the one and only Alex known as French guy cooking Go on boy. Thanks Jamie and hello guys so I’m gonna be recreating Russell’s food memory, that beautiful Filet mignon steak with a peppercorn sauce. Guys if you want to see more brilliant stories or if you want to win some brand-new Hotpoint appliances
head over to the food memories hub, but for now I’m gonna tell you everything there is to know about this fantastic recipe. Russel had this beautiful steak on the Independence of the sea a massive cruise ship and he was there with this partner Laura and his daughter Maisie. So I guess he will never forget that beautiful food memory, looking at the sea, enjoying delicious food, how perfect is that? He described the steak as soft as butter and the sauce was so intense and so flavourful full of peppercorns and beef stock and brandy. This is a recipe I make quite often because I really enjoy my French food obviously but I’ve also reached out to the restaurant just to be sure that I’ve got Russell’s recipe. So now let’s make it. So I’m placing a medium-sized frying pan over on high heat and I’m using my Hotpoint gas hob because it has a really nice and wide heat distribution I want to get it nice and hot. Season a nice filet steak with salt and a nice drizzle of olive oil. Remember to always oil the steak and not the pan because it does prevent things from burning. I’m searing that steak for about 3 to 4 minutes per side because I want it medium-rare that’s how Russell likes it but if you want to adjust this to your liking feel free to do so. When the first side is done just flip it and do it again. It’s really important that you also seal the sides. So when your steak is ready set it aside on a plate along with a nice knob of butter. Cover that and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Let’s move on to the peppercorns so put that same pan on low heat. I’m gonna use white peppercorn, slightly
crushed. Sieve the peppercorn to remove the powder and stop it from burning in the pan. They are nicely toasted now. let’s deglaze the pan using brandy. A drizzle of white wine. Reduce that by half so turn up the heat. Then add concentrated beef stock and reduce that by a third. Turn off the heat and add in the double cream. You don’t want to burn the cream but you want to thicken the sauce. We need a light toffee colour. Add a touch of butter. It will definitely make that sauce more silky and more shiny and this one is special for you Russell. You know your sauce is ready when you can do this on the back of a spoon. I’m serving this with beautiful mash and some creamed spinach because that’s what Russell had on his cruise. And now that beautiful silky sauce all over that steak and there you have it Russell’s beautiful food memory the Filet mignon with peppercorn sauce. I’ve got to try this. Mmm. The steak is tender the sauce is silky the peppercorns are really giving some nice kick to it. So Russell I hope that is as good as the one you had on the cruise, if not better. So that Russel can cook this amazing dish Hotpoint are giving him a brand-new gas hob and if you guys want to win a full set of Hotpoint kit then click the link and enter the competition. Bye guys.

100 thoughts on “Fillet Mignon Steak | Alex French Guy Cooking | #MyFoodMemories | AD

  1. wow this is somthing I have got to try.I that the real Jamie Oliver in these messages.one of my heroes.I must speak to the queen to get you knighted

  2. Things that frustrates me when watching foodporn at night:
    -Why am I watching this at night
    -Getting Hungry, and attempting to make a midnight snack,
    – When a freakin steak has no pepper

  3. I have no formal training but I love to cook. A dream job after the Army would be to work with Jamie's team in some capacity

  4. I just did this recipe. Thanks for sharing. I had smash potato with cream cheese and broccoli. But to be honest, I do not see a good reason to not declasse with shallots and butter like Julia Child do.

  5. I hate peppercorn sauce, it's overpowering, has weird texture to it and leaves this sour aftertaste. Restaurants pour it over the steak till every inch is covered with it thus ruining a great meal, I want to taste the flavour of the meat and possibly some Rosemary/Garlic but that's it, nothing else, and definitely no pouring butter all over it in the pan (another overpowering flavour).

  6. Is there a recipe for this somewhere? I haven't been able to find it on the website, I eyeballed this a few days ago and it was still very good but I'd like to know how on or off my measurements were.

  7. I wish you could think more about your audience that "Russell"… Who is he anyways?…. It looks like your world turns around him sadly

  8. Moron. A touch of this and a splash of that are not actual amounts regular people cooking at home can follow. Take your peppercorn sauce and shove it.

  9. No recipe so its just stupid Hotpoint ad – something that really annoys me – make a note Hotpoint because of this ad i will never buy your product.

  10. My ultimate two favorite chefs who’ve made a profound impact in my life…on one channel 😭happy tears this is just great and I want more

  11. I’m incapacitated sarks, I’ve just had the most lush fillet steak dinner , I’m gonna have to go for a lie down. 🐷🐷🐷

  12. i love european cooking styles,its successfully makes me got so many appreciate from my friends that always praise because my foods are delicious,and,i just bring them know,that im using european cooking style,its generating a delicious food,especially french and italy,i love both country for delicious food

  13. So i actually watched this only because i needed to know how to cook the filet. I am a 12 year old who’s dream is to be one of the best chefs in the world. Thank you french guy!

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