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Feeling Tired? Try this life hack! | Summer of Purple

Feeling Tired? Try this life hack! | Summer of Purple

(upbeat, funky music) – You know, my wife and I
didn’t always look this happy. – Thanks honey, and it’s true,
we used to be so exhausted, seemed like no matter what we tried, life just kept demanding more and more. – Finally we asked our doctor
what she would recommend, and that’s when we
first heard about sleep. – She told us that “sleep” is a revolutionary new way to get energy. – Sleep happens when you stop
moving and close your eyes, something I had no memory of
doing ever in my entire life. – One sleep can provide
up to 16 hours of energy. That’s like nine cups of coffee,
or 10 pounds of chocolate. Now that I sleep, I only eat
chocolate when I want to, which is actually the same amount. – Our doctor explained that sleep requires about seven hours for full effect, and you have to do it daily. I was like, Doc, I don’t even have time to
use the bathroom daily, let alone sleep. And she said, just try it. Also we need to talk
about that bathroom thing. – The first night we decided to try sleep, we knew we had to make some time for it, so we kept the TV off. – Skipped dinner. – Skipped giving the kids a bath. – Skipped taking out the trash, the dog, paying our mortgage. – And skipped visiting my
grandmother in the hospital, because that woman can talk. – And she’s not the only
one who is short on time. – The next morning when we woke up and my grandmother didn’t, we knew we were hooked. – We’ve been sleeping for months now, and it’s amazing how
much more energy we have, and how we no longer wish to die. – [Narrator] Sleep may not
be possible for new parents, old parents, parents in
general, college students, high school students, normal
adults, people who worry a lot, people with social
lives, people with jobs, and or Netflix subscriptions, and anyone raised in American culture. Side effects include
proper brain function, longer life spans, and people bragging to you
about how they don’t sleep. Sleep is highly addictive,
and not FDA approved. If your sleep lasts
longer than eight hours, congratulations. People who sleep on a Purple may rest more deeply than
they’re prepared for. Ask your doctor if you’re
a good candidate for sleep. – I can’t imagine living
life any other way now. Of course, to get eight
hours of sleep at night, we’ve had to cut a lot of
things out of our life. – Which is why we no longer
exercise or have full-time jobs, we also pretend not to
hear our children crying when they poop themselves at four a.m. – Every sacrifice has
been worth it though, even moving into a home we can afford. Not like this one.
– Hey! I told you to stop sitting on our lawn and stealing our lemonade! You set up a bed on my lawn? Get outta here! – Go, go!
– It’s a free country. – Don’t touch our bed, Clark! – It’s not funny! They look so well-rested. I’m so jealous. – [Narrator] Sleep, natural,
safe, you super need it. – You know, sleeping is great,
but sleeping on a Purple, that’s even greater. – We both sleep on Purples in real life and we love them. They keep you cool all night
long, unlike memory foam. – And the Purple grid
cradles your pressure points, so you can literally sleep
through an earthquake. – Which sounds dangerous, but
it would be less stressful than being awake during one. – So click the link to check out Purple, and see how it can change your sleep life. – And don’t forget to
subscribe to JK Studios, that’s who we are. – Thanks for watching. (light, upbeat music) Bye, bye!

100 thoughts on “Feeling Tired? Try this life hack! | Summer of Purple

  1. I love how I'm watching this at 1 in the morning because I can't fall asleep.
    I need to stop staying up so late.

  2. “From the inventors of sleep comes nap” is what my brother said after watching this 😂😂

  3. I was cracking up and was going to share until the joke about ignoring our kids when they’re in need. I understand it’s a joke, but that really isn’t funny. 😔

  4. When I saw this commercial on tv I was so excited for you guys. Hope you guys the best. Love it when you make me laugh.

  5. I just got a commercial for Tuft & Needle mattresses in which the commercial said, “We won’t give you gimmicky demonstrations…” THE SHADE!

  6. When the ad in a YouTube video is so much more entertaining than the video that you go searching for the people who made it…

  7. Lists a bunch of people who may not be able to sleep

    The only people left on the people that can sleep is… Unemployed People outside of the Americas? Maybe just Asia actually… only Unemployed Asians can sleep…?

  8. I hate everything right now. I just got an ad literally being a company that states in it's commercial that they're better than Purple. Just rude

  9. I feel like this was a passive aggressive way of telling me to go to bed after 4 hours of solid binging…

  10. Did she say weird lingering cuck in the commercial lol gotta say these commercials are so weird it's not going to sell anything.

  11. the difference is very easily seen … Studio C vs. JK Studio …..
    Its a good difference …
    not yet developed a preference …lets see

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