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FB Masters Program Review | Best Facebook Ads Training Ever

FB Masters Program Review | Best Facebook Ads Training Ever

Hey it’s Jay with Rave Review and IMwithJay today we’re gonna look at FB Master’s Program from JayKay Dowdall. Hey guys
so a couple months ago all of a sudden I started seeing a lot of posts from some
very well-respected internet marketers about a new Facebook training from a guy
I had never heard of before JayKay Dowdall so I decided to check it out because the
people that were recommending this product are just they’re usually very
critical of anything that comes out on the market and they were you know really
you know talking about the how the how excellent the training was and how well
it was done so I picked it up it’s called evolution from JayKay Dowdall and I
said I had not heard of him before and it was excellent excellent training and
I don’t know what JayKay his background is I don’t know him and then we’re Facebook
friends I’ve been in his groups because of the nature of bots on his products
but I’ve never really spoken with so I don’t know his background but it
wouldn’t surprise me if he has an education background because he really
lays out stuff his trainings very well very well thought-out for the student
and mine a lot of trainings I feel like even the ones I’ve done I mean I have a
tendency to focus on what I’m teaching but not my audience for who I’m teaching
to and it seemed like JayKay kind of turns it on his head and he’s able to not only
teach the concept but keep his audience in mind and really give you everything
you need to be able to consume the information so he spent the past few
months creating a new Facebook Ads training a more comprehensive training
that’s focused across the board on on Facebook marketing and it’s excellent
and right now it’s less than $15 next week it’s going to be 500 bucks because
I think he’s gonna combine you know the front end product with all the upsells
and everything and it’ll be a more country but even right now I mean this
is not a $15 this is a several hundred dollar product
I will say that right off the bat I have paid a lot more for Facebook training
and not gotten the conceptual level of detail and walkthrough that I’ve seen in
this one so this is an excellent course even if you don’t run Facebook Ads right
now pick it up so that you have it for later because there’s a pretty good
chance if you’re doing kind of in marketing you’re gonna at least think
okay maybe I should try Facebook Ads and this course will very much help you
go from like not really understanding or not knowing not anything about it to
really solve a place so being able to run hat and feel like you’re you know
you’re not losing you’re losing all your money so hopefully turning a profit so I
want to just show you a quick one of the things I love about what JK does is he
lays his stuff out so well it’s so clear so precise and on top of that he’s got a
very voice that’s real easy to listen to very clear you know this easy to listen
to and also easy to speed up to one and a half times so you can kind of get
through the videos quicker if that’s you know if you’re able to do that so let me
just play a couple minutes of his video here and they back it up a little bit
trying to get past the general intro in the videos thank you so much for
checking out the FB masters program I’m really glad you decided to pick this up
because this is going to be the most valuable course that you’ve ever seen on
social media advertising period I am that certain that you’re gonna get a lot
of value out of everything here inside the course now listen alright so you can
see even just listen that and it may not come through great on my you know the
recording here but he does he’s got a very clear voice very easy to understand
and he lays out everything really nicely and on top of that for each lesson you
can download I think it might be the slide presentation or it may be some you
know custom notes he’s created but anyway you can download a PDF for each
and every lesson that helps you or each section that helps you be able to refer
back to the information a whole lot quicker and then probably
trying to come through and find where was that in the video you can probably
just pull up these quick overview documents and go through and find
whatever it is you’re looking for which is there again it’s just excellent there
again I don’t know if you’ve got an education background but it sure seems
like some somewhere along the line he really learned how to present and teach
information so anyway let me just kind of give you a feel for what’s in these
modules you know the welcomes just a welcome but he goes through you know the
whole idea about Facebook ads and then you know talks about seven elements and
the ad objectives and everything and this is just kind of overview
information just trying to give you an idea of like where you’re headed with
the stuff and and it’s excellent I’ve been through this one I haven’t gotten
through the whole training but everything I’ve gotten through the first
modules one and two has been excellent and then he goes over a whole section on
sales funnels that there again along with Facebook training apps you know
talked about they talked about the Facebook ad itself they talked about you
know running the ad or setting up the ad or this type of ad or whatever they
don’t really talk about the fact that really the Facebook ad is just
engagement and driving traffic to something else and really that something
else is your sales funnel and if you don’t have a good sales funnel then
you’re you know you can drive all the traffic you want and you’re gonna end up
probably wasting a lot of money and so he really goes over the fact that you
got to have a solid sales funnel that you’re driving all this engagement in
traffic to otherwise you’re just gonna you know you’re gonna lose your money
you’re gonna give up on Facebook ass so he talks about the different types of
traffic you know and how to take some money from being they you know unaware
and being cold traffic to warm traffic it’s a hot traffic he talks about you
know conceptually all that cost about perfect funnel here again lays it out so
well that if even if you’ve been doing this a while and you’re familiar and
you’ve been building sales funnels I mean it just really kind of highlights
in like light bulbs started going off as I was watching it like oh I cannot get
it I get it it’s a better picture so of what that’s supposed to look like and
then he goes over you know a lot of different types of creators that you see
sorry there went open it up for image ads video ads you know just text
and so and really going over ad copy and everything and then compliance so I mean
landing page compliance and really covering everything you need to know
about you know your ad itself and then he also talks here in the ad sets and
audience is all about the targeting and Facebook Pittsville and custom audiences
and retargeting so there again tons of information here and then the whole idea
about traffic funnel is about there again taking somebody who’s completely
unaware of you and your product or you know if they’ve notice an affiliate
product you know unaware – you know from being taking them from being unaware and
basically cold – potentially you know reading a blog post or downloading
something becoming warm traffic you get their email and then turning that eat
you know the warm traffic into hot traffic and then he actually has another
level I’m not going to tell you what it is that he adds into this mix that you
probably you know have never heard of so there again less than 15 bucks and he’s
dropping all this great stuff and then the whole idea of how do you optimize
the traffic how do you optimize engagement the video who’s come in just
this is a complete course please you know do not miss it even if you’re not
running ads right now don’t miss it just get it and then you know know that it’s
there for you when you’re ready because it’s you don’t want to have to spend 500
bucks next week for so anyway and then he’s got some bonus others talking about
competitor research he’s got a click predictor calculator which basically
helps you predict your ads I apologize as a our garbage collections going on
background if you hear a big truck in the background anyway so I definitely
recommend this I had loved I loved evolution which was JK’s earlier product
this year and once again the same you know I am people that I look up to and
respect you know big names in the field they’re recommending this as well and
then as a bonus that I think ties in I have not looked at his pixel training
yet but what I want to throw in as well Nichole’s
here P is this FB pixel secrets this is a a guide that was released not too long
ago and it’s an excellent guys probably one the best fix book pixel guides that
I’ve seen because it goes into not only how to put the Facebook pixel at the
base pixel you know on multiple platforms WordPress clickfunnels
you know that type of stuff it goes into the whole idea of conversion events or
event stuff that so that he tells you exactly so like on your on your main
page maybe you have the first pixel but then when you think Thank You page you
got a you know a conversion pixel that tells Facebook this but you know
basically going through the whole idea of using the pixel to teach Facebook
exactly you know who your audience is so when you run ads you can target people
who just visited your site you can target people who you know did the Thank
You page but maybe they didn’t buy and JK talks about this too you know just
being able to really use that pixel to the to its utmost power so that’s a
bonus that I’m gonna and I give you as well in addition to whatever Jake age
teaching about the pixel and his training so once again I’m gonna come
back here definitely pick this up less than 15 bucks you know and if you feel
like you want any upgrades it’s great you don’t need it the full training or
you also you don’t need it you just you don’t need it and the training is
complete the the upsells that are again are optional but they could be helpful
to you especially like his membership program that we’re basically he’s doing
some you know you basically kind of like a join a group coaching and get a
special Facebook group and they’re doing I’m going training and stuff it’s I
believe it’s 27 a month you’ll see it as you walk through the funnel but that
might be if you’re serious about Facebook Ads and you really need
guidance you know you can go through this training and then you can just get
ongoing guidance from JK through that membership program and then there’s some
some done-for-you creatives which you know as you’re thinking about creatives
and creating images or creating ads I mean he’s got some that he’s you know
found to be successful proven so it might be a good choice to
pick those up save yourself some time and effort of you know trying to test it
yourself you know know that hey here’s some proven images that have worked for
other people so anyway and there might be some other upgrades I can’t remember
but the base training is just so really good and like I say JK does an excellent
job of teaching presenting and giving you you know I cuz they the download
summary that you know makes it easy to refer back to you got any questions feel
free to leave a comment below if you like this video please subscribe hit
that subscribe button on YouTube otherwise just have a great day

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