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– [Morgan] That is a zero. I’m sorry but that is a zero. Have you ever gone into a fast food place seen a really nice looking
picture of a burger, I’m talkin’ scrumptious,
I’m talkin’ tender, and then you order it, it arrives, you open it up, it looks
like a soggy flip flop. – I know exactly what you mean. Honestly I really do. I’m not gonna be able to eat it it looks so big on the picture and then you open it and it’s tiny. – So guys today what we’re gonna be doing is putting this to the test. We’re gonna be goin
across the globe actually. – Seriously? – Actually just across. – It’s quite late, it’s
10 o’clock at night. – We’re gonna be going across Sheffield, going to some of the most
popular fast food places, getting loads of different foods, and then opening them up and seeing how they look
compared to the ads. And I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be really really surprising. – Oh my god it’s a ghost. – Now if you’re new to the channel and you haven’t seen our faces before remember to go down there and
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by clicking the bell. Mum what are we thinking for a like goal. You know what set a massive one, set a massive one. – The pressure, the pressure, two, two, thousand, 20,000. – Yo 20,000 likes. – I got there in the end. – Let’s see if we can hit it guys, 20,000. Now mum when you think of fast food places what really comes to your mind? – McDonald’s. – McDonald’s is a definite
we’re going there. – KFC.
– KFC is again up there. We’re gonna definitely hit up KFC. What else are you thinkin’? – Subway, Burger King. – I think Burger King has
gotta be up there, hasn’t it? Burger King’s gotta be up there. I think there’s one more main one in the UK that springs to my mind. Let’s see if it’s the same. – Hmmm, oh, oh. – Five Guys.
– Five Guys. I’ve never had one. – I’ve never had a Five Guys? You seem to always have five guys around at the house so like. – Oh god yes, well you don’t do ya. Anyway Morgan do you know
we’ve got half an hour to get out get across Sheffield and buy all these food
before they all close. – Come on, come on, come on, come on. Guys we’re on route all
the food places right now. We’ve had a look at the opening times and we’ve planned our route. Firstly we’re gonna hit up Five Guys, then we’re gonna head
along to Burger King, then we’re gonna take
a little detour to KFC, loop it back around into McDonald’s, and finally pull up to
Subway get the goods there and we’re all good. Well guys what I wanna know from you is which is your favourite out of Five Guys, KFC, Mcdonald’s,
Burger King, and Subway? Or if you have another favourite let me know which one that is in the comment section below. Mum what’s your favourite? – McDonald’s cheeseburger. – McDonald’s cheeseburger. If it was me I think I’d
have to go for Five Guys. I’m not gonna lie. Remember to watch the full video so you can see all the food and we can see if it is really gonna be as shocking as we think it’s gonna be. Mum all sorted. – Yeah.
– We got the burger and a hot dog haven’t we? – Oh I love hot dogs. – She loves a hot dog. – But you put barbecue sauce on it and I like it just with
onions not barbecue sauce. – Nightmare. So we’ve just got the
Five Guys, first one down. We ended up going with
a burger and a hot dog. We’re just headed into the Burger King drive thru right now. I think the main stuff
you get from Burger King is like the Whopper. I think that’s the main one. – I don’t know what. – So we’ll get one of them. I don’t know too much about Burger King. Burger King done now we’re to KFC. We’re at KFC now. We’re in a rush so we kind of bottled it. We didn’t really prepare. We’ve got a zinger burger and a boneless banquet for one. Bad news guys Subway’s shot. We’re gonna get Mcdonald’s though ’cause they’re 24 hours but it looks like no Subway. – Oh this restaurant is temporarily closed for maintenance. – Hi can I have a Big Mac please? Can I have a chicken legend and then can I also have an Oreo Mcflurry? Pulled up home right now guys. We’re gonna get the food inside and then we can get started. Okay guys so we’re back home and as you can see we’ve got all the food. We’ve got KFC, we’ve got Five Guys, Burger King, and of course McDonald’s. Guys get ready this is gonna be awesome. I cannot wait. We’re gonna take a look at
each and everyone of these and compare them to the ads. It’s gonna be so cool but just before that I wanna tell you guys about an app that I absolutely love,
absolutely, appsolutely. – [Mum] I’d a just said absolutely. – But you know I say appsolutely. I’m changing the game. So this is a new app called Quidd where you can collect stickers, cards, and fun figures all for free. You can get stickers from shows like Family Guy, Breaking Bad, Star Trek, even Five Nights at Freddy’s. What I like is that some
of them are super rare, some of them are more common, so when you get a super
rare one it’s so cool. And then you can use these stickers to text to your friends. And there’s loads of unique
one’s that only Quidd has, so I like to use them on iMessage, and some of the stickers are really fun and really unique. There’s also new stickers
released every single day for you to collect. Okay guys as you can see I’m
on the Quidd app right now. If you go into the explore tab you can see all the
different packs you can open. I’m currently collecting Adventure Time, so I’m gonna open an Adventure Time pack. I’m gonna open this pack
here let’s see what we get. Let’s get some stickers and then you can see all the different things you get in your pack. All these different stickers. And then what I can do with
all these different stickers is send them to my friends using iMessage. It’s so so cool. However, let’s open one more pack. I’m gonna go for Cow and Chicken ’cause I remember watching
this literally all the time. As we can see loads more fun stickers which we can use in iMessage. It’s literally so cool. So there will be a link in the description where you can download
Quidd after the video. Be sure to go play it. It’s a really cool app. But right now what we’re gonna
do is move on to the food. And I am honestly so hungry I can’t wait. I’m gonna be definitely
eating a lot of this after. – [Mum] No you’re not. It’s a look test not an eat test. – It can be both. Since it’s bloody melting let’s get the McFlurry out of the way. And basically bam on your screen right now is a picture of the ad
for an Oreo McFlurry. Hahaha, oh my god. On the picture it’s
nicely spread all over it. It’s really nicely mixed and then you look at this
and it’s all one side. Look at that pure ice cream on that side is all the chocolate. So I’m gonna give that a big fat one. – [Mum] I’m gonna go for two ’cause you’ve got the quantity I think. – It makes sense now to just get the rest of the McDonald’s out of the way. Here we have a Big Mac and we’re gonna start with
the barbecue chicken legend. Now, if we open this up. Let’s show them this one for start. So this is what it’s looking like. It looks alright, it looks quite good. It look a little bit dull. It’s not really jumpin’ out at you is it, like the presentation it
just looks a little bit like kind of slapped
together if you get me. – [Mum] The lettuce is
hanging out the ends. – And here is the picture of
the normal chicken legend. And to be honest the lettuce
is all over the bloody place. On that one it’s nicely
coming out all perfect and on this it’s just
flopping out the side. Better than the McFlurry but I’m gonna still have to give it a two. Two out of 10. – [Mum] But it looks flat. The slats on the bun are supposed
to stuck up a little bit. It’s floppy. I mean it’s probably got a bit warn but it’s not even inside. Not much presentation. I’m gonna give it a four out of 10. Sorry, did you hear me eating? – Here’s a picture of a Big Mac. I’m sure you all seen a Big Mac picture. It just looks like. That looks like the
best burger of all time, so colourful, so beautiful, and here we have a real Big
Mac, and we’re gonna take. They’ve even showed the
picture of the Big Mac on the box which is a risky move. It doesn’t look too bad. Wait hold on a minute. Oh no, it is looking
pretty floppy, isn’t it? Oh no, oh god. That is actually horrible. Look at that. That right there is a Big Mac is it. That, that’s it. Floppin’ out of that side. There’s not even any meat on that side. Cheese is pouring everywhere. That is a bloody one. – [Mum] I’ll give that a one. – Next food McDonald’s
has let me down there. Okay next we’re gonna move
on to KFC, here we have, now we’re in the drive thru right and we had literally five minutes to order so we didn’t have a chance to prepare so we ended up getting a Zinger burger and a, and a what do you call this, a boneless banquet for one. So the Zinger burger looks
really really squashed and I guess we’ll start with this. So here is a picture of a Zinger burger on the screen right now. So on the picture the chicken looks like so crispy and beautiful, the lettuce, there all just so
blumming even and perfect. Here we have a Zinger burger. In all honesty it’s not. – [Mum] It’s not looking
its best that one. – The burger is the most
lop sided blumming thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The lettuce is all over the place. – [Mum] The bread’s not
really puffed up either on top it looked really
puffy on the picture. – Look at this sesame seed bun. There’s loads on that and
then there’s just none there. I can’t even break it. Yo, oh my god. Three is as high as I can go for that. What are you sayin’? – [Mum] I’m gonna go for three as well. – And here we have the boneless banquet. Here’s a picture on your screen right now of a boneless banquet. As you can see it looks pretty damn good. As you can see it’s
absolutely all over the place. The chips are okay I guess. The popcorn chicken is pretty good. You know what I think this is probably the best one so far I’d say. – [Mum] I already said
that, are we havin’ one? – Yeah let’s do it. So I think currently the KFC
is winning than McDonald’s it just performed a little bit better. The Zinger burger wasn’t terrible and then the boneless
banquet’s probably been the only like good one so far, but is Burger King gonna come in and shut them both down. Let’s find out. – [Mum] Big. – They do look big. Let’s start with this. Transportation could’ve
been an issue obviously, but still we gotta
treat it as if it wasn’t ’cause they have been wrapped. We got a tomato which is basically jumpin’ out for its dear life, lettuce coming out of here, the bun’s just off to the side, no salad at all on this side. And here’s the picture of the normal one and I guess it’s not good is it, mum? It’s really just not good. – [Mum] No, it’s presentation. – It’s just bad presentation
lettin’ them down isn’t it. I feel like they just don’t care. I’m gonna give it a four. I can’t go higher than a four. What are you gonna say? – [Mum] Well, I think a three
for that one to be honest. – It’s not been good was it. I was excited. It’s big, it’s probably very nice, but it just don’t look very good. It doesn’t look like a
burger I wanna be eating. But can the chicken royale save the day. This is a long style burger wrapped nice. But before I show you
that here is the picture of the ad, it looks pretty
good, looks very nice. And oh my god, I think
we may have just found the worst presented one yet. That’s one side, cheese flying everywhere, and that’s the other side. The cheese is hanging and then you look at that
side it’s no where to be seen. The burger’s all over the place. I’ve been very underwhelmed. I give it a five. I’m gonna give it a five. – [Mum] I’m gonna give it a five. – Fives all around. And now it’s time for the final one the one that I am praying will do well because I do love Five Guys. It is of course Five Guys right here. So Five Guys kind of do there burger a little bit differently. You pick the actual burger
and the meal that you want and then you actually pick
what side you have on it, so instead of just comparing we’re gonna actually judge the
presentation for these two. We’ll give basically a mark out of 10. Starting with the burger, now this is a bacon burger with barbecue sauce, onions, and lettuce, so let’s take a took. Oh god, oh my, oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god. – [Mum] Oops. – Um.
– [Mum] Oh my god. – It’s extremely moist. – [Mum] Oh no, oh Morgan. – The bread is actually wet. I’m genuinely confused if
it’s like a flop or not. Does this happen to burgers when you. Wait let me try it. It was just damp, completely damp. Is that because of the foil and ’cause we’ve left it awhile? It’s just all soggy and damp. I tasted it and the bun just
felt like a soggy flapjack. That is a zero, I’m
sorry but that is a zero, a full on zero. So I assume it’s gonna be
the same with the hot dog, but let’s just take a look. It’s just soggy and damp and just, ahh, it just looks so bloody. – [Mum] How much was that? It cost a lot of money weren’t it? – It were 15 quid the order. I mean they are nice I think
you do have them fresh, still I mean I’d expect them to hold up for longer then like 30 minutes. I mean I guess I’ll try it. Just soggy. Guys zero for both of them. Do you agree? – [Mum] Yeah, I wouldn’t fancy them. – No. – [Mum] They just look too soggy. – So guys I think the order is Five Guys was actually the worst surprisingly. Then I think it’s gotta be McDonald’s. Then it’s gotta be Burger King. And then I think the winner’s
gotta be KFC to be honest. The bread and the lettuce just seem to be the worst ones. – [Mum] I really was excited about that. I’ve never had it. – I love it. It’s just you just have to have it fresh. You just have to. Well guys that is the end of the video. It’s actually been really
really interesting. Leavin’ ’em for like 30 minutes and then comparing them to the ads and seeing how they look. I was very surprised by the burgers every single burger just seemed to die. But guys if this is the first time you seen me on your screen please remember to hit that subscribe button down below for more crazy videos just like this and also smash a like. The like goal for this video was 20,000, so you if you can leave a like, I mean you’ve watched the full video you may as well just smash
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