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Fanbooster Ads: A Facebook Ads Tool

Fanbooster Ads: A Facebook Ads Tool

so it’s been four years since Fanbooster first launched. Back then only as an app creator. but as Facebook marketing, our customers and the consumers have evolved, so have we. so today, is a very big day for us. We’re making Facebook ads as easy as it should be. And it’s a big change. We’re no longer just an app creator. We’re a complete Facebook marketing platform We’re launching Fanbooster ads. A powerful way to do Facebook marketing in a really easy way. It works on every device and you can do really advanced splitting, targeting and we think
our customers are going to love it. We’re also starting to roll out our new redesign. A new navigation, more colors, seamless integration and a responsive design. Finally life as a Facebook marketer is easy. Just grab your cup of coffee log in to Fanbooster, and do all your Facebook marketing from one place.

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