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Fake video testimonials: Inside the world of fake reviews (CBC Marketplace)

Fake video testimonials: Inside the world of fake reviews (CBC Marketplace)

>>Asha: This ismarketplace.How to spot a fake.>>I was fooled by that.>>Asha: Online reviews– we all rely on them.>>I’ve personally seen numerous people lose 9 to 11 pounds.>>Asha: But are they for real?>>I’m a certified financial advisor. And I’m a designer. And I’m a teacher.>>Asha: One of Canada’s top reviewers.>>How is the business not held accountable for that?>>Why do you do so many fake reviews, aren’t you misleading people?>>I don’t even know who you are. Get away from my car.>>Why won’t you talk to us?>>Asha: This is yourmarketplace.♪ ♪ We’re heading to a stake-out north of Toronto.>>Just drive around for a sec and have a look.>>Asha: Searching for a woman who doesn’t want to be found. There’s that spot right there. But that might be too close. A woman whose job is to fool people like you and me. This woman.>>Hi there, I’m Susanne. I’ll create a believable testimonial video for you starting at just $10.>>Asha: She makes money making fake testimonials for businesses pretending she’s a real customer.>>Just send me your script of up to 50 words to work with.>>Asha: She even poses as an expert to push questionable diet supplements.>>Hi, my name is Maria J. Clifford, I’m a licensed dietician at the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington.>>Asha: Making fake testimonials like this could be illegal, but it seems she’s done thousands of them, and we’d like to talk to her about it. Our plan is to drop off this package at her post office box and wait for her to pick it up. It’s a bit of deception designed to expose hers.>>Hi there, my name is Susanne. Hi, I’m Tessa Daly of Tampa, Florida.>>Hey, everyone, it’s Jennifer.>>Asha: We’re not sure what her real name is, but companies all over the world hire her to say good things about them, then posts her reviews on their websites.>>To let everyone know aboutRain City Maids.>>Asha: Like this maid service in Seattle, and this private eye in England.>>I suspected for some time that my husband had been having an affair. Now I heard aboutStellar Intelligence through a friend of mine and I asked them for help.>>Asha: This isn’t the only time we’ve wanted to know more about this woman. In fact, we once hired her ourselves.>>Hi there, I just wanted to make this quick video to tell everyone how much I love eating at Cheezed Off.>>Asha: We first investigated online reviews two years ago. With so many of us relying on reviews to decide where to spend our money, we wanted to know how easy it is for a company to fool with us with fake ones. ♪ ♪ So we invented a phony food truck called Cheezed Off with its own website,Facebookpage, and lots of tricked-out photos. Then we hired people to say how much they liked our truck on review sites likeYelp.We showed just how easy it is to manufacture a good reputation even for a phony business.>>I’m here to offer you a written review for your product or your service.>>Asha: We found our reviewers on fiverr.com, it offers cheap ways to boost your business, including hundreds of people who will make testimonials, saying whatever you want them to.>>Something that seems like it may have come from one of your actual customers.>>Asha: To give you an idea how big the problem is,Amazon,the internet giant, recently sued more than a thousand people onFiverrfor selling fake reviews about its products.>>I loved getting lunch at Cheezed Off.>>Asha: The woman we’re investigating goes by the user name Sanpan. We first picked her because she’s a Canadian and a top seller onFiverr,and she was happy to lie about our fake truck.>>They’re fast, they’re friendly and they make the best grilled cheese sandwich around.>>Asha: Since that story first aired, the problem of fake reviews persists and so does the woman called Sanpan. As we dig deeper, our trail leads to this man. ♪ ♪ We’re in Kamloops, British Columbia, to meet George Gavriel.>>Physics, math, biology. The usual sciency things.>>Asha: He’s a university student who feels duped by testimonials and thinks Sanpan has gone too far.>>Honestly, I had lost a whole bunch of weight to begin with, and then I sort of went off that weight loss wagon and then I was kind of looking for an easier way to get back on to it.>>Asha: George heard about the diet supplements raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract and went looking online. What he found was a lot of testimonials.>>The testimonials were sort of saying that people had amazing results with these, they lost more weight than what the product claimed it did.>>Asha: George spent a couple of hundred bucks and a few weeks trying them, but didn’t notice any difference.>>I was fooled by that, and I like to think of myself as an educated consumer.>>Asha: We show him a testimonial for the same supplements from Sanpan.>>I’ve personally seen numerous people lose 9 to 11 pounds during their first week, and I’m doing this because I care about people.>>[chuckles] I’m doing this because I care about people. I think that’s definitely a lie. [laughs] There’s absolutely no way that she’s making all of these videos dressing up in a lab coat and telling people that they need to be buying products from a certain area just because she cares about people.>>Asha: George is right. Sanpan is only pretending she’s a professional.>>Hi, my name is Maria J. Clifford. Gina Parker. Jessica Moore. I’m a licensed dietician at the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington.>>At the Harold Institute here in Washington. I’m also the mother of two. And I’m also the mother of three children.>>I think that everybody has to have some sort of… thing in them that says no, I’m not going to do that, it’s wrong, because there’s a certain point where it’s acting and then there’s a certain point where it’s misleading people.>>I’m a certified financial advisor. And I’m a designer. And I’m a teacher.>>Asha: We spent weeks online trying to track down Sanpan. She’s the tip of an internet iceberg of deception, despite being outed by us two years ago.>>So if I type in the one user name that I know… But for a woman who’s all over the web, she’s proving very hard to find. Using picture searches and variations of her user name, we find pieces of her past. An old profile. A dormant website offering realistic reviews. Places where she admits to making thousands of videos. We find old photos of her pets. And this one of her backyard. But still, it’s a needle in a haystack. Eventually, we even find this.>>I play an investigative reporter named Heather Blank in the new movie, “My Uncle John is a Zombie.”>>Asha: It’s a fundraising video for a new zombie movie. Here’s a trailer.>>Uncle John, don’t worry, I won’t let anybody hurt you.>>Asha: Sanpan does get a credit on theInternet Movie Databaseas Susanne Banks, but none of this tells us exactly who she is or where to find her.>>After all, the public has a right to know, wouldn’t you agree?>>Asha: We do agree. So we go back onFiverrto ask Sanpan to make us another testimonial, this time for a scarf.>>Hello, Sanpan. I’d like to buy a video testimonial from you. We’re pretending to have our own business, selling hand-knit accessories online. Once again, she happily agrees to make us a video and to wear our scarf, no questions asked.>>Susanne P, that’s how she wants us to address it.>>Asha: Sanpan or Susanne tells us to send the scarf to her post office box in Nobleton, Ontario.>>I’m going to fold it up nice and stuff it in the envelope. That’s how we get to this parking lot, waiting outside this post office. Hours pass, and still no sign of Sanpan. Not until early the next day when suddenly she shows up. ♪ [dramatic] Sanpan heads to her car with package in hand.>>This isCBCand we want to talk to you about the testimonials you sell onFiverr.>>Oh I’m going to pass, thanks.>>Why?>>I just don’t have anything to say and I really don’t want to be on camera right now.>>Why do you do so many fake reviews?>>I don’t even know who you are.>>Why do you do so many fake reviews, aren’t you misleading people?>>I don’t even know who you are, get away from my car. ♪ ♪ [car starts]>>Why won’t you talk to us? What about the people that believe your reviews and trust you? ♪ ♪ It’s all over in 30 seconds. Or so we think. Sanpan’s surprising return.>>So you don’t think what you’re doing is wrong, you don’t think giving false –>>Are you the moral police?>>Asha: And meet the man behind the bigBellbust.>>The reviews were written like non-humans would write it.>>Asha: This is yourmarketplace.>>Asha: Don’t get fooled on yourmarketplace.♪ [dramatic] An SUV barrels out of a strip mall north of Toronto. Inside, a woman who doesn’t want to talk to us with a package we sent her.>>Hi there, I’m Jennifer.>>Asha: Her job? Lying to consumers as they decide where to spend their money. In the business of fake online testimonials, she’s one of Canada’s top sellers.>>She’s back, she’s back. Let’s get out.>>Asha: None of us were expecting her to return.>>Get a photo.>>Asha: As we approach the car, she rolls up the window but stays put. Susanne, I would like to have a civil conversation with you about the testimonials you sell onFiverr.>>We’re withCBC marketplace.>>CBC, The CanadianBroadcasting Corporation.But can we get some answers from you? We just want to talk to you.>>Asha: After several tense minutes, Sanpan opens her door and throws out the scarf we sent her. But still she remains. Sanpan is prolific, but she’s not alone in the world of online fakery.Bell Canadawas busted in 2015 after it created a phone app and asked its own employees to write glowing online reviews. This is the guy who first noticedBell’swrongdoing.>>Have you watched anything onFacebook Live?>>No. [laughter]>>Asha: Scott Stratten is an author and public speaker who knows a lot about what he calls authentic marketing. We catch up with him at a studio in Burlington, Ontario where he records his weekly podcast. Hey, Scott.>>Hey there, how are you?>>Good, how are you?>>Good. Let’s go on in.>>All right.>>Bellgot busted big-time…>>Mhm.>>And it all started with you. How did that happen?>>So I woke up one day and just pulled up the app store, and I noticed that theBell Mobileapp was number two. And I said hang on a second, there’s only one thing I know for sure in life, people don’t like their phone company, that’s pretty much how it goes, that’s a given. And the reviews were written like non-humans would write it, marketers, marketers would write it like this. And it made no sense. It’s– All right, here. “Works great, “makes it so easy now “to check my profile “and pay my bill, “nice clean design and very user friendly.” Have you ever said user friendly in your life?>>Nope.>>Right? [laughter] It doesn’t make any sense, “much improved, like the new look, faster and easier to use!” It’s right out of a commercial. Looking forward to include BTV and home phone services in future releases. No, that’s not human, that’s not human.>>Asha: Scott does some digging and goes onLinkedin,the social networking site designed for business. He discovers that many of the people who reviewed theBellapp areBellemployees. An associate director atBell,the performance manager, the marketing manager, an IT executive, a senior project manager. Scott decides to write this blog about it. I wrote, “for Whom the Bell Mobility Tolls,” which by the way is the greatest headline I’ve ever written in my life. First comment on that post from somebody was “who cares,” and I said, “I do, and you should, too.” That if we compromise the ecosystem of trust on the internet, what do we have? Just words.>>Asha: Turns out Canada’s Competition Bureau cared, too, and madeBellpay a fine of $1.25 million. 1.25 million. That’s huge.>>Like, not bad for a couple of words.>>You’re a consumer hero.>>[chuckles] Not all heroes wear capes, you know, it’s –>>But they wear man buns.>>But they wear man buns, it’s the new cape.>>Asha: Scott’s a big user of reviews himself, sometimes even fake ones.>>We figured out, how do we get reviews for “Unselling…”>>Asha: For the release of his book “Unselling,” he decides to have a laugh by hiring some fake reviewers, also fromFiverr.>>Write a script and then buy your reviews for $5.>>And here’s the best part, we try to think of the best most ridiculous word they could say, and we came up with bomb-diggity.>>The new book “Unselling: The New Customer Experience” is the bomb-diggity.>>Bomb-diggity.>>The bomb-diggity. >>Bomb-diggity.>>Bomb-diggity. >>Bomb-diggity.>>Bomb-diggity. >>Bomb-diggity.>>So let’s scroll back a bit. I want to show you someone. That woman.>>Yeah?>>Her name is Sanpan fromFiverr.We’ve also hired her for another story we did on fake reviews, in fact, she’s all over the internet faking it.>>Yes.>>Can we take a look at some of her videos?>>Yeah, of course, please, let’s do this.>>Okay.>>Can’t wait.>>[laughs] Watch as Scott’s reaction changes from amusement…>>I’m a certified financial advisor.>>Are you?>>Now she’s a financial advisor.>>[laughs]>>Hello, my name is Maria J. Clifford, I’m a licensed dietician, PhD at the Kennedy Health Institute in Washington.>>Asha: ..to when he sees Sanpan in her lab coat pushing diet supplements.>>This is my problem. Even before this, I have — we should all have an issue with it. None of this stuff should be happening. People just think that — they’re not under any rules, that they’re not held to them because they’re not on TV, it’s not a commercial on TV, so it’s like this wild west of online. How is Fiverr not be held accountable for that, how is the business not held accountable for that? And then people get scammed and that’s what makes me upset.>>She’s pretending to be a licensed dietician.>>I think now we’re way over. That line has been really, really crossed.>>Is there anything you would say to her?>>Please stop. Because we’re at the point of harm. We really are. Is it worth the five bucks or the ten because you wore a lab coat, you know? Is it really worth that?>>Asha: We’re trying to ask Sanpan that exact question. I want to ask you a question. We’ve seen you claim to be a licensed dietician, a certified financial advisor, an insurance agent, none of that is true, though. Well, it certainly looks like you.>>And we just sent a package to you as Sanpan onFiverrand you picked up that package. Can I tell you something, we’re not trying to entrap you at all. We want you to answer some questions that we have.>>So you’re telling us you are not Sanpan or Susanne?>>Asha: She denies she’s Sanpan but defends the practise of selling testimonials. I want to hear this because it’s important for you to have your voice.>>Yeah?>>Can I tell you that what you’re doing is unethical, possibly illegal?>>Nothing I have done or anybody I know in that marketplace is doing anything wrong, okay? They are earning money, they are doing things, and I have nothing to say– get that microphone out of –>>So you don’t think what you’re doing is wrong, you don’t think giving false testimonials–>>Are you the moral police? Are you the moral police?>>I’m asking you.>>Are you the moral police?>>I’m asking you what you think I’m asking your thoughts.>>No, I have no comment on that.>>I’m asking your thoughts, Susanne. I want to know if you think…>>You don’t even know –>>..that giving false testimonials online, if that’s not wrong.>>Get your microphone out of my car which is private property. Get it out of here.>>Is anyone cracking down?>>A big part of what the bureau does is complaints-driven.>>Asha: It’s up to you to stop fake reviews. This is yourmarketplace.Getmarketplacein your inbox once a week.>>Asha: The real deal on yourmarketplace.She’s a top seller in Canada, but what Sanpan sells are fake testimonials used to deceive consumers.>>I’ve recommended it to many of my patients, and the results have been great.>>Asha: She says there’s nothing wrong with it. But is she right? This is someone who should know, Josephine Palumbo with Canada’s competition bureau. We head to Gatineau, Quebec for answers. But that is something that we’ve noticed. Palumbo is a deputy commissioner with the law enforcement agency. She’s on the look-out for deceptive marketing practises.>>The bureau wants to ensure that truth in advertising applies in whatever forum those communications are made.>>Asha: They’re the ones who bustedBellfor fake reviews.>>We have been doing some investigating into this woman. Her name is Sanpan. And I just want to show you a video in which she purports to be a licensed dietician.>>Please find the four easy steps to identifying the real raspberry ketones below. Please also note that I don’t have any financial interest in raspberry ketones–>>No financial interest although she is being paid throughFiverr.Should she not be held accountable?>>I’m not going to comment specifically on this particular individual, but what does the law say? We’re going to look to see whether or not the message that is being provided is one of a genuine, impartial, authentic reviewer.>>Asha: The rules say you cannot intentionally mislead. Whether you sell reviews, use them as a company, or permit them to be made.>>So all of the individuals who fall within that sort of a scheme could potentially be subjected to civil or criminal processes, should we proceed with the case.>>Asha: We spoke to a lawyer who specializes in advertising and competition and he told us that the enforcement is lagging here when it comes to deceptive ads, what do you say to that?>>Well, you know, I beg to differ. I think that the integrity of online reviews is important, so we have to make sure that the rules of engagement are followed and the bureau’s fully committed to doing that.>>Asha: The bureau says enforcement depends on Canadians to complain. Can people complain about Sanpan?>>Well, absolutely. In fact, a big part of what the bureau does is complaints-driven. I encourage consumers who are — who feel that they have been misled through misrepresentations, please contact the bureau.>>Asha: While the bureau waits for your complaints, we take our investigation toFiverr.We ask repeatedly for an interview to talk about the huge platform they provide for people like Sanpan.>>In this gig, I’ll be your actor.>>Asha: ButFiverrwill only give us a statement. We decide to get one of their sellers to read it for us.>>With any script-driven testimonial delivered by an actor, it’s incumbent upon the advertiser to be transparent with consumers and consistent with the laws governing disclosures around that paid-for content.>>Asha:Fiverrargues its sellers are just actors, saying their lines. And it’s up to buyers to tell the public that.>>Hi guys, my name is Stephanie and I’m an actress.>>Asha: Right after we contactFiverr,it also adds this bit of transparency to its website. “Sellers in this category “are actors, the testimonials “they provide on your behalf “are paid promotional materials, “and you should indicate this to your customers.” It’s a disclaimer. MaybeFiverr’sway of acknowledging its site can be used to mislead– but will it change anything for consumers? As for Sanpan, the last we see of her, she drives off down the highway. And get this. Seems she’s now out of the testimonial business. Within hours, her gig disappears fromFiverr.Guess we’ll never get that review for our scarf.>>David Common: Next week onmarketplace,we’re going undercover investigating a multimillion dollar business. Natural diet supplements. Do they work?>>We know that these natural diet pills are not effective, really just hope in a bottle.>>David: And are they safe?>>My liver was failing. I had four to five days to live.>>She actually at one point was considered the sickest woman in Canada.>>I would like to see it banned. ♪ ♪

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  20. Actually, her claim to be part of the Kennedy Institute as a licensed dietician is a criminal offense in the United States. It is unlawful to claim to be a medical professional or legal professional when you are not in most states and taking trademarks of a non-profit foundation in the memory of the late United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

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    And if you see all 5⭐Reviews, Be Extreamly Cautious Too. By Reading All of the Reviews, Looking at all the Pictures & Videos, & for a Writing Style, the Dates, the Abbreviations, Punctuation, the Names of the Reviewers, How Similar Each Review Was To The Others. And for the Reviewers Command of English. It's also good to look at the Companies Sales Percentage. How Long It's Been on Amazon. And if the Reviewer(s) Received the Product(s), for Free.

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    There’s a reason for licensing certain professions and why it’s a process regulated by various types of laws in countries around the world to require specific levels of education, training and mandated liability insurance coverage, and ALL of which is intended to safeguard others who rely on that “certification” when making decisions that might affect their lives in anyway, INCLUDING their hard earned money, whether it’s spent on products or services…and the reason why false claims of certification in ANY filed that require one, and benefits from that claim either directly or indirectly, is a CRIME punishable by both monetary fines and jail time.

    And this horrible woman falsely claimed (just to name a few), to be a licensed nutritionist, a licensed financial advisor and a licensed accountant. It’s NOT rocket science to recognize the criminality in her false claims, along with the absurdity of the statement made by Josephine Colombo, a deputy commissioner of a government law enforcement agency defending her failure to do a job she’s paid for by saying it’s up to online “complaints” to put an end to that fraud woman’s criminal AND immoral conduct. I’m Swedish and a practicing Criminal Law lawyer specializing in International Law AND a prosecutor, and I truly hope that deputy was fired after the airing of this show in 2017, and if not, Canadians should demand to have her fired. Because, failure to do her job and to press for immediate prosecution of that fraud woman, especially since she was identified (by her face and car’s license plate), along with the fact that she’s committing criminal fraud on Canadian soil and affecting Canada’s citizens (at a minimum), the moment the show brought the matter to her attention IS a crime in itself. And if either woman was within my jurisdiction, I would’ve prosecuted and convicted both women, ESPECIALLY the deputy…because her failure to do what she’s paid for (and possibly elected for the position), is a crime that enables criminals like the piece of garbage woman to boldly commit her crimes in the first place. Be safe and take care everyone 🙂

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