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Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

So, on the day after the Brexit vote, in June 2016, when Britain woke up to the shock of discovering that we’re leaving
the European Union, my editor at the “Observer”
newspaper in the UK asked me to go back to South Wales,
where I grew up, and to write a report. And so I went to a town called Ebbw Vale. Here it is. It’s in the South Wales Valleys,
which is this quite special place. So it’s had this very, sort of rich,
working-class culture, and it’s famous for its Welsh
male voice choirs and rugby and its coal. But when I was a teenager,
the coal mines and the steelworks closed, and the entire area was devastated. And I went there because it had one of
the highest “Leave” votes in the country. Sixty-two percent of the people here
voted to leave the European Union. And I wanted to know why. When I got there,
I was just a bit taken aback, because the last time I went to Ebbw Vale, it looked like this. And now, it looks like this. This is a new 33-million-pound
college of further education that was mostly funded
by the European Union. And this is the new sports center that’s at the middle of 350-million-pound
regeneration project that’s being funded by the European Union. And this is the new 77-million-pound
road-improvement scheme, and there’s a new train line,
a new railway station, and they’re all being funded
by the European Union. And it’s not as if
any of this is a secret, because there’s big signs
like this everywhere. [EU Funds: Investing in Wales] (Laughter) I had this sort of
weird sense of unreality, walking around the town. And it came to a head when I met this young man
in front of the sports center. And he told me that he had voted to leave, because the European Union
had done nothing for him. He was fed up with it. And all around town,
people told me the same thing. They said that they wanted
to take back control, which was one of the slogans
in the campaign. And they told me
that they were most fed up with the immigrants and with the refugees. They’d had enough. Which was odd. Because walking around,
I didn’t meet any immigrants or refugees. I met one Polish woman who told me she was practically
the only foreigner in town. And when I checked the figures, I discovered that Ebbw Vale actually has one of the lowest rates
of immigration in the country. And so I was just a bit baffled, because I couldn’t really understand where people were getting
their information from. Because it was the right-wing
tabloid newspapers which printed all these stories
about immigration. And this is a very much
left-wing Labour stronghold. But then after the article came out,
this woman got in touch with me. And she was from Ebbw Vale, and she told me about all this stuff
that she’d seen on Facebook. I was like, “What stuff?” And she said it was all this quite scary
stuff about immigration, and especially about Turkey. So I tried to find it. But there was nothing there. Because there’s no archive
of ads that people had seen or what had been pushed
into their news feeds. No trace of anything,
gone completely dark. And this referendum that will have
this profound effect forever on Britain — it’s already had a profound effect: the Japanese car manufacturers
that came to Wales and the north east to replace the mining jobs — they are already going because of Brexit. And this entire referendum
took place in darkness, because it took place on Facebook. And what happens on Facebook
stays on Facebook, because only you see your news feed,
and then it vanishes, so it’s impossible to research anything. So we have no idea who saw what ads or what impact they had, or what data was used
to target these people. Or even who placed the ads,
or how much money was spent, or even what nationality they were. But Facebook does. Facebook has these answers, and it’s refused to give them to us. Our parliament has asked Mark Zuckerberg
multiple times to come to Britain and to give us these answers. And every single time, he’s refused. And you have to wonder why. Because what I and other
journalists have uncovered is that multiple crimes
took place during the referendum. And they took place on Facebook. It’s because in Britain,
we limit the amount of money that you can spend in an election. And it’s because in the 19th century, people would walk around
with literally wheelbarrows of cash and just buy voters. So we passed these strict laws
to stop that from happening. But those laws don’t work anymore. This referendum took place
almost entirely online. And you can spend any amount of money
on Facebook or on Google or on YouTube ads and nobody will know,
because they’re black boxes. And this is what happened. We’ve actually got no idea
of the full extent of it. But we do know that in the last days
before the Brexit vote, the official “Vote Leave” campaign laundered nearly three quarters
of a million pounds through another campaign entity that our electoral commission
has ruled was illegal, and it’s referred it to the police. And with this illegal cash, “Vote Leave” unleashed
a fire hose of disinformation. Ads like this. [Turkey’s 76m people joining the EU] This is a lie, it’s a total lie. Turkey is not joining the European Union. There’s not even any discussions
of it joining the European Union. And most of us, we never saw these ads, because we were not the target of them. “Vote Leave” identified
a tiny sliver of people who it identified as persuadable,
and they saw them. And the only reason
we are seeing these now is because parliament forced
Facebook to hand them over. And maybe you think, “Well, it was just a bit of overspending. It’s a few lies.” But this was the biggest electoral fraud
in Britain for 100 years. In a once-in-a-generation vote that hinged upon just
one percent of the electorate. And it was just one of the crimes
that took place in the referendum. There was another group, which was headed
by this man, Nigel Farage, the one to the right of Trump. And his group, “Leave.EU” —
it also broke the law. It broke British electoral laws
and British data laws, and it’s also being
referred to the police. And this man, Arron Banks,
he funded this campaign. And in a completely separate case, he’s being referred
to our National Crime Agency, our equivalent of the FBI, because our electoral commission has concluded they don’t know
where his money came from. Or if it was even British. And I’m not even going to go into
the lies that Arron Banks has told about his covert relationship
with the Russian government. Or the weird timing of Nigel Farage’s
meetings with Julian Assange and with Trump’s buddy,
Roger Stone, now indicted, immediately before
two massive WikiLeaks dumps, both of which happened
to benefit Donald Trump. But I will tell you that Brexit
and Trump were intimately entwined. This man told me that Brexit
was the petri dish for Trump. And we know it’s the same people,
the same companies, the same data, the same techniques, the same use of hate and fear. This is what they
were posting on Facebook. And I don’t even want to call this a lie, [Immigration without assimilation
equals invasion] because it feels more
like a hate crime to me. I don’t have to tell you that hate and fear are being sown online
all across the world. Not just in Britain and America,
but in France and in Hungary and Brazil and Myanmar and New Zealand. And we know there is this dark undertow
which is connecting us all globally. And it is flowing
via the technology platforms. But we only see a tiny amount
of what’s going on on the surface. And I only found out anything
about this dark underbelly because I started looking into
Trump’s relationship to Farage, into a company called Cambridge Analytica. And I spent months tracking down
an ex-employee, Christopher Wiley. And he told me how this company,
that worked for both Trump and Brexit, had profiled people politically in order to understand
their individual fears, to better target them with Facebook ads. And it did this by illicitly
harvesting the profiles of 87 million people from Facebook. It took an entire year’s work
to get Christopher on the record. And I had to turn myself
from a feature writer into an investigative reporter to do it. And he was extraordinarily brave, because the company
is owned by Robert Mercer, the billionaire who bankrolled Trump, and he threatened
to sue us multiple times, to stop us from publishing. But we finally got there,
and we were one day ahead of publication. We got another legal threat. Not from Cambridge Analytica this time, but from Facebook. It told us that if we publish,
they would sue us. We did it anyway. (Applause) Facebook, you were
on the wrong side of history in that. And you were on the wrong side
of history in this — in refusing to give us
the answers that we need. And that is why I am here. To address you directly,
the gods of Silicon Valley. (Applause) Mark Zuckerberg … (Applause) and Sheryl Sandberg and Larry Page
and Sergey Brin and Jack Dorsey, and your employees
and your investors, too. Because 100 years ago, the biggest danger in the South Wales
coal mines was gas. Silent and deadly and invisible. It’s why they sent the canaries
down first to check the air. And in this massive, global, online
experiment that we are all living through, we in Britain are the canary. We are what happens to a western democracy when a hundred years of electoral laws
are disrupted by technology. Our democracy is broken,
our laws don’t work anymore, and it’s not me saying this, it’s our parliament published
a report saying this. This technology that you have
invented has been amazing. But now, it’s a crime scene. And you have the evidence. And it is not enough to say
that you will do better in the future. Because to have any hope
of stopping this from happening again, we have to know the truth. And maybe you think,
“Well, it was just a few ads. And people are smarter than that, right?” To which I would say,
“Good luck with that.” Because what the Brexit vote demonstrates is that liberal democracy is broken. And you broke it. This is not democracy — spreading lies in darkness,
paid for with illegal cash, from God knows where. It’s subversion, and you are accessories to it. (Applause) Our parliament has been
the first in the world to try to hold you to account, and it’s failed. You are literally beyond the reach
of British law — not just British laws, this is nine parliaments,
nine countries are represented here, who Mark Zuckerberg refused
to come and give evidence to. And what you don’t seem to understand
is that this is bigger than you. And it’s bigger than any of us. And it is not about left or right
or “Leave” or “Remain” or Trump or not. It’s about whether it’s actually possible to have a free and fair
election ever again. Because as it stands, I don’t think it is. And so my question to you is,
is this what you want? Is this how you want
history to remember you: as the handmaidens to authoritarianism that is on the rise all across the world? Because you set out to connect people. And you are refusing to acknowledge that the same technology
is now driving us apart. And my question to everybody else is, is this what we want: to let them get away with it, and to sit back and play with our phones,
as this darkness falls? The history of the South Wales Valleys
is of a fight for rights. And this is not a drill —
it’s a point of inflection. Democracy is not guaranteed,
and it is not inevitable, and we have to fight and we have to win and we cannot let these tech companies
have this unchecked power. It’s up to us — you, me and all of us. We are the ones
who have to take back control. (Applause) (Cheers) (Applause)

100 thoughts on “Facebook’s role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

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  2. All Remainers are suffering from extreme mental and moral retardation. The EU have given us NOTHING idiotic woman! It is a small portion of our own money being given back to us!!!!!!

    The fact is that the EU is the most democratically corrupt organisation on the planet. If it was a private company it would have been closed by the courts and it's directors imprisoned. It has not had it's audits passed off for over two decades.

  3. The so called illegal money 'laundering you refer to was thrown out by thew courts and the Electorial Commission ended up with egg on their face.

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  6. So, once again we are being told that the whole Brexit thing is the result of ignorant bumpkins who were too thick to know they were being manipulated – a fact proven by a conversation with a woman in Ebbw Vale spends too much time on Facebook! Has it never crossed your mind that people might have have principled convictions concerning democracy that motivated them to vote leave?

    I happen to live in the South Wales valleys and appreciate the major investments that have been made using EU funding, but as the EU funding the UK receives is considerably less than the UK contribution to the EU I don't think I need to be forever tipping my Dai-cap to Brussels.

  7. I happen to live in the South Wales valleys and appreciate the major investments that have been made using EU funding, but as the EU funding the UK receives is considerably less than the UK contribution to the EU I don't think I need to be forever tipping my Dai-cap to Brussels.

  8. Whether they were brainwashed easily or not its still the right thing to do…… Europe handing us back our own money and dictating what we spend it on clearly didn't pull the wool over their eyes. Nor did the foreign companies creating poorly paid jobs and shipping the main profits back to their own countries whilst paying little to no tax.
    Her arguments may be eloquent but really rather poor – the remain side had just as much dodgy marketing.
    She reeks of weak remainder. You can spot them before they open their mouths – they have a weak demeanour.

  9. Every one must watch counter point
    First I want to go on record saying that Facebook is a problem, without a doubt, but while I appreciate this report and its perspective, the one question I kept on asking while watching the parade of new buildings, how many actual street level Brits are actually allowed to go in and visit the buildings, how many can afford that new college
    In attempting to answer the question I found this video that makes a good point, and I would like feedback from the street level Britain about this, Please and thank you.

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    No laws were broken by Farrage, Trump or Stone, and your slander will come back to you. You will learn how the law works ine way or another publishing fake news like that. You even brought up Russia!?!?! Where is the evidence? Lying about people like that is illegal you dumbass. Lol what a joke! Ted talks is such a joke. I can't believe you are actually trying to blame Russia and Facebook for maga and brexit! Wow. This is pathetic. You are the authoritarians here and we the people are rejecting you and this is coming from a life long democrat! That's what this is about! The people left and right, are done with your extreme leftist hollywood elite driven corporatist oligarchy and pc authoritarianism and socialist terrorism and tyranny.

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  21. "Free and fair elections" where information can only be disseminated by "authorized" purveyors of "truth"?
    When at least in America, the "official" media is daily exposed either distorting facts or outright inventing them?
    Misinformation is a problem, true. And Mark Twain observed a century ago how rapidly falsehoods will outpace facts.
    But controlled, filtered, and crafted information is just as deadly and dangerous to a democratically free society as misinformation is.
    I agree that misinformation is a problem. But we need to be careful we don't create a more dangerous problem trying to solve it.

  22. Yet another conspiracy theory, one that utterly ignores the substantive reasons why the Brexit referendum won. For starters, did you know that for the first time in British history, the judiciary—in Europe!!—was empowered to thwart British legislation and policy? IOW if the un-elected wankers in Brussels don't like a British law, they can simply strike it down? Here in the US we've seen again and again how un-elected elites can thwart the policies of Congress. Ditto the Brits seeing their Queen and Parliament being overthrown by European tyranny.


  23. lol, wtf Carole, if you're giving a talk about disinformation, try not to bring more to the table. You said "Turkey is not joining the European Union. There's not even any discussions of it joining the European Union."

    Oh, really now? How's this, from the description of the following Financial Times youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qowV-96pCgo

    "The chancellor on Sunday unexpectedly promised to try to end Turkey’s EU accession talks in a live German TV election debate, amid escalating tensions between Berlin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan."

    If you're really unaware of such "discussions", you can always inform yourself more about it by visiting that most infamous bastion of Russian propaganda, Wikipedia, at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accession_of_Turkey_to_the_European_Union

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    ―     Sadhguru,   Inner Engineering: A Yogi's Guide to Joy

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    @ 6:06 She presents some ads about the claimed accession of Turkey to EU member status, proclaiming:

    "This is a lie. It's a total lie. Turkey is not joining the European Union. There is not even any discussions of it joining the European Union."

    The plain fact of the matter, based on EU Web sites, is that Turkey is a "candidate country" since 1999 that is in "accession negotiations" with the EU since 2005.


    @ 6:25 one of those "fake news" ads she whines about claims that "The EU will open membership talks with Turkey on June 30 [2016]." That is, in fact, not completely accurate. The EU is in accession negotiations with Turkey since 2005, and on June 30 opened merely chapter 33 of those negotiations, on financial and budget issues. This is the protocol of that meeting, also from an EU source:


    Rather oddly, the fact that the EU negotiates Turkey's membership with that country is not something the EU seems to be ashamed of in the slightest, as this colorful rendition of that happy message suggests:


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  37. Britain's right-wing tabloid press have been propagandising the masses for years, so you can't lay the blame for Brexit solely on Facebook.

  38. Stop shaming Brexit voters. We voted because we want to leave the EU super state and have 100% sovereignty again. This is not wrong or racist or anti-legal-immigration. Its how the majority of the voters think and voted and that is democracy. Defend democracy by supporting Brexit rather than trying to reverse it because you lost

  39. In the end she’s blaming Facebook for the leave result, as if every leave voter and no remain voters use Facebook that much

  40. With social media every one has power. If Facebook gives the name who makes ads the power will be gone. It seems she want traditional media gets the power to control what should people think and say.
    The power of people should be free with social media.
    You should watch https://www.facebook.com/nasdaily/videos/1806191486346993/

  41. L'UE participe seulement en partie aux financement des projets que vous décrivez (< 20%). Les financement viennent des pays contributeurs net ( ex Fr, Allemagne, Royaume Unie), d'autres pays de l'UE sont bénéficiaires net de cet argent. La subvention de l'UE n'est que techniquement une tromperie, une présentation comptable. Madame la journaliste vous devriez être honnête dans votre exposé, ce qui n'est pas le cas des le départ.

  42. I wouldn't believe too much Carole says. She's being sued for defamation by the people she's talking about and is regarded by many as a conspiracy theory based anti-Brexit fanatic. She also fails to mention that this "EU money" that is spent, is sent to the EU by UK taxpayers in the first place… far more is sent than is received back. And the Remain campaign spent far more than the Leave Campaign when you factor in the Remain leaflet costing 9 million the Government sent to every household in the UK.

  43. As I understood from that speech, Europian Union hates Turkey and refugees, so they have used this hatred for election. They dont want Turkey, but they dont want to let Turkey go away from them. So Europian Union waits Turkey since God knows… So;"to be shot with their guns" explains everything…

  44. When she refers to the "shock" of Brexit succeeding she's telegraphing her position on the issue. It probably wasn't a "shock" to most people, given that a majority of voters had chosen it.

  45. Vote leave just got passed proving they did nothing illegal making this entire presentation nothing but a personal rant with false allegations

  46. Im one of the "Right-wingers" that she misrepresents. However, I agree that big tech is a threat to democracy. They have the power and influence to manipulate the worlds view on any topic they choose.

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  48. Even these new buildings in Wales wouldn't change their minds it's to late now .or the funding the e u gives to England they are convinced the e u is bad .

  49. Our democracy was stolen by Facebook and What's app in Brazil. Now we have a fascist in the government. Thank you Zuckerberg!

  50. Like many journalists, this lady picks her data but ignores data, too.. Here is an interesting quote: "Using EC data that includes credits from the EU to UK public and private sectors, the UK's average annual net contribution on this wider basis for the years 2012 to 2016 was £8.1 billion."  Looks like UK does far more for the EU than the EU does for the UK.  Here's another:  "In 2018 the UK government paid £13 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4 billion. So the UK's 'net contribution' was estimated at nearly £9 billion. Each year the UK gets a discount on its contributions to the EU—the 'rebate'—worth about £4 billion last year.Jul 8, 2019"

  51. It is not only Facebook and Cambridge analytica .it is about the mind of common people that can be easily changed and misused by others.

  52. Carole in The Great Hack: “ there is evidence that shows how Russia did this and that “
    Still one year later and nobody’s seen it, hahaha! Biggest villain of them all… the media.

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