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Facebook Vs Google For New Patient Advertising

Facebook Vs Google For New Patient Advertising

– Today’s video I’m gonna explain to you, or give you the pros and
cons of Facebook advertising versus Google advertising. I’m talking about the paid
advertising, not the free stuff like where you post free stuff on Facebook or you try to get free
searches from Google. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how, when
you want to invest money in marketing with the various platforms and you wanna spend some
money and make it back, you kind of, you know, you
want this to happen now. By the way, that’s the key
difference, by the way. Free marketing takes forever
and sometimes doesn’t work. Paid marketing, if you
know what you’re doing, is pretty fast, like within a
day or two, and works quick. So that’s already one difference
you should know, okay? Now by the way, speaking
of free and paid marketing, if you’re interested in this kind of stuff and you really, if you
wanna learn how to do it, you wanna explore all the ins and outs and really become an expert at this ’cause it is a key skill to have if you wanna build a big practice is you’ve gotta understand marketing and how to make it work for you, is go over to
MillionDollarPracticeBuilders.com, which is the website you
might be on there now watching this video there. If you’re watching it anywhere
else but on that website go to MillionDollarPracticeBuilders.com. That is a free resource
website that I have created, which has all the
downloadables, all the videos, all the training, everything
we possibly can give you to help you understand and
handling your marketing and taking marketing from
being some big scary time, potentially money-wasting activity, and turn it into something
that actually gives you control of your income and your practice. Really think about it this way. Good marketing gives you
control of your income. What a concept, right? Most people don’t think
of marketing that way, but it’s actually something
that, if you do it right, it’s actually a good thing. It’s a positive, right? Every big company you ever saw, master of marketing. So if you wanna master marketing yourself, go over to
MillionDollarPracticeBuilders.com. Okay, so, now, Facebook versus Google, kinda the two sides of things. These are two very different platforms, and they’re not really the same. They have a completely different outcome when it comes to putting money into them. Both of them can be very good, but you’ve gotta know
what you’re doing, right? And it really depends on what
kind of entrepreneur you are, what kind of practice owner you are, what you’re looking to do, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and which one is the best one to start or how you wanna blend
the two together, okay? So let me run through
these first real quick. So first of all, Google, Google, we’ll call it Google leads, leads from Google using
their paid program, versus Facebook leads
using their paid program. All right. Google is great because
it’s generally intent based. The person has decided, I
need to search for a chiro. I gotta find someone to
handle this knee pain. And they searched in knee pain solutions or sciatica solutions
or neuropathy solutions. They’ve searched for it,
they’ve already originated, they want the help, and they’re
just looking for someone to give ’em the help. That’s a great person right there, right? That is somebody that you wanna pay money to get in front of that person because they’re pickin’ somebody and they, you know, they’re lookin’ around, who am I gonna pick, who am I gonna pick? You wanna be on that screen
when they’re pickin’ the person they’re gonna do business with, ’cause that’s about as much research as a lotta guys do on it honestly, especially men, by the way,
do very little research. They say they do more research
than they actually do. But that’s a different video. So you have a very high intent base, which means the person is much more likely to show up in the office. It takes a lot less effort to get their butts into the chair
in front of you, right? And less effort, ’cause
they’ve already got the intent. They’ve self-generated this intent, right? Great. Versus, Facebook Ads, right? Where you’re interrupting them. The person is doing
through their normal day and they’re scrolling down
their Facebook feed or something and then they say, boom, oh sciatica, oh yeah, I’ve got sciatica, huh. You’ve interrupted them. They’re interested, though. All the people who weren’t interested just scrolled right on by, but the one who was interested stops, hmmm, yeah, maybe. And they click on it and they read and they start to make considerations. You’re starting to change their mind. You’ve interrupted them, and now you’re changing
their mind and getting there. Okay, so this person
will take a little more. Even when they’re a lead
it takes a little more to get them in because
they’re still considering. They’re a little like,
okay, I’m movin’ towards it. It sounds like I want this, right? They’re being sold but they’re not as motivated as the first person, okay? So so far it sounds like Google
leads are awesome, right? Why would you do Facebook if Google those guys wanna come in (voice muffled). Here’s the big problem. Two big problems with the Google side. Google, it’s very hard to control quality. Any ding dong can go
into Google and search and decide he wants it
and he’s pickin’ you, and he’s comin’ to see you
and you don’t know who he is. Is he, you know, qualified? Can he afford care? Is he looking for a free lunch? What’s the deal, right? Sometimes drug seekers, you know. Who do you have? Google you really can’t tell. All you know about the
guy is he’s interested and he’ll probably come in. But when you sit down with
him you’ll probably find your close rate can be a little lower depending on how well you may have qualified them on the phone. That’s one way you can
handle that, by the way, you pre-qualify them over the phone, that we don’t waste your
time filling up slots with the guys who aren’t qualified, okay? That’s one. On Facebook you can totally
control their quality. And I can only send it to rich people. I can only send to people who
are already active minded, Whole Foods shopping, Macy’s buying people who just can’t wait to spend their money on the right thing, right? So I can make sure that the
right people see the ads there. So on the Facebook side, a little harder to get, but you’re more likely
that when you sit down with someone in front of you, you’re very likely to have someone that you can actually,
who’s qualified for care and can obtain it under the right terms. So of course that goes to the
how you would treat these. The ads would be different. So on Google your ads are
almost always gonna be offers. You’re not talkin’ about
how great your office is or how friendly and clean it is, you’re talkin’ about,
hey, free consultation, come on in, seats open now. Here’s our, if you’re doing
chiropractic type special, okay, here’s our deal. Come in and get this, all right? You’re giving them a reason to contact you over the guy who’s on the line above you or the guy who’s on the
line below you, right? That’s what you’re doing with Google. On Facebook you’re
beginning a relationship. It’s a lot earlier in the process, so you say, well, you might say, or our ad, let’s describe
our program to you and what we do and here’s
some success stories. Okay, you may even start earlier than that and build a little relationship,
a little authority, a little content marketing, and say well here’s an article on how to handle your sciatica or your knee pain or whatever it is, or what causes bone-on-bone. What is that? When people say bone
on, what does that mean? You give an article and they read that, and they go, oh, this
doctor knows his thing, and oh he’s here in my town. Oh and he’s got spots
open for new patients. Ah, I see you’re building
that relationship with them. So you have to be a
little bit more finesse. So Google is the fast, hard pitch, right? And Facebook is the subtle
nuanced conversation that you build a relationship with them. Both of them can work. Now with Facebook, you
can build that authority so when the person comes and
does sit down in front of you, they’re much more educated, they’re much more likely to buy from you because they know who you are. They’ve already read two
or three articles from you, something like that, right? So, that’s something you can do. You can deepen that relationship. Where Google, it’s gonna be a very thin transactional mindset on the part of the person at first. Facebook will give you
more of a relationship that you’ve started there. It’s also better for compliance long term if the relationship is good. But that really, once
they come into the office, you sort of take over
the relationship there or from the marketing, makes sense right? Okay. All right, now, another difference between Facebook and Google
that you should know about, this is important for those of you who wanna actually build a large practice, how many people per day search Google for sciatica in your area? Who knows. Say there’s, say there’s
10, say there’s 20, say there’s whatever. There’s a finite number every day of people who are gonna search for that search term in a given day. That’s it. And you can’t make more searches. That’s it. You can fight for more searches, you can pay to get those searches, but if there’s five, there’s
only five in your town, there’s only five to go after, and you’re capped at that. You cannot get above that. Even if you got every click and end up with every possible lead you would still max
out at a certain point. Again, they’re good, but
there’s only so many each day, ’cause remember, you’re
waiting for the public to make the decision to reach out for it. On Facebook, because you’re
doing interruption marketing, all you have to do is
show the ad to more people and you’ll get more response usually. I mean, there’s limits to that because you can only have so
many of the perfect audience, you go to less perfect
audiences that respond less, but generally speaking you
spend twice as much money, you get more result, right? That means if you look
at your schedule books in the next couple weeks and you say, oooo, it looks kinda thin next week, you can just turn the
Facebook marketing up and get more people to come in. Where with Google you gotta basically get whatever you’re getting even if you’re buying
everything they have, you’re still gonna get
what’s out there to get. So, and that kinda brings me
to what my recommendation is. So first of all, if you’re in a hurry, if you’re a
good closer and in a hurry and can handle lower quality consumers, then go with Google first
and back fill Facebook. If you, if you want to, if you’re not as good a closer, you need people who will close better, a better quality person
to come in and make sure they meet certain parameters
so they’re qualified for care, go with Facebook first and
then back fill with Google. Generally speaking the way
I would say blend it is get all the good search ones you can get and fill in the rest with Facebook. So maybe, probably the 25% or
30% would be going for Google. And then the rest on Facebook
to make sure that you can have the right number of people
in there at any given time so that you’re never really worried about the flow of new patients coming in. That is the key. You actually wanna have
these blended to the point where the result is that you
don’t worry about the number or quality of people who are coming in. You just know you got new people coming in, coming in, coming in. So even if somebody walks away today, doesn’t accept care like you offered them, it’s okay, there will be
someone there tomorrow, right? You have to know you’ve
got that coming in. And by the way, that’s how
you live a stress-free life as a practice owner. The guys who are under stress don’t know where their next patient’s coming from. The guys who have good marketing programs, multiple sources like this sleep well because they know where their new patients are coming
from for the next year. Okay, anyways, so I hope that’s cleared up what Google and Facebook are all about. Now, the question is, it’s
learning how to use Google, it’s like going to college, right? It’s difficult. And learning how to write good
Facebook ads can be similar. You are free to go ahead and try and learn these things yourself and do so, and you will spend money
and time to learn them, and you can get a leg up by going to Million Dollar Practice
Builders, as I said, MillionDollarPracticeBuilders.com. I got a lot of resources there. But if you just wanna punt
and it give it to the guys who do it all day long, go
to ShowMeTheProgram.com, which will lead you to my
website, TheCustomerFactory.net, and we will show you the
program that we can do for you that will bring the qualified people. And we usually start with Facebook because we know when you’re first starting in paid advertising you need
that relationship to exist, you need that person to be closable, and you need to be the
right kind of person, right? Then we usually expand
out to Google after that to fill in more of these guys
who are just searching today ’cause you might as well
get those guys, okay? So, if you wanna see how our program works and see how it can fit for
you and what it might do, we can run the numbers and take a look and see what you might expect, and we can really look
at your market and say what we might get. We’ll show you whatever the
other clients are getting so you can get a real good idea of what the market looks like. So if you wanna see that program, there’s no cost to come
check out the program. Just ask for a service demonstration, and myself or one of my
guys will jump on with you and just show it to you. It’s not, you know, it’s not
rocket science or secret. We’ll show you what a
good program looks like and you can judge for
yourself from there, okay? Meanwhile the most important thing is that you are doing marketing. You’ve gotta be spending
money on paid marketing in order to be seen by
the public these days. There’s far too much
noise in the marketplace. So make sure you’re doing something. Do it yourself, have us do it, have your friend down the street do it. Have somebody make sure
you’re doing marketing, and I’ll keep doing my
best to give you these tips to help make sure you maximize
your result every time, okay? I will see you in the next video.

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