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Facebook Video Monetization (How Profitable is it REALLY?)

Facebook Video Monetization (How Profitable is it REALLY?)

– Hey, everyone. It’s Neil Patel here for
another Q&A Thursday. I’m here with Adam
LoDolce from Viewership. – Hello, everybody. – And this week’s question is: – Alright, this is a
really interesting one because this is from Sanket and it’s “Please discuss Facebook
video monetization.”, which basically means Facebook is now paying creators to advertise on top of their videos. They’re taking a little bit of a playbook from the YouTube playbook where YouTube pays their
creators for video content. Love your thoughts. – Yeah, it’s, in other
words, AdSense for videos. – Yeah. – Have you ever done it
with your YouTube channel? – So I do it with my YouTube channel. So every video I release, we do run advertisements on that channel. Of course, we block any of our competitors from being able to run ads on our channel. But yeah, it’s just a
little bit extra money for the business, and it kinda pays for editing and some extra stuff. But it’s certainly a very small percentage of the overall revenue of the business. – So if you look at your YouTube channel, you get over a million visits,
or a million views, a month. – Yeah. – If you had to give a range, how much income can you
generate from AdSense? – I’ll just tell you. So you get about $2,000-$2,500
per million views, so it’s not that much money. However, it depends on your
channel and your audience. Right? Let’s say you have a golfing channel, and Rolex wants to advertise
on top of your channel. You’re probably gonna make a lot more from those million views than, let’s say, a
relationship advice channel. So it does depend on your audience. – But in general, – In general. – the monetization isn’t
that great compared – to what you can make on your own. – Yeah. – Whatever Facebook offers, and I don’t know the number because I hate monetization
from AdSense type of platforms. From whether it’s Google
AdSense or YouTube ads or it’s Facebook putting
ads on your videos, I do not like it. It just doesn’t make as much money compared to monetizing yourself. – Right. – So Adam’s main traffic
comes from YouTube. – Yeah. – And that’s what you’re known for, YouTube marketing, you have a
relationship channel as well, in addition to his
marketing-based channel. As he mentioned, he gets
over a million views a month. Now when you send that traffic, when you are sending it, when you’re first starting, because right now you have a website, you’re ranking on Google, you’re getting traffic. – Yup, thanks to him. – At the beginning though, – Yeah. – when you didn’t have a popular website. You just had a YouTube channel. – Yeah. – How much could you generate
selling info products? Because you used to sell e-books. – Yeah. – On the site, just from the traffic from your YouTube channel? – Just from YouTube? I mean, anywhere from
$10,000-$20,000 a month. – So just think about it. He put in a little bit of effort. $10,000-$20,000 a month versus the $2,000-$2,500 he was
getting from YouTube. – Right. – Now that doesn’t mean you can’t do one or the other or both. Right? You sell both the info products and he has a Adsense type of ads? It’s just extra money for him. – Right. – I’m a big believer. You just drive everyone to the
main source of your income, and double down on that. ‘Cause the last thing you want
people to do is click over and go to someone else’s website when they could be clicking over, going to your website, and buying your products or services. – It totally depends on what
industry you’re in, right? Like, I always say that
you should be making at least ten times more
from selling your own stuff than you’d ever get paid from
YouTube or Facebook, right? But if you’re in, let’s say, Neil’s space. I mean, if he turned on Ads, it’d be ridiculous ’cause
he’s probably making a thousand times more from the audience than if he ever turned on, you know, AdSense or Facebook. So for viewership, for
my other YouTube channel, I would never turn on my advertisement because it doesn’t make sense. You know, you make so much
more from the audience itself. – In general, the way
you gotta look at it is if someone is advertising
on your own video, whether it’s through Facebook or YouTube: 1) they’re paying the company, the network, YouTube or Facebook; 2) they’re taking a huge cut; 3) whatever portion you’re getting, sure you’re keeping it, but it’s not as high compared to if you sold your own prod share service; 4) you need to keep in mind, the person who’s paying to advertise, if they keep advertising in the long run, not only are they paying a bigger fee than what you’re seeing because
of the middleman taking cut, but they’re making a killing because they have to
recuperate their costs from whatever product or
service that they’re selling. So if you turn on ads, you should also look at who are the people advertising, what are they selling, and can you take ideas from that and create your own product or service? Now I’m saying YouTube
ads, Facebook ads suck. ‘Cause some people are too lazy to create their own products, keep updating their site, put in the time and effort to do support, whatever it may be. If that’s you, then just create videos ’cause that’s what you love doing. – Yeah. – But if you wanna make more money, you need to create your
own products or services. – And I think that goes
to a certain point though. There are really two types
of people in the world, and you wanna be both if you can, but there are creators, and there are business people. Maybe you’re just a creator. I know some people who are
great at making videos, but they’re not good at business, and they never will be. Maybe Facebook monetization, maybe YouTube monetization makes sense. However, if you’re business-minded and you can create even a basic product, absolutely do it. It is so worth your while, so. – Yeah, the only time I’m
really seen monetization from, like, YouTube or Facebook make sense if if you’re kind of like a
internet type of celebrity like the Logan and Jake Paul. – Yeah. – Where I don’t even know
what their videos are about. – (laughs)
– There’s not really a theme. It’s just like their day in their life. And I’m not trying to crap about it. – No! – It’s like good for them. They figured out how to, you know, become popular minus
the controversial videos that they’ve created. But if you exclude those, they’ve built up a huge
brand and a huge presence, and I don’t know how they would monetize other than being an “influencer,” getting paid to promote products, or slapping up ads. If you’re gonna create a channel, you ideally don’t want to create a channel that’s like “The Day in the Life of” and monetize that way. You’re better off creating
channel on a specific topic, like dating or marketing because it’s much easier
to monetize and make money. – Yeah, absolutely. And by the way, Logan and Jake Paul. They’ll sometimes make their own advertisements
over their channel. So they’ll pay to
advertise to their viewers, and then sell like merch, and obviously promote other products, and things like that. – Technically they’re probably not paying, they’re probably
– Well, they’re not paying. – Other people are paying them via the ad. – A lot of money, by the way, to endorse certain products
and things like that. Yes, you’re right.
– Yes. Those guys make like a million a month or something like that? That was the reported number? – More than that, yeah. – But it’s good for them. But they’re like the 0.00000001%. – Yeah. – There’s way more people like Adam or I who know how to make money
just by creating a channel, making it popular within your niche, and it’s more consistent, and it’s easier. Being the Logan and Jake Paul, the problem with that model is either you’re extremely popular and you’ll make money. If you’re in between or somewhat popular, you won’t see much money at all. – Yeah. – So that’s it.
– Cool. – Thank you for watching this
week’s Q&A Thursday video. If you have any questions,
leave a comment below. If you want your comment, or
question more so, answered on next week’s Q&A Thursday video, leave a comment below, Either way, I’ll respond and answer it. Thank you for watching. Share, comment, like, subscribe. I appreciate everything.

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