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Facebook Video Ads Strategy

Facebook Video Ads Strategy

– If you’ve been wanting
(lively rock music) to run Facebook video ads but just can’t figure out that
single most important part, the video, then today’s lesson can help. Because in this video we’re gonna dive into my proven four-part
video ads framework that’ll tell you exactly
what to say, how to say it, and in what order to say it. I’ll even show you where to download a plug-and-play video ad script so you’ll know exactly what to do and it’ll make creating video
ads easier than ever before. All right, let’s get to it. Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist, and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show where we help you generate more
leads, customers, and sales by making marketing that matters. So if you’re interested in
learning about the latest and greatest marketing
strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics, well, you may
wanna consider subscribing. There’s no doubt that adding more video to your marketing mix in the
form of Facebook video ads is a pretty good idea. After all, year after year
after year the percentage of the population that’s
actively consuming as much video as they can get their hands
on only continues to rise. And with platforms like Facebook continuing to prioritize video, well, video ads are going
to continue to dominate as one of the most valuable
and efficient forms of advertising available today. But unlike using a text and
image ad, well, video ads come with their own unique set of challenges. Specifically, the video part. On one side of the spectrum
you have the just wing it crowd who advise just jumping
in front of a camera and spew it out stream of consciousness and whatever you think of. Sure that might make
for an interesting video but the odds of it converting into leads, customers, and sales is
pretty much slim to none. On the flip side, you’ve
got the strategic approach which is planning, writing,
and creating the perfect script for your Facebook video ad. Probably not surprising, this is the camp that I tend to fall
into and tend to advise for most of my clients and students. But the odds are good that
up until now this process has seemed overwhelming at
best and impossible at worst. After all, where do you even start? How are you supposed to know what to say? And in what order should everything go? It can seem pretty complicated
but it doesn’t need to. So let’s change that now. Also, make sure to stick
around to the end of the video because I’m gonna show you
exactly where to download a plug-and-play video ad
script that’ll make creating your very own Facebook video ads easier than you ever thought possible. All right, let’s dive in. Part one of any successful
video ad is always The Hook. This is sometimes referred
to as the attention capture or call out phase, but
whatever you wanna call it the objective is always the same and that’s to get
viewers to pay attention. But here’s the thing, you don’t want just anyone’s attention. Rather, you want your ideal
target market’s attention and the best way to do this is with a simple call out question. You see when you start your ad with a simple call out question, it does two very interesting things. First off, when your
viewer hears their industry or their market or something
they’re interested in their brain automatically tunes in and starts to pay attention. Next, when you phrase this call out in the form of a question, again the brain automatically wants to
answer this question which will make them even
more engaged and more likely to continue watching the ad. When you put these together
it kinda looks like magic but it’s really just science. Also, an important point
is you wanna make sure that you include this in the
first three to five seconds of the video at the very latest. Now that you’ve got
their attention, part two is to introduce yourself
and, more importantly, the problem you’re gonna be addressing and hopefully solving. Even though we’re only about
five seconds into the video this is where so many people
start to go oh so wrong. The key here is to keep your
introduction of yourself as short as possible and then quickly move to the problem that you’re
gonna be addressing. It’s a bit of a shock to the ego but it’s important to
remember that the only reason we’re really introducing
you at all is to humanize, so they get to know you, build rapport, so they get to like you, and establish credibility and authority, so they get to trust you. The way you do this is you
give your name, your title, maybe a previous big achievement or something you’ve accomplished and then quickly move on. You see their pains, their
problems, and their frustrations, well, this is where you wanna
spend most of your time. You don’t need to beat
’em up but it doesn’t hurt to put a little salt in the wound and make them really come to grips with where their current reality is. Now, it is an ad so you don’t have a ton of time here but
even 30 to 60 seconds can go a long way in helping you identify and then really agitating the problem which is gonna set you up
for success in part three. All right so at this
point you’ve hooked them, you’ve given a quick intro, and
you’ve presented the problem that they’re currently going through. Hopefully you’ve also put
just a little bit of salt in the wound to make it
real and make ’em feel. Yeah, that rhymes. So it’s at this point, part three, where you wanna introduce the product or service you’re selling. Now, keep in mind the product or service that you’re promoting at this point can be something as
simple as a lead magnet or a link to an article
or to another video or something a little
more complex and robust as a sales page or maybe even a webinar. But whatever it is, it’s
important to remember that the product or the
solution that you’re promoting is a direct response and a direct solution to the problem that you
just uncovered and agitated. Basically, in part two you
identify and really agitate a pain they have, and then in part three you present your product or service as a solution or the next
step in solving that pain. And of course, all the usual
sales tactics apply here like covering benefits more than features, making sure your solution is relevant and interesting to them,
and most importantly, highlighting how your offer
can help them bridge the gap from where they are to
where they wanna be. Finally, we come to
part four, which may be the single most important
part of this entire video, the call to action or CTA. The goal here is to do
all of the heavy lifting and all of the thinking for your viewer by telling them exactly what
you want them to do next. Now is not the time to get
creative and start listing off all the ways that you can help them and all the possible
actions they could take. Rather, you wanna pick
one single call to action, make it clear, and make it direct. When your call to action
is confusing or worse, doesn’t even exist, your
viewer is left hanging and trying to figure out what to do next which is pretty much a
lose-lose for everyone. Now, in just a second I’m gonna tell you exactly where to go to
download your script that’ll spell all this out for you. But first a bonus tip. All right so at this point
you’ve got your video scripted, recorded, and up and running
on Facebook, so what’s next? Well my friend, the next step is to take that very same video ad
you made for Facebook and put it on YouTube. You can use it organically
by just posting it on your YouTube channel or you can take it the next step further and actually turn it into a full-fledged YouTube video ad. And that’s my recommendation. The beauty here is that the
hard work has already been done by actually creating the
video so you wanna use it and leverage it across as many valuable and effective platforms as possible. And right now the two
best video ad platforms are Facebook and YouTube. Also, as I mentioned in the beginning, to download your free copy of the plug-and-play video ad script all you need to do is head over to adamerhart.com/videoadtemplate to claim your free copy. This is the exact same
script that I provide to my private clients and my students. And all you need to do is visit the link to download your free copy today. All right so thanks
(lively rock music) so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed the episode. If so make sure to give it a thumbs up, say hello in the comments section below, and subscribe to this channel. Also for more great marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics make sure to head over to adamerhart.com which is loaded with
articles and resources and more content to help
you take your marketing and your business to the next
level and way beyond that. So thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on the Modern Marketing Show.

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  1. Hi, I'm a video creator creating video ads for Facebook and YouTube. What's the best call to action to promote my business? I currently use 'book now' so people can book an appointment.

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