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Facebook Video Ads for 30$ From Design To Promotion in 2019 (For Beginners)

Facebook Video Ads for 30$ From Design To Promotion in 2019 (For Beginners)

Facebook video ads from design to promotion
for less than 30 bucks and its beginners friendly. You ask – I deliver.By the way, many of
you guys have different questions and I’m trying to make videos around those topics.
So one of the best ways to contact me is through the comment section down below. But right
now, for some reason most of you guys are DM-ing me on Instagram which is obviously
still good idea, but I check the comments on all my videos s every few hours right now.
In this video you will learn at least two things 1. How to create a video for less than
20 bucks and 2. How to promote for around 10bucks. Are you interested in learning that
? Then stay until the end of the video or you may regret it for as long as you shall
live. First up in this video I want to shoutout Gogohi78 as you can see his comment from the
video on Friday. I really appreciate you with this channel since it’s early gaming days.
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how you know you got a shoutout. “ Look Nikki you already said you’re going to talk
about two things and you already talked about a bunch of things, please stick to the script
or they will just click off” So how do you create the video ad ? You go in Fiverr and
I have a link in description down below for you and we type in “ video ad” as you
can see there’s a bunch of designers make optimized for Facebook for around 60 bucks
between. But what we need is something for twenty bucks or less. So imma let you on a
little secret because you’re still watching this video, don’t type in “video ad”
you type in the “Whiteboard video ads” which are basically animations weights on
a whiteboard. They’re pretty effective, I’ve talked about it on other my videos uploading
/ 15x internal revenue and to return the next time it’s broken. So after you type in whiteboard
video, you sort it by best-selling and one of the options you have is for 18 euros or
around eighty bucks. See I got you, but make sure you don’t tell this to anybody. Oh,
wait I already did. But don’t worry most people are lazy and they’re not ever going to act
on.Okay, so you have this option, you have many options. If you have higher budget obviously
, it’s up to you. Okay so, one or two days goes by we have the video ad or you already
have a video ad and now you want to promote it. Go on your facebook and click manage ads
and you go on your as manager>create and the you have a bunch of options is a go of
your ad. what are you like to stick by as rule of thumb ad conversions. You goal is
conversion, your goal is to get people to buy your product or service. Create an audience.
This is the part where you need to know who is the person who will buy your product. What
are his interests, behaviors, country, age bracket and gender, if you do not know that
and for that and for example you have a PayPal account if you and you had a few conversions,
a few purchases so far. You can check that from the statistic tab or you can do some
research on Google and see what based on interests what age brackets are. I don’t need to explain
to you how Google works right? And if I do I’ll do it. So since you made it so far, I
got to give you a second secret. A tip that you should apply to any ad you have and it’s
under the detail targeting tab. What you do is Target , type it in ( typing) engaged shoppers,
if you didn’t know, it’s right down you need to know about this option. What this
option lets you do is target people who are purchasing things online. Why is this important?
Especially if your product is a product that kids would buy, The question is “Do they
have a credit card?” No. How they get an access to purchase with credit card, to purchase
something online? Ask their parents what happens then forget about it? No emotional triggers
can be use your cost per impression, per conversion. Everything goes up, anything your store is
just not Facebook ads friendly. You’re wrong. What kids do is they either do that or they
lie about their age to access certain things on Facebook or not have any restrictions on
the register is when there were too young and they become an adult too early and you’re
targeting an adult, age bracket but there’re actually kids who don’t have credit card,
never purchase something online.Using engaged shoppers will fix that . You’re welcome
Then to configure your project, absolutely you need to set a big cap, which means the
maximum amount per CPU cost per action, the other amount, you need to spend you can also
use target cost and making stacks table target cost dining top 10 books with me ten bucks
to spend to pay Facebook for each person that goes on to your ad and buy something from
your website. If your making twenty bucks profit your doubling your revenue. They should
have when you start out on Facebook . Its Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t know exactly
the target audience that will convert , they do not know that, the conversion doesn’t know
that. Why? Because he doesn’t have enough instances of giving an impression to the person
and having his approach , his clip to rate, his conversion rate and so on and so on. I
would suggest and this is no financial advice by the way, use a bit cap so just don’t get
like some insane CPAs cost-per-action. You need to test it out. Maybe we can do a b testing.
If you’re interested about learning more about this and learning more about audiences, check
the video above which explains things especially if you need to know more about Facebook lookalike
audiences, but do it by the end of the video don’t do it now. Then what to do is promote
a video you just created and why video are better photos you can see in the video in
the cart above. I made a video about it, video like attention span of people is very little
first of things you should consider. The second thing that you should consider is our brain
processes video information about faster than image. Specially people can relate themselves
when they see someone using the product or a whiteboard image of someone explain the
product that’s really stressed and social Salon. If you have any questions, in the comment
section down below I can talk about liars psychology a little bit more on the next video.
This is the basic, the most elementary way to create a video ad, I mean you don’t even
pay someone to do it. You need 20 bucks. That’s for lattes at Starbucks or two free nights
hamburger or a video as what you choose and then you promote it. Listings for five bucks
and you’re already an intrapreneur is basically asked which is 30 bucks was better than that
subscribe to our channel because a video a day keeps the doctor away! Full disclaimer
here for, this is no financial advice and this is not medical advice. If you are sick,
please visit the real doctor. In the end of the video I normally say- please watch this
video, or maybe both videos, one after the other. No matter what you do, please click
the subscribe button and this is a decision you will regret for the rest of your life,

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