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Facebook Video Ads BEST Practices 💥 Facebook Video Advertising Tips to GET VIEWS

Facebook Video Ads BEST Practices 💥 Facebook Video Advertising Tips to GET VIEWS

from the ideal video length to the
perfect place to put your call to actions I’ve put together the most
up-to-date research and insights on Facebook video advertising here’s what
you need to know the seven most important Facebook video and best
practices your facebook video ads are like street performance they occupy a
crowded space and try to catch your attention as soon as possible but if you
video doesn’t deliver people will just keep moving you have to grab attention
early think about your own behavior online do you get bored and click away
from content when it takes too long to deliver the goods early this year
Facebook released the following internal research on how fast people stop
watching different types of video at content what does this tell us well with
video ads in news feed the average number of people watching the and drops
off exponentially very early on this effect is even more noticeable with
Facebook and Instagram story ants in other words you need to get your message
out as soon as possible in the video or people will click away before they even
know what your ad is about but how soon exactly that leads us to Facebook video
best practice number two keep it short if most people do not quickly what’s the
ideal facebook video length best practices for in-stream video ads
Facebook themselves recommend a length of 1 to 15 seconds for standalone ads in
news feed Facebook also recommends creating ads
that are 15 seconds or shorter as they explain shorter videos have higher
completion rates so you can successfully share your entire message the third one
optimize your ad title and description this is one of the most important
Facebook video advertising tips if you want people to actually watch your
facebook video ads you need an engaging title and description that tells people
what they should expect to see your ad title and description also feed
information to Facebook’s targeting algorithms about the topic of your video
so make sure you include any keywords relevant to your end
addition to keeping your copy relevant remember that not all titles are created
equal some are simple catchier than others video creation platform which it
studied over 33,000 Facebook videos and found that certain phrases in titles go
a long way more video views than others this graph shows average video views on
Facebook videos with certain common phrases in their titles versus how
frequently those phrases for use the phrases at the top of the graph will use
the most often and phrases at the bottom were used the list when including title
phrases like to know about things to know five things to and what you need
all exceeded an average of 50,000 views per video while phrases like things to
do of the year of the week were less successful by comparison also people
really like Game of Thrones when planning your next Facebook video title
and copy consider incorporating some of these top phrases they clearly get
people interested the fourth best practice for Facebook is focused on
sound off views with so many viewers watching facebook video ads on mute it’s
insanely important that your ad has the same impact with or without sound
Facebook has repeatedly recommended that advertisers and captions to their videos
their best practices for political and state the following your videos should
communicate your message even without audio
don’t rely on voice overs or dialogue or relay key information use captions and
graphic Ovilus to make sure your message gets across with sound on off plus the
data backs up this advice and in facebook video add subtitles increases
view times by 12% on average while your audio should add value it shouldn’t be
the essential to getting your message across get vertical or go square
speaking of Facebook video and specs what aspect ratio should you use for
maximum views and engagement I recommend either 9 by 16 vertical videos or one by
one a perfect square why well first of all for real
in mobile version of newsfeed square videos actually take up 78% more screen
space than landscape videos more screen space for your video ad means your
visual antics will grab more attention and be easily readable seek your CTS
call to actions in the middle if you’re encouraging users to take specific
action with your Facebook video ad promote it in the middle of the video
and again that’s data to support this mid roll call to actions has the
highest average conversion rate at sixteen point nine five percent compared
to ten point nine eight percent for posts role and 3.15 for pre-roll nail
your thumbnail while Facebook has autoplay on for videos by default many
users up to turn the feature off if you want to convince them to hit play you’re
going to need an interesting relevant thumbnail image for your video when you
upload your video and Facebook will automatically compile ten thumbnails
from the video for you to choose from if none of them look good to you you can
also upload a custom thumbnail of your own video keep this facebook video ad
best practices in mind when you are creating your next Facebook video ad for
higher conversion rate this video was part one in a series I’m doing on
facebook video advertising in part two of this series I will walk you through a
few good in facebook video ads example so make sure to subscribe so you won’t
miss out on that video

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  1. well this was some good advice. I might just have to start doing it. I never do facebook video ads. has it really worked for you?

  2. This is very insightful! I like that you shared effective keywords to include in the title and description. Video ads are definitely the way to go.

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