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Facebook TV Ad

Facebook TV Ad

At the last count, 600 million of us are your friends. Together, we’re changing the world. But the internet you’re at the center of now uses more power than entire nations combined. What powers you? Coal, the number one contributor to climate change. Facebook. Unfriend coal and help lead an
energy revolution. Let’s keep our world a world worth changing.

43 thoughts on “Facebook TV Ad

  1. @petsnooze Check out go to the greenpeace site and then /energyrevolution and download the report to see the solutions that Greenpeace is proposing. I love this scenario. You can also read about whaat Greenpeace is asking Facebook to do to improve their carbon footprint by downloading the PDF at /facebookmediabackgrounder

    And there's no way that Wind and Solar are 'as damaging to the earth' as coal – there are no greenhouse gas emissions and no toxic coal ash produced from either!

  2. What a great opportunity for a large corporation to set an example in sustainability. There are no simple solutions, just intelligent choices.

  3. This Ad makes me wanna throw up! I am a proud Coal Miner, Coal helps support my family, community and yours! Promote clean coal tech and unite energies not turn them on each other.

  4. @JohnNEXT Coal does not support my community sir. But it supports my asthma, global warming and the infinite pockets of a few billionaires. Someone building land-mines supports his family thanks to his work. That does not mean the work is good or needed. Why not look into solar opportunities and help change things rather than spend your remaining years getting our only planet to slowly die (oh and its not the earth im worried about, earth will be fine, but your family's future and mine). Peace

  5. @azertyuiop5813 Sadly your just like every other close minded proester I've had the humor to listen to. Your comment is noted. If you actually read alittle further I energies united, people like you just wanna make room for the next billionares. Clean coal tech is available and used it is Federal Law.

  6. @JohnNEXT — If those new billionaires are making profit doing something that is sustainable , dear sir, 'm all for it. It could even be the same billionaires that pay you, making money on this unlimited resource. You could get an healthier job ! If only they managed to look up, see the sun and invest in it, rather than dig deeper to crush more of that black stuff earth pooped once. Down and deep. Or up and free + unlimited. What else do you want from it ? A tan ?

  7. here says that clean coal is not yet used 'cause it's too expensive…


  8. Just posted this video and the article about it on my Better Globe page on Facebook: "Stop hunger and poverty in Africa with Better Globe trees!"

    I really hope Facebook will take notice and change their energy profile to green as soon as possible!!

  9. Greenpeace urges Facebook employees to join the energy revolution:

  10. I'd rather have nuclear than coal or oil. people should stop being so damn fussy about all this nuclear bullshit. There are 10 or more oil spills every year, yet in the history of nuclear power there have been only 3 major nuclear accidents. Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima. I agree wind&solar are better but the fact is that they can only supply us with so much energy. The rest will have to come from biomass, nuclear, hydro, natural gas, and others.

  11. Every day i eat quite a large amount of coal, i reckon that during my lifetime i will have eaten close to a ton of the stuff

  12. @bladesman123 eat coal? No one eats coal. And if you're going to say "it's in the food I eat because of contamination" you're wrong. Coal plants pollute the atmosphere, not food. And yes, if there is a nuclear disaster then radioactive particles can contaminate it. Coal is a much more stable element so it can't get in food.


    For all those braindead out there, this is an ad for facepuke to STOP using fucking coal to power their servers…

  14. Wow, if it wasn't for electricity from coal, many Facebook users wouldn't even have electric to get on Facebook, or any other web site. LOL. I guess. If everyone employed by the coal industry, or had a job supporting the coal industry. And all of their families unfriend facebook. How many of Facebook's users do you think would disappear?

  15. This video made me want to unfriend coal and then log into my minecraft server to replace all of my torches with redstone lamps 

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