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Facebook Secret Techniques to get 7X ROI in 2 Days | What you will learn | Course Promo

Facebook Secret Techniques to get 7X ROI in 2 Days | What you will learn | Course Promo

you might have an online business or a
blog that you want to promote may be you are a book author or a software or
mobile application developer retail shop or a local service company the
only common criterial among all the above is that everyone needs to promote his business
product or service, have you tried Facebook advertising before and the results were not as you wished?
you may have got some likes and few engagement with couple of comments and no share and
obviously no one converged to a real customer or bought anything from you
or even opted into your email list, probably you pushed
the limit with the budget hoping to get better results and it didn’t end up well
as you assumed many marketers, online advertisers and
business owners are getting the same results and
all are wondering if it really works for
them or even for anyone in fact long time ago when I started my
first online business way before I became a
digital marketing consultant I struggled as much and my campaigns were
just failure after another, my CTR was really
bad and I was getting low-quality audience
who’d never spend a dime on any of my products. I was wondering if
it doesn’t really work how come others are still doing it? over the years
I learned how to create the most successful and
savvy Facebook campaigns at a real low cost hello and welcome, this is Fawzy Mawy
and with your permission I would share with you my facebook
advertising secret techniques multiply your return on investment 7
folds in just two days this course is an aggregate of my 10 years
of experience doing successful campaigns for my business as well as my clients. if you are spending as much on Facebook advertising getting few leads and few or no real customers. if your CTR is really down, if your CPC cost you more than 10 20 or even 30 cents then you should join
this group of learners and drive more quality leads your business. you learn to
get results like these for total spent amount of $2.1 more than 1400 actions ranging between
more than 400 post likes more than 300 viral shares and a good
real traffic to your website you will learn the secrets of getting very
high CTR of 7% or 10% or even much more in this example
reached an amazing 16% CTR this is all within 2-3 days campaign of
total spent amount of $2.1 by the end of this course you will learn
and acquire these capabilities Facebook ads new structure and how to
make the best out of it and the best practices to use. the
various kinds of Facebook Ads placements which one to use we were camping based
on statistics and case studies of thousands of successful campaigns including the performance charts and
analytics out target audience who are looking for
your product willing and capable to buy it and have
high engagement tendency how to boost convergence rate with re-marketing. how to get more leads and better leads with the same campaign
budget how to get high CTR like 10 percent on
higher. you get deeper understanding of my proven formula how to mathematically calculate Critical CTR and decide with it to be for CPC or CPM.
you will master bidding and budgetting you learn how to solve the problem of
dropping CTR during a running campaign when to bid for CPC while still paying less How to effectively use and uncover the power of Audience insights tool right from within the Facebook audience
insights you learn how to use Facebook Power Editor like a pro even for your relatively
small campaigns and help or at the Cannes easily and
effectively and how power editor can easily and effectively help you to create many ads and ad sets and test your ads and I promise this course will pay for
itself in the first couple of days of your new
campaign So, join us now and give a boost your

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