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Facebook SEARCH ADS – MORE Facebook Changes This Year?! (Do this…)

Facebook SEARCH ADS – MORE Facebook Changes This Year?! (Do this…)

I know I know I’ve been on a complete roll
when it comes to Facebook ads content but I promise you sign from next week
I’ll be back to the dropshipping white labeling strategies they’ll be talking
to but damn does Facebook not stop with these big changes that I just need to
shed some light on for you Facebook is rolling truly on the roll
this year when it comes to changes for not only advertisers like ourselves but
also consumers you know Facebook Timeline changes Facebook CBO and now
these changes I mean damn Zuckerberg is really going full lizard person right
now so two things I’m gonna shed some light on today and two significant
changes from Facebook those two things is Facebook search ads yes you heard
that right Facebook search ads and secondly big Facebook ads mobile
placement changes so I’ll shed some light onto these two elements today it’s
like Zuckerberg finally watched the great hack on Netflix one weekend and
said team we need to be proactive now we need to set all these changes like
because supposedly the future is private but to be fair Facebook search ads it’s
not a new thing it’s been hibernating for about five six years so let me shed
some more light on this right now but before then let’s talk about those
mobile ad changes because that’s pretty important too only as of last week
mobile ads have already changed on Facebook and I know what you might be
thinking oh you know this is a small change it won’t really matter but every
small detail counts and being able to create a winning ad that is profitable
on Facebook and this is the sort of level of detail I’ll be getting into in
my social marketing mastery program so if you’re interested check out the pre
enrollment discount link below I’ll add it below this video
going into this change what exactly is it well it’s an aspect ratio change with
your creative along with that it’s also a primary text change but let’s take a
look at the aspect ratio change so previously you’re able to use a two by
three aspect ratio which is the image the screenshot on the left here so this
is what it looked like before as you can see there’s a lot of room for your
vertical placement and creative so it take up a lot of you know the users
newsfeed but now Facebook is chained changing that and actually it already
has changed as of last week to a four by five aspect ratio what does this mean
for us basically it means that there’s less screen as state as you as you can
see on the screenshot on the right there’s basically less space for
creative so that vertical placements will be shortened quite significantly as
you can tell from the difference this is real life
sizing here to give you some context as to why this change happened in the first
place it’s basically because during the f8 conference in facebook earlier this
year you know Mark Zuckerberg wanted to change the platform to be far more
privacy center and also consumer centered and less around ads and whatnot
so this is really impacting advertisers and there’s been a lot of changes this
year alone on our Facebook ads and this is yet another change and it’s proving
that you know marks taking it really seriously there’s gonna be a lot of
changes coming and like I said you might think this is a small change it won’t
impact you but this will impact you along with the the creative change the
primary text changes are changing as well so there used to be seven lines
okay this is by the way this is mobile only newsfeed placements there used to
be seven lines available for you to use before that see more button came up but
as you can see now on the right hand side as soon as you have more than three
sentences you have you’re going to have to click on see more now if you’re a
seasoned Facebook marketer you know that not many people click see more they
don’t they did just don’t bother it’s another barrier to entry that people do
not bother with so it’s even more important nowadays okay that you make
sure that you have a really strong hook line and make sure that you use up the
three sentences here in effective fashion so this is really all about an
attention play this is changing massively in the sense that you thought
it’s going to be harder to grab the attention of people on Facebook and yet
the cost of Facebook is rising now like I’ve said in
previous video you know everything’s changing and you guys might be freaking
out but it’s just a signal that we need to change and roll with the punches so
here’s my recommendations for you guys my recommendation is creative
optimization focus on using vertical add creative rather than horizontal and
spruce up your copywriting to maximize maximize your hook line so looking at
this slide here in these three images this is three different creative
placements okay and which would grab your attention most of course you know
it’d be the one in the middle this is the one that would take up most space on
a news feed but this is the old-school two by three aspect ratio which is now
changing to four by five aspect ratio so this this one here it’s it’s gone so
forget about that so now out of these two which would hold
your attention or capture your attention on a mobile news feed when people
scrolling through obviously it would be the one that takes more screen estate
now it might not be so apparent in this slide here but you know when you’re
thinking about it there’s gonna be two posts that appear while you’re scrolling
but with this one on the right hand side this takes up so much more real estate
on a screen on a mobile phone screen so my suggestion has always been go with
vertical creative placement and fitch that horizontal unless you really have
to like such as like a video for instance but I’m gonna give you a tool
or two tools actually that really help with changing your placements so you can
creatively optimize for this change I’ll show it to you now so the first
suggestion is wave video now I will leave the links down below for free
trials to these two programs about to link you and they’re extremely useful in
very quickly creating product videos for specific placement on Facebook or on
Instagram etc this is a great way to optimize your product videos and videos
are always amazing and you can also manage just straight up static creative
however I always recommend you go with video where possible
so this is a really simple tool waived up video it’s basically an online video
editor really streamlined super straightforward and tailored towards
advertisers so as you can see you can go with one by one Square ratios you can go
with nine by six story Instagram formats you can also go with that
you know sixteen by nine horizontal which I do not recommend giving this big
change on mobile and you can even click more and find the exact ratios that you
need and so like I said they even cater towards that new four by five newsfeed
placement so this is the one you want to go for nowadays so just click this and
then you can view the exact video so if you click Edit you can see this in the
vertical placement now in comparison to like 9 by 16 story for existence but
this is a great way to quickly just edit stuff um and just get this up and
running real quickly now like I said there’s free trials down below the other
second program that I wanted to talk about and one that I mentioned the past
is place it place it is really great for obviously print on a man but on top of
that they’ve got a vo section and the great thing about this is it’s only $29
a month and you can download as many videos as possible and they’re yours for
a lifetime to use without copyright in issues this is a pretty straightforward
editor as well so you just select a template and insert your photos or
videos into this program and simply all you need to do is you know insert your
own copy into your music and whatnot and then you’ll get a custom tailor-made
video which is extremely useful given this mobile ads change the next big
change if Facebook goes ahead with it is Facebook search ads I was blown away you
know this is something I’ve heard about in the past but it’s never come to
fruition and this is a powerful powerful one because Facebook claimed back in
back in 2016 FYI that they had 2 billion searches a day on their Facebook search
bar alone that is huge it but to give you some comparison Google on a daily
average has 3.5 billion on average so not quite double
but that’s that’s pretty damn legitimate of facebook to have two billion searches
a day and this is back in 2016 I’m sure this has increased significantly I would
say it’s about maybe 2.5 billion so it’s not far off Google’s average searches
per day this isn’t a new concept but Facebook is on the prowl for new revenue
streams with new ad inventory so what I mean by this is Facebook given that
those privacy issues you know 2019 has been a tough year 2018 as well has been
tough year for Facebook what they’re trying to do is open up more ad
inventory for advertisers to advertise on which coincidentally means more money
for Facebook in Facebook actually first tried sponsored results and sponsored
search results back in 2012 in this screenshot here this was a collaboration
with Bing to create a Facebook search engine so this was taking it to the next
level in 2012 it eventually shut down in 2013 and now it’s going to basically let
a small set of automotive retail and e-commerce industry advertisers show
uses ads on the search results page on mobile in the US and Canada only so this
is a trial sort of run but it is very powerful and the the thing is you know
with 2.5 or 2 billion searches per day this is a great way to target people and
you can target people based on interests in their search results so for example
when someone searches for a related term on Facebook you can target that query
and have your ads shown in the results similar to Google search ads though
obviously nowhere near as comprehensive as Google search ads but to that extent
to that ideology and basically advertisers will be able to extend their
existing news feeds ads to the new search placement through Facebook ads
manager so this is sort of similar to how you can just push ads onto Facebook
audience Network or Instagram etc but no video ads will be allowed because you
can imagine how annoying it be and search ads won’t appear on desktop at
the moment anyway and marketplace such as
appear on iOS and Android feeds and for now
advertisers won’t pick specific keywords to advertise against and instead it’s
sort of at random and may appear in search terms related to the product that
you’re selling in the interest that you’re targeting so as you can see the
signer rolled this out and this is one of the screenshots that someone sent
through we’re and this is one of the screenshots where if you were targeted
for this beta test you get this option now when you go to manually adjust
placements search will be a placement option now for those in the US and
Canada not everyone obviously for those targeted only but I’d be really curious
if you’ve been lucky enough to be targeted with the beta option at random
or you’re actually looking forward to this new ad type let me know your
thoughts in the comments below I’m really curious what you think about this
new change it’s a pretty big change and I can see a lot of people leveraging it
particularly for e-commerce and impulse purchases I can see it doing really
really well and now whether people actually make those changes and now
whether people actually you know actually and now whether people actually
make purchases off the search bar as a whole different story in itself but I’d
be pretty keen to test this search function it could be really big
particularly if they revert back to this sort of layout this search engine layout
and creating its own search engine because you know Facebook is an
ecosystem in itself so as always if you enjoy this video please give it a thumbs
up and I’ll see you in the next video next week

9 thoughts on “Facebook SEARCH ADS – MORE Facebook Changes This Year?! (Do this…)

  1. I for one am enjoying the stream of super detailed FB content. It’s a reflection of the quality of your program coming out for sure

  2. 💬 Would you use Facebook Search Ads if you have the option?
    P.S. Only 2 weeks until enrollment opens up, secure your spot and early bird discount here! https://andrewethanzeng.com/socialmarketing-mastery/

  3. Great video. It's kind of like real estate. If you can squeeze an ad a little righter, it gives more room for other ads = more $$ for FB. But visually it also appears less intrusive to the end user viewing the page. Thoughts?

  4. I think the aspect ratio is just to synchronize the whole AD placements ecosystem, meaning that one creative could be used in FB, IG and WhatsApp without resizing. If you think about it, the "three-lines, see more" thing was first tested (and deployed) on regular IG posts.

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