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Facebook Retargeting Ads | Easy Tutorial

Facebook Retargeting Ads | Easy Tutorial

– Hey guys, you’ve probably heard about how awesome Facebook Ads are, but if done wrong, they can be a huge waste
of time or money, or both. – So we asked our friend
and ATOMICON 2020 speaker, Gavin Bell, who is one of
the top Facebook Ads guys in the galaxy, if he wouldn’t
showing all of you lot how best to use Facebook
Ads to generate leads. – Gavin, let’s do this. Woohoo. – Hey everybody, Mr Gavin Bell here and I am delighted to be on Andrew and Pete’s YouTube channel today, doing a little bit of a take over to talk about Facebook Ads
and how to generate leads from Facebook. Because Facebook’s one of those
things, we’ve all tried it, but a very very small amount of people are actually happy with the results that they get from Facebook. Every time that I stand on
stage I ask those questions, who’s tried Facebook Ads? All hands go up. Who’s happy with the results? Pretty much all the hands go down. So in this video I’m gonna
show you a very quick and easy strategy for you to be able to implement in your business and to be able to get a
consistent stream of leads coming into your business. I wanna start off by
asking you a question, have you ever been on the internet, look at maybe a pair of shoes, and then had an ad follow
you around the internet with that same pair of shoes? Let’s be honest if you’ve
been on the internet you have experienced that, that is called retargeting. You are essentially, as a consumer, consuming a piece of content, like looking at a pair of shoes, and because you’ve consumed
that piece of content, you’re being served a follow up ad. And the great thing is with Facebook Ads, we as business owners, and marketers, can do the exact same thing. It’s the same tactic that Amazon used, that A Source use,
loads of multi-national, huge organisations use it
generates them so much profit. The great thing about
retargeting on Facebook is the fact that we are going
out to an audience of people that have already had
a touch of our brand. The main reason that people
aren’t seeing success with their Facebook Ads, is
because they’re targeting audiences of people that
don’t know who they are, with an ad with a message that tries to get them to do
something like buy a product. And it just doesn’t work because offline and
online are no different, If somebody came up to you
in the middle of the street and said, “Hey, would you
like to buy my product? “You get 10% off today,” you’re gonna say, “No I don’t know who you
are, I don’t know you, “I don’t trust you,” and Facebook is no different. Trying to sell something to a stranger is almost impossible
regardless of where you do it. And so what we want to
do with our advertising is to try and focus on the areas where we’re already targeting
people that know who we are and that is what retargeting is, being able to retarget
an audience of people that have already had a touch of our brand and by doing that, we just
get much better results because we’re targeting people that hopefully know us and trust us. So sometimes we’re just
reminding them to come back, or sometimes we’re making
them aware of a product, a service, a offer that they
didn’t actually know about. And so if someone’s been on our website, we can retarget them. If someone’s watched one of our videos, we can retarget them. So I’m gonna jump into Facebook just now and share with you all the
different retargeting audiences you can create and then
I’m gonna walk you through how to create a campaign
retargeting people. Here I am inside Facebook and to create our retargeting audiences, what we first need to do is create what’s called a custom audience. A custom audience is an audience of people that already knows who we are. So I’m gonna walk you through the different options we have here. So what you want to do is come into your ads manager on Facebook, click on what I like to
call the hamburger menu, the top corner here, and
then go to all tools, and then click on Audiences under Assets. And that will bring you to this page, this is where all of the
audiences that we create in our ad campaigns will be stored. And what we want to do is
click on Create Audience and then Custom Audience. And what this is going to do is it’s gonna share all
the different options that we have available to us
when it comes to retargeting, and I’m gonna walk you through them. First of all, we’ve got website traffic, so we can retarget the people
that have visited our website. Customer list, we can
upload a list of people that have been on our newsletter, a list of customers for example, a list of leads, and we can
upload those to Facebook and retarget them with ads. App activity is if we have an app and people have used the app, we can retarget them. Offline activity, if
someone’s interacted with us, maybe in store, we can also retarget them. Video views, if someone’s
watched our videos on Facebook, we can retarget because
they’ve watched a video. Instagram business profile, if they’ve engaged with
our Instagram profile we can retarget them because of that, same with Facebook page. And then lead form, if somebody’s engaged with our lead ad on Facebook or events, if someone has engaged
with our event on Facebook. Or Instant Experience, if someone’s engaged with
our Canvas on Facebook, our collection, than we can retarget them. So these are all the options that we have when it comes to retargeting on Facebook and all of them are just
equally as powerful. These retargeting audiences
start to make you think about your content marketing
and your marketing strategy as a whole, because we go, okay, if I know that I can retarget people that have been on my website, then what I need to do is get
more people onto my website, and so how can I do that? Well maybe I start blogging. If I know that I can retarget people that have watched my videos, then I know that I need
to create more videos and promote my videos better so more people watch the videos. Instagram business profile, if I know I can retarget people that have watched my Instagram videos or engaged with my Instagram page, I know I need to create more on Instagram to build that engagement. Customer lists, if I know
that I can retarget people that are on my mailing list, I know that I need to build my list. And I can tell you right now, these retargeting audiences will be the best performing audiences that you use on Facebook because when you come to retarget someone, they already know who you are. So someone might be on your website, you can retarget them with a
website traffic ad, and say, “Hey look, thanks for visiting my website, “you might like to
download my free guide.” If someone has downloaded your
free guide, then you can say, “Thanks for downloading my free guide, “have you checked out my free
trial to my membership yet?” So we can tailor really
specific messages to people based on where they’re at in
their buying decision with us in the buying process. So here we are back in the
custom audience section. I’m gonna pretend that we are
creating a custom audience based on people that
have watched my videos. So let’s click on video here and then I can click on
choose a content type and I can say people that
have watched anything from three seconds, 10 seconds, all the way up to 95% of my video. Now I’m gonna say for just
as a general, 25% of people, people who have watched 25% of my video, because that to shows me that they’ve watched a
little bit of the video, they’ve obviously consumed
it, paid attention to it, which would say to me that
perhaps they are interested in what I have to say, but
they maybe got distracted and didn’t watch the whole thing. And then I can choose the videos that I want to retarget based on, so if I come up to here
and click on my name here, then you can see all the
videos that I’ve posted on my page. Now what I can do is I
could select a single video and then hit confirm, or I
can select multiple videos and what Facebook will do is
it will look at all the people that have consumed those videos and it will create an audience of them. So there is a few hundred each video, so this audience total
might be two, 2-3000 people, and that’s 2-3000 people,
that I can then retarget. So I’ll call that video,
Andrew and Pete video, and now what that’ll do as you’ll see, it will appear here, Andrew and Pete video, availability ready, that’s is an audience
that I can now target when I run my Facebook Ads. So I’m gonna come back to
here and refresh this page just so it does appear. Here I am inside the ad set level when I’m creating a Facebook Ad campaign. And what we want to do to
use that retargeting audience that I just created is come down where we choose the audience and under create new
audience, you’ll see it says, Custom Audiences. And I want to click into
that and then type in the audience that I have just created, Andrew and Pete video. And then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna change the
location here to worldwide, because I want to target anyone, regardless of where they live in the world or where they are in the world, because they’ve watched this video. And it’s as simple as that. Then what I do is scroll
down to the bottom, hit continue and then create my ads. Whenever we’re creating an
ad campaign on Facebook, we want to ask ourselves the question, who are the people that more
most likely to take the action that we want them to take? And it’s always going to be the people that already know who we are, or have already shown some sort of intent to making that decision,
taking that action. So we use retargeting to take people that already know we are and bring them deeper into our funnel, to bring them closer to taking the action that we ultimately want them to take, and that can be as little as things like retargeting people that have
been on our check out page or sales page, but haven’t purchased, and just bringing them back to that page, to get them to take that action. So what I want you to do, is to go away and to create
your first retargeting campaign. So go in, create some custom
audiences based on your videos or people that have been on your website, or upload your mailing list, and then create a campaign
retargeting those people at something like $1 a
day, one pound a day, a small budget ’cause
it’s a small audience, and just watch as the leads
start to come through, as the engagement starts to build, because these people know who you are, and so you’re simply putting
a message out to them that they are going to want and
that they are going to need. And I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have in the comments below. I’ll hand you back over
to Andrew and Pete. – Gavin, thank you so much, that was ace. Guys can we give Gavin some appreciation in the comments please. – Yes please. Remember Gavin will be
speaking at ATOMICON 2020 , so if you haven’t got your ticket yet, go, check it out, and go get your ticket, we’ve put the link in
the description below. – Like Gave said, if do have
any questions about this video then pop them in the comments down below and us and Gavin will
jump in and help you out. Also go and check out
Gavin’s YouTube channel, we’ve put the link to that
in the description too. – He’s been Andrew, I’ve been Pete, and this was Gavin. (both laugh) – See you next time. – Bye. (upbeat music)

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