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Facebook Profile – How to Schedule Posts on Facebook | Facebook Privacy and more…

Facebook Profile – How to Schedule Posts on Facebook | Facebook Privacy and more…

– [Nina] Thank you, Facebook, for giving me this gold nugget today. So it looks like Facebook has been pushing a couple of different features to me. I’m only concentrating on the ones I think people care about. So, there’s some that I may ignore but if you see some new features and you want me to do a video
on it, please let me know. So, first of all, in your
top right hand corner you’ll see that there’s
a thing that says, “New! “Now you can schedule your post “to be published at a later time.” So I am going to actually schedule a post. This is a scheduled post from Facebook’s new Schedule Post feature. I’ll be uploading a video on this shortly. Okay, so, I may wanna change the color, and then I’m gonna schedule
the post, for today. What time is it now? Okay, so it says an hour
from now, I’m good with that. So, I’m gonna schedule, and there you go. And so you can see your
scheduled post here. Just seeing if there’s anything else. While we’re here let me
just show you some other features that you may not have
known exist on your desktop. So, there’s your post, your
videos, creating a live video, you could also do a live event. So, you quit your job, you found
a new job, you got married, you got divorced, like expecting a baby. All of these actually
come up on your timeline, new roommate, you can
create your own items. Travel experiences, all
these kind of things. Travel and experiences, rather. So you can actually put
those as life events, think of this as like your scrapbook. There’s a Q&A, so you
can introduce yourself, I’ve never actually used Q&A. This is a Q&A post. Not sure what it does. I’m gonna use a picture. And we’ll just use, just whatever post. Okay, now that we’re in here let me show you some more features. I can insert an emoji that’s
gonna show up at the top. Come on now, it automatically tagged my other account that I don’t really use. So the emoji just isn’t coming through. Oh, there it goes, oh, there
at the top there, there you go. You can insert other
photos, you can check in, so wherever you are you can
let people know where you are, feeling or activity, so
like I’m feeling excited. If it’s not there you can actually type something and create something. The activity can also mean
like you’re watching a T.V., excited for certain things, so
some of these are activities like I’m watching a movie. You could tag friends in the post, so that’s actually gonna
add additional people. So I’m gonna remove Nina,
but I can tag someone. Now, when you tag someone
it’s gonna show up on their feed as well as your feed. If you don’t want it to show up, which I’m encouraging people
to stop tagging people on things that have
nothing to do with them, but you can actually change the
settings a little bit later. I’m gonna close this now. You can add stickers and gifs, but another thing you could do is edit the date on your timeline. So you could change this
to like a week before, week after, you can go through
and actually edit dates. You can answer questions, this is a new feature from Facebook as well. Basically it’s gonna
give you new questions like for people who
don’t know what to post or maybe you do know what to post and you just want something interesting, or a way to start a conversation. They’re actually pretty good topics, and basically you would find a topic, “A quote that I turn to
for inspiration,” add. And you can just add the question there. And I’m just gonna leave that, ’cause we’re doing a Q and
A post at the same time. So, I don’t think you can do all of these at the same time, but
we’ll see what happens. You can also tag different events. So say you’re at the grand
opening of something, and they put it on Facebook, you can actually tag yourself
as being at that event. So for me, now this is one thing that people don’t know that is available, I can do “Public,” most
of my posts are public, I could also do “Friends,”
your friends on Facebook, and then friends except certain people, I’ll make sure I’m block that out. And then more, you can
actually do specific friends see your post, and a lot
of times people don’t know that if you go to “See All,” you can actually go into
custom, and I have these groups. So there’s friends, I also have people from previous colleges, so James Logan, everybody from James Logan High School, that was my high school. Or just, you know, specific groups. You can also say don’t
share with certain people. So if I want everyone except
my mom to see this post, I can say everyone except my mom. So you have a lot of different
possibilities to post, and a lot of these aren’t new features, they’re just features that
people don’t know exist. But I’m gonna do this post,
I’m actually gonna make it only available to me,
because I wanna see… Never used the Q and A,
and I don’t know if it’s still at Q and A, how it looks. Notice after you post once, like that, it will default to “Only Me,” so you will wanna go back
and change it to the public. As you’re going through
your feed, another thing to keep in mind is here
you have your privacy. You can change this privacy
to any of the features that I showed you before. In your top right hand corner you can also look at the
edit history, edit the post. This is where you can change the date so maybe I wanna post this yesterday. You can take this and
embed it into your website. So you can take this, it gives you a code, and you can put just the
post, or you can do the post along with all of the comments. And it looks like it’s,
yeah, so you can do the post along with all the
comments, include full post. And then also additional
kind of nerdy things that you can do, if you wanna go that far. Okay, I’m gonna go back. “Turn off notifications,”
so this is awesome, because. Okay, so let me just see something that someone posted on my timeline. I’m gonna show you how to use this. Okay, so maybe Block Enterprise,
so I’ll comment on things, but then if you get like
200 comments after that you don’t want all of the notifications. So there’s a couple of things you can do. One, even if you don’t
comment, you can actually click on a post and say,
“Turn on notifications.” So instead of posting
something that says, “follow,” or posting an emoji, or a
lot of people post a dot, you can turn on notifications, and then anytime there’s
a new reaction or post, you’re gonna see the comments. Likewise, if you comment on something and you no longer wanna see the post, sometimes I’ll have to turn
it on then turn it back off, but still the point is
I can turn this off. Just notice a couple of
additional features also, I can embed this post. So a lot of times on blogs you see tweets and Facebook comments,
this is how they do it. You can also change some other things. So saving the link, this is
something that I do often. So I’ll save, and it actually saves it so I can view it later. There’s a new feature where I can organize all of the things that I saved. And on your left hand side there’ll be a button here that says, “Saved.” So I can go in there,
totally different video. I can hide the post where
it’s kind of teaching Facebook what I like and what I don’t like. I would highly suggest
you go through your feed and anything you don’t like just hide it and then Facebook will learn what you like and what you don’t like. Next, is “Snooze Block
Enterprise for 30 days.” You can do this for anyone, and they don’t know that
you’re snoozing them. So if you have those
people that are annoying and you don’t like their timeline, just snooze them for 30 days. Or you can stop seeing them first. So there’s different options here, where you could pick, I
think up to 10 different pages of things that you
can follow and see first. So those are showing up on
your timeline when they post. Then there’s other ones
that are see normal and then like don’t see, so you’re friends but you just don’t see their posts. So you can actually change these, I keep a lot of magazines I see first. And you can also give feedback, and this happens a lot with ads too. Like, if you don’t like
it, or if it doesn’t fit, or if it doesn’t match then
you can actually do that. And actually I’ll show you that now, ’cause there’s a
sponsored post below this. Okay, so you can control
what’s on your feed. So I’m gonna scroll down,
so this is a sponsored ad, meaning it’s actually an ad. Oops, I didn’t mean to click on that. It gives you information
about Facebook ads. Please don’t go away. It’s gonna go away, ahhh. Okay, here’s another sponsored one. I get a lot of sponsored ads
’cause I like a lot of stuff. But okay, so here, I’m
gonna close this says my, that’s the saved items from earlier. So this is a sponsored ad, right? And what you should be able to do, is see, “Why am I seeing this?” So I can say, “Why am I seeing this?”, and it’ll tell you, now this
is gold for advertisers, it tells you who they
marketed for you to see. And so this is their own
company, that makes sense, because you’ve liked their company. And what you’re interested in, but if you see other
things, like maybe people are targeting another business consultant, or something else, and you love the ad, and you wanna kinda take
on some of those items in your ads, you can do that. Also tells you the age,
and some other items. But what is very important is you want to, one, tell what you think,
is it useful or not? Because they’ll stop sending you ads that make no sense for you. Or, if you like the
ads, you can say, “Yes,” and they’ll send more like that to you. You can also manage your ad preferences, I’m not gonna go in there completely. One other thing that you can
do if you’re creating ads, and actually let me show you this. It says, “This ad was
useful,” that actually helps for them to know that, “Hey,
I like this kind of stuff.” But you can create a similar ad, and I’m not gonna go through this but it actually gives
you kind of an outline for some of the criteria
that they’re using. So that’s it for now, I did
record these other videos about other Facebook
features that you probably didn’t know existed, go
ahead and click on the link for any of those, to see
any of those other videos. And then if you have questions,
or you just want to chat with me, head over to my
Pink Boss Club on Facebook, just put in the URL, Pink Boss.club, and it will take you straight
to my free Facebook group. Jump in there and talk
with other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey you are. Alright, ciao!

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  1. Is Scheduling a post on your personal profile still an option? I don't see the schedule option next to the post button on my page when posting?

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