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Facebook PAYS Creators AD REVENUE now! [How to Monetize Your Videos in Facebook Creator Studio]

Facebook PAYS Creators AD REVENUE now! [How to Monetize Your Videos in Facebook Creator Studio]

what’s going on guys today I want to
talk about a really cool update that I actually just came across to Facebook’s
video platform so I’ve been uploading to Facebook for a while you know I put my
my YouTube videos that I upload to both my channels on Facebook on my Facebook
page because I’m a believer that and if I scroll down really fast I’ll just see
them you know after each other after each other so my clip channel and my
original channel that yes or watching right here and I’m a big believer that
you should meet your audience where they actually are so you know if you’re
trying to grow your Instagram for example you want to grow not just on
Instagram but on Twitter on Facebook on YouTube as well if possible so that
those kind of you know funnel traffic to each other and you grow on all platforms
you want to kind of meet your audience where they are so I’m a big believer in
uploading the Facebook if you don’t already especially if you’re a youtuber
and you have videos because it’s super super simple it’s a slightly really it’s
a similar process there’s like seven tags but there’s like a description you
upload with the title you can kind of you know make the subtitles just like
usual one you upload a thumbnail it’s super super easy it’s actually a lot
faster to upload it to Facebook in my opinion and my experience but recently
creator studio so I’ve been uploading to Facebook for a while just throwing
videos up as you see here you know I just throw them all off a lot of these
zeros are scheduled ones and you know I don’t get nearly as many views on
Facebook but a lot of my audience is actually there so just another you know
Avenue where I can kind of get my content in front of them so I stay out
of obscurity as grant crota Cardone would say so you’ll see 18 views here 20
views here 16 here not 31 I don’t really get that many views but it is a
potential place where my customers or my audience can see the content and be
helped with that content so it just reminds them that I’m still creating
content I love it I think it’s smart but you know some of the videos do blow up
and in my experience on Facebook and I’m gonna get to the ad revenue in a second
don’t worry in my experience on Facebook it’s kind of hit or miss so you know
I’ll see you like like ten views I’ll see 20 views and I’ll see 30 views
consistently and every once in a while one of my view one of my videos will
just we’ll just hit for like five thousand and one of my the mystery box
videos go figure you guys haven’t checked out the stupid mystery box
videos that are the two most popular on my channel there’s my two most part are
the three most popular actually they’re the three most popular on
Facebook as well they blew up to like hundreds of thousands of views and
thousands of comments I don’t I don’t get it
but that’s beyond the this this this video today but actually recently I just
kind of recognize this they up they updated and there’s this new thing
called creator studio on Facebook now this is like I said I’ve been uploading
to Facebook for a while and I’ve never noticed this before in my life so to my
knowledge this is brand new at least within the past month and you’ll also
notice here we’re gonna talk about in a second there’s monetization so
previously on Facebook there was only a select few amount of you know creators
and and high you know class brands that got paid ad revenue for their Facebook
videos it wasn’t open you know it wasn’t an open opportunity for everyone that is
since not the case anymore now everybody can get paid for ads on
their content if you hit a certain threshold just like YouTube so it almost
seems like Facebook’s been doing is this in the background and kind of gearing up
for it you know and not actually telling anybody and I have not maybe I’ve just
been living under a rock and just working on my content but I have not
seen anybody else talk about this recently and this is a great opportunity
especially if you’re looking for YouTube I know there’s a lot of people out there
that want to upload the YouTube become a youtuber and you know get paid this
illusion of ad revenue that you know you want to make youtube videos apparently
you can do the same thing on Facebook now and if I show you the easiest way to
get there is so you go to your Facebook page that you obviously create and then
you want to scroll down to or not scroll down you wanna go to publishing tools
okay and then once you come over to publishing tools you can obviously check
out if it loads you can check out you know all your video library all the
videos that you uploaded you’ll see here you know that you can see if you have a
call to action or you have a button or or a link you can see like the actions
actually take taken from that link so Facebook tracks that which is kind of a
cool thing and you track your conversions better then you can on
YouTube on top of that if you scroll down here you’ll see under tools it says
creator studio and if that if you click on that it’s gonna take you to the
actual creator studio now I am not eligible for monetization yet but I’m
I’m on my way there you also see that I get you know third I guess 31
engagements which is up to 29% so there are analytics on this as well you’ll see
monetization box insight see there are a cool amount
of things and I’m sure they’ll be uploading or they’ll be uploading I’m
sure they’ll be upgrading this as they move forward but you’ll also notice that
you can check your eligibility if you’ve been uploading for a while so obviously
I’m eligible in all aspects except the followers right now I think I’m like mm
I guess I’m 2,200 followers and I need about you know almost 8,000 more
followers so it’s gonna be a process I’m gonna get there but it is a cool thing
that I wanted to bring to your attention because a lot of people are so one-track
focused on YouTube but they’re not uploading to Facebook as well and maybe
you’re not gonna get to that YouTube add my add you know revenue tier so that you
can actually get paid for your your ads on on YouTube you know for six months
but in the meantime you can be uploading to Facebook as well so that you hit that
those thresholds at the relative same time so hope you guys like this video
hit that thumbs up if you appreciate me bringing this to you I’m telling you I
think this is a great opportunity just think to yourself if you could go back
six years ten years to when YouTube was actually launching and you could create
your channel then knowing what you know now wouldn’t you do that you would be
you blow up right now you’d have probably have millions of subscribers if
not hundreds of thousands and you’d have millions and millions and millions of
views and you’d be making a lot of money on YouTube simply because you caught the
trend right at the beginning and you guys are always okay I always want to go
this way you’re just looking at this way simply because you caught the trend
right at the beginning and then caught the wave you know let the wave caught
you catch you essentially that’s exactly what this opportunity is with Facebook
creator studio and Facebook video now a lot of people they’re starting to launch
Facebook live so there’s a lot more video coming and it seems like they’re
up glue up loading up I can’t speak they’re upgrading the Facebook video
platform to give more opportunity and pay every single creator ad revenue
going forward check it out yourselves but I highly recommend that you upload
to Facebook and get on this now while the opportunity is still fresh

41 thoughts on “Facebook PAYS Creators AD REVENUE now! [How to Monetize Your Videos in Facebook Creator Studio]

  1. I gotta get on this facebook and LinkedIn as i am just starting out on youtube. Would it be wise to upload 3 vids a week, one in each? or just 3 per week on youtube?

  2. How did you hit this 30,000 minutes with so few views? I have thousands of views on my videos, but i am only at 2% minutes. I have the 10k followers already.

  3. yea man seems like no one is talking about this. i do have a gripe though. gaming creators are already making bookoo of money and they dont produce orginal content but thats a complaint i guess. lets link. hard to find people that wanna talk about this stuff….podcast maybe?

  4. I totally just got into the monetization game on Youtube (signed up), we have close to 700,000 views and hadn't set it up lol AND just found creator on Facebook at the same time – late January 2019. Yes this is new, we are on Facebook all the time loading videos and I just saw it. Tks for the video!!! Catherine @keepitsimplesocialmedia

  5. im a new subscriber of yours. . anyways, do u have any idea how to fill up the  W-8BEN-E Form under the payout settings on facebook adbreak.. im from the Philippines , thanks and more power. (sorry for English)

  6. You are the only person on the internet to share this that I could find. Bless you. lol Now I just need 10,000 followers lol

  7. Hi interesting can you make a video on how to create the page in facebook so that we can upload a video that is aligible fo monitization? New subscriber here.

  8. Sounds great, but I heard free-booting is a problem on FB. People just outright stealing videos that aren't theirs. So idk, sounds risky.

  9. I just find this now, it really great but Facebook is asking for a tax or vat number for me to complete my registration, I don’t under it.

  10. Will anyone please reply me, how can i monetize my Facebook without vat number because it demanding i must register a vat number to complete my registration. And i don't have a vat number, how should i go about it please?.

  11. Amazing Video! WOW!!! Please do you take the videos directly from youtube and then upload them on Facebook, or do you just upload videos from your computer or phone? Please reply Asap. Thanks

  12. I just got monetized 2 days ago on fb and I’ve already made 700+ dollars. I’m so excited about this change.

  13. do i need to wait 60days for me to enable my monetisation even though i already reached 30k views? Sorry for my bad english thanks!

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