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Facebook Marketplace Ads are Here!

Facebook Marketplace Ads are Here!

– Hey everybody, Adam
Arkfeld with ParaCore. Today I’m gonna talk
just a little bit about a new ad placement that’s in Facebook, and it is Facebook Marketplace Ads. This just rolled out recently, as you can see it says here
on the information page, this feature is gradually rolling out, may not be available to you yet. But as I scroll down, you can
see this little animation, and this is the Marketplace, and this is an example of the ad. So at the very top,
you’ll see Marketplace, you have ads for car listings, and you have other products from shops, and then you see this
sponsored ad right here. And you can click, and shop, and buy now. Now, these ads are in their infancy, you can’t currently do a
lot in terms of selecting, if it’s an auto category,
and the home buying category, there’s all these different
sections of the Marketplace, it’s slowly and slowly expanding. However, when you’re in your Ads Manager, you can specifically select that you want ads in the Marketplace. So here as an example, and this is just a very random account, I think it’s our test account, that’s why the reach is so small. We have a little bit different placements, and we have feeds, instant
articles, the usual stuff, and then down here you see Marketplace. So if you hit Marketplace, and then your ad will
show in the Marketplace. Now, what’s you’ll also see is that, you don’t really have a lot of options as far as where it goes
in the Marketplace. And hoping this will expand more later, where you can say, I’m selling auto parts, and I want those to appear
in the automobile category, or I’m selling furniture, and I want that to appear
in the classifieds, or whatever the case may be. However in the mean time, you can just place your ads there. And you know, one thing I will recommend, is that… And I’m gonna show you a
few screenshots that I took, is that if you’re placing
ads in the Marketplace, you may actually wanna create specific ads for that placement, so
they don’t seem so awkward. So I took a couple screenshots
just from my phone, this is one with Shopify,
which is actually a canvas ad, and you’ll see that it’s kind of, it looks nice, but it’s
a little bit awkward, and you don’t really know what to do. And it actually took me
just a second or two to be, to know exactly what
the call to action was, and when I clicked this more,
deal down here in the bottom, it actually opened up a canvas ad, which was really cool, but
just the experience of the ad in the Marketplace, like
just didn’t feel quite right. Here’s a little bit different version, this is Opendoor, so this
is perfect placement for, especially if you’re looking
at real estate stuff, which you can’t select, but you would probably
see it in real estate. Now you have the Learn More button, which is just, obviously more clear. And then one more example of
an ad, just in Marketplace. So, these look like just
basically standard ads that you would see in your feed, there’s not a lot of
customization that I’ve seen for the Marketplace itself, probably because it’s so new. But if you’re selling a product, you may want to create the ad so it either talks about, or it talks about
the other products around it, or just lives in its
Marketplace environment a little bit better. However, these are rolling out slowly, to different accounts, and
you should start seeing them if you’re not already seeing them, within the upcoming weeks. And hopefully this place will evolve, and become even more
interesting for people that are selling products online, especially when you start
getting into re-targeting, you start pushing your products back in from a shopping feed perspective, that’ll be pretty cool. Again, my name’s Adam Arkfeld,
I’m the owner of ParaCore, contact information is in the description, [email protected], feel free to reach out, or comment below if
you have any questions. And as always, subscribe to the channel, if this was even remotely helpful for you. Thanks.

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