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Facebook Lookalike Audience Dos and Don’ts

Facebook Lookalike Audience Dos and Don’ts

If you’re getting ready to buy some ads on Facebook and are looking to better understand what look-alike audience are and how to use them then you’ve come to the right video a Look-alike audience is a feature that Facebook has built into its platform so that you can scale your targeting efforts to users who have similar Characteristics to your existing audience now the most common use of this feature is taking an excel of your email addresses from previous or current Customers and uploading it into the audience section of Facebook ads manager so that Facebook can find users similar to those characteristics of your current customers this not only saves you time and the guesswork of Trying to figure out what combination of interest and behavior targeting gets your ads in front of the right people But I promise you we’ll drive the strongest performance you have ever seen on the platform Facebook was the first platform to pioneer this Technology and currently every single major social media platform has basically adopted their own version of look like ads Across every client and industry that I have purchased facebook ads for I’ve always found that look-alikes are the top-performing audiences in every instance now I just told you about the most common way to Build them which is using a list of emails from clients or leads, but there are many other ways That you can create these audiences So let’s say you ran an ad and you had a 20 second video and the users who watched it to a hundred percent you wanted to target because Clearly they had a greater intent than the ones who only watched for three seconds So you could build a look-alike a video watches till completion and target those users To drive them deeper down into your sales funnel another cool way to use this feature which I recently tested for one of my clients was creating a look-alike of website visitors who spend the most amount of time on key pages of the website such as product pages or services pages now There are several other ways to build these audiences but I would recommend to always start with your emails as you will get the best Targeting from the users who have already purchased from you If you do not have a seed list I would recommend for you to leverage video ads and interest slash behavior targeting first then build a look-alike audience from the users who watch the video to completion or till 75% which will help you. Reach a higher intent audience many of though they’re look-alike audience types may or may not make sense depending on your business model and privacy restrictions for your business but as a notable mention is Creating a look-alike from users who engaged with your lead form add a leave form add allows Facebook to natively collect emails or contact information From your prospects and Facebook tracks users who opened and submit it So you’re able to create a look-alike from users who engage with your leave form? Specifically I would recommend for you to build a look like from the users who openly form and submitted their information as they would be One step closer to converting one last thing I’ll share is that when you are building a look-alike audience You have the choice of selecting what country you’re allowed to build a look-alike audience based on 1% to 10% of the population size now the broader that you go the less number of audience Characteristics that you will match so that a look-alike 1% will be less people but more relevant and a look-alike 10% would be broader but less relevant in my experience I have seen that it look like 1% can convert around 8 to 10% of users with campaigns optimized for CPA objectives such as leisure sales while 5% would convert around 5 to 7% Now. I rarely scale up to 10% Unless I need the volume or during promotional periods Hey guys, if you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you learned something new and remember This is where we simplify marketing so that you can grow your digital influence and your business until the next video. Peace You

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