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Facebook & Instagram Ads Workshop

Facebook & Instagram Ads Workshop

If you’ve been afraid to place Facebook and
Instagram ads for fear that you will lose money or because you didn’t know what you
would be getting from it, this workshop is for you. In this 90 minute workshop you will learn
the two things you should do before you even consider placing your first ad, how to get
clear on your goals and objectives so that there’s a real measurable result from your
campaign, how to identify the most responsive audiences to keep your cost down, how to design
your ad. What pictures and visuals to use, what words
to say, and what calls to action will get you results. The four ways an ad can go wrong and how to
avoid those mistakes. How to test your ads without losing a ton
of money and how to know when you should shift and try something different. How to determine an appropriate budget for
your campaign. How to get your ads to actually pay for themselves
so that you’re not losing money in the process. I’ve personally invested over $3000 over the
last couple of months in Facebook and Instagram ads and I’ve structured them in a way so that
I make that money back right away. I’ll also give you a tour through Facebook’s
ads manager so that you’re not confused and you know how to set up your campaign. This 90 minute workshop is followed by 30
minutes of Q&A. You’ll also get a workbook that you’ll use
during the workshop to start mapping out your very first campaign. Where many Facebook ads experts charge upwards
of $500 per campaign on the very low end, this workshop is only $27. Register at the link below.

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