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Facebook ‘IF’ Their A.I goes global?

Facebook ‘IF’ Their A.I goes global?

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The what IF. I would like to give a shout out and my thanks
to reddit user “yourupinion” for suggesting this videos topic. Facebook
The social media giant is known in every corner of the globe
A place for people to share their photos funny memes and sometimes darker content
We have seen the media mammoth slowly roll out ever increasing censorship and in most
cases this has been justified No one wants to see ISIS recruitment videos
when searching for a family member or a long lost friend
But Mark Zuckerberg the founder of the company has begun to move into the realms of politics
and with his media influence this could be world changing. He recently wrote a 6000 word Manifesto laying
out his ideas and plans for the community. In this comment he uses the phrase “social
infrastructure” 15 times so this is obviously an important point for him he writes
“In times like these, the most important thing we at Facebook can do is develop the
social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for
all of us.” So what IF there is an agenda, no big deal
right its only social media!! Well it is a huge deal and could have real
world repercussions. The platform is a major communications network,
enabling people to easily contact almost anyone anywhere around the globe and although for
most part this is a great way to share wedding photos and send birthday messages for some
it is a place to garner support and organize their social or political movement. And this is where the manipulation begins
Facebook can decide and has decided in the past what post they push and which they bury. The Fake news movement being a good example
of this covert censorship. They are steering the online narrative. Arstechina reported:
“One example of a meaningful group is a page that helps connect refugees with people
who are willing to provide them with housing. Another example is a parenting community that
connects parents with each other in their local communities. Essentially, what distinguishes a meaningful
group is that it’s embedded in our offline lives. They are, in other words, connected to local
geographical areas.” These groups organizing through the platform
may seem beneficial to a community and when it is on a small local scale in can be. The problem arrives when Zuckerberg’s Monster
starts to influence actual political campaigns. Zuckerberg has boasted that his platform can
make and break politicians those with the largest following often winning their campaign
and going onto to seats of power. If this really the case this makes Facebook
the man behind the curtain the puller of strings and the maker of political careers. Okay so I hear you saying this what people
want, the social platform just providing a place for them to show and share support. This would be true if there was no motive
behind the CEO’s plan but he is not a benevolent leader. He views the future as global and Facebook
as the platform that can form the backbone of a network of people to defeat those that
have a more nationalistic view point. Zuckerberg saying that he’s thinking of creating
“worldwide voting system” The danger here is exposure, both viewpoints
have positives and negatives and the political systems around the world have been designed
to give their citizens an even vote and say on which way they move forward as countries. Admittedly some governments are better than
others, but do we want a hand this power over to a single private corporate entity like
Facebook? Another issue is that Zuckerberg may have
an agenda but he will not wield control that is planned to be handed over to machine AI. He comments that he is not adverse to machines
handling the decisions on fake news and abuse but thinks the singularity will have to occur
first. So what do I take away from his ideas and
comments? He is an admitted globalist and his willingness
to hand his power over to AI is worrying. He is just another voice in an increasing
movement of people whom feel that we need to become a global community with a one world
government over seeing everything. This plan has been talked about for hundreds
of years and you can take your pick of conspiracy channels they will all have something to say
on this topic. The scary thing is that we are now at the
point where it could happen A worldwide network like Facebook manipulated
by people and eventually AI could easily maneuver the billions of users into thinking in the
way they want. Any persons wishing to combat this movement
being silenced in the digital realm. IF Facebook moves forward and implements AI
control, who’s to know if this AI created out the singularity will even want to follow
its masters agenda. Pick your story Frankenstein’s monster,
Terminator and Skynet we have seen these warnings of the created turning on the creator. A little paranoia could be a good thing! Or maybe people will just log out and never
return, after all the power of the Media Giant comes from its users. Push those user too far and they may leave
your platform leaving the network powerless. What do think will happen IF Facebook implements
AI control? Let me know in the comments below
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3 thoughts on “Facebook ‘IF’ Their A.I goes global?

  1. I don't know about the "RUSSIANS" but I know this as FACT!

    Facebook Inc. Used Internet Ghost Banning Censorship to Purposely Deceive Millions of Americans During the 2016 United States Presidential Elections. | Mark Zuckerberg’s $328 Billion Corporation Facebook Inc., with 1.11 billion monthly active users globally, was manipulating and governing millions of Americans voter’s voices, thoughts and opinions from their fellow compatriots on the Official Presidential Candidate Facebook Pages of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson right down until the final day; Tuesday, November 8, 2016 (Election Day) | I have irrefutable documentation of this betrayal. They have a named for it and it’s called TREASON!!! “…and they were not alone in this conspiracy.” … yes conspiracy.
    *ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Reuters, AP, the Local News and the Congress members I contacted would not touch this Story/Fact.

    “If there are any true reporters still left out there whom would like this story of the decade, email or call me and I’ll give you all 800+ Screenshots of Facebook’s treason.”

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