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Facebook Group Marketing & Advertising Testimonial – San Churro

Facebook Group Marketing & Advertising Testimonial – San Churro

ultimately with any campaign our goal is
to drive in-store traffic so get people in store and increasing sales Facebook
groups have such a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals and they have
similar interests and I guess it’s not been touched by the Facebook algorithm
as much I know when I open my newsfeed all I see is just content from Facebook
group I just wanted to test and see how creating some content about our brand
we’ve kind of how would resonate we know students they love memes and they love
free stuff so you pair the two together and you get really good engagement I
mean I think there was like 75 thousand impressions that we received across all
the competitions that we ran lots of reactions and also comments as well and
positive kind of comments as well from all the students so yeah overall really
really great results

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