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Facebook Ecommerce Ads That WORK – Why The Right Facebook Ad Sizes Matters

Facebook Ecommerce Ads That WORK – Why The Right Facebook Ad Sizes Matters

so what kind of Facebook ads are better
long copy ads or short copy ad well honestly to tell you the truth it really
just depends but in this video I’m gonna be explaining to you exactly why short
copy that are beneficial well you could use them for and how to actually create
them I’m gonna throw a couple examples that usually you can go Craig these ads
on your own and have Facebook marketing success so stay tuned because that’s
coming up right now what’s going on beautiful people my name is Gabe
Ekemezie with www.gabeekemezie.com and welcome back to my channel on my channel
I teach internet marketing as well as entrepreneurship so if this is your very
first time seeing my face watching any of my videos feel free to go ahead and
hit the subscribe button also don’t forget to hit that Bell notification
thing so that you can get updated on videos that I release weekly but this
particular video we’re continuing with my free Facebook ad course here on my
channel so this is a bunch of other videos that I’ve done that’s geared
towards teaching Facebook ads this is like super advanced stuff but I take it
from the ground up so if you’re a beginner and immediate whatever you are
this course is really helpful for you so if you would like to go back and check
out any of those videos you can do so but the links down below in the
description or check out the playlist now with this video we’re talking short
copy ads in my previous video I did some examples on long copy ads and how those
are super helpful as well now long copy ads are great for things like if you are
providing coaching services or if you’re trying to sell high ticket affiliate
marketing items amongst an array of other things so if that’s you or if you
think that would be beneficial for you that mixer you check that video out as
well I’ll put the link up here it’s somewhere so that you can check that out
or check it out down the description below but this particular video we’re
talking short copy ads so what a short copy ads good for well in my personal
opinion there are two great options you can use these for lead generation and
you can also use these for e-commerce or affiliate marketing when you’re selling
physical products and things like that online now the reason being is just
because of the nature of short copy ads so here are some pros of short copy ads
one they’re easy to write it’s not like a
long copy adware you’re gonna basically be writing a story and you know if you
have to write a couple of drafts you might be sitting there for it there to
kind of mulling through this whereas with a short copy at the beauty of them
is that they’re short sweet and to the point so it’s easy for you as the
creator the advertiser to create put on the flip side it’s also easier for your
target audience or your reader to actually consume the ad think about it
these days it’s really hard to catch somebody’s attention especially now with
social media running rampant then there’s no slowing down anytime soon so
it is so key to be able to catch somebody’s attention especially if you
want them to eventually sign up for your email list or buy something from you
attention is key attention is king so when it comes to grabbing attention
sometimes short is sweeter and it’s better it’s more effective because when
you’re scrolling through your timeline and you see something like catches your
attention and it’s quick and it’s easy to consume right there within a couple
of seconds you may be more inclined to want to figure out more information
about that because you’ve only invested two seconds reading the ad so you know
you think to yourself I got another two seconds to see what this is about versus
seeing a huge ad there and then realizing I don’t want to spend the next
two minutes reading this ad and just scrolling through another produce or
copy ads is that their direct they’re straight to the point and as you will
see in the examples that I’m gonna show you in a second here you’ll see exactly
what I mean they’re straight to the point that goes straight to offering
either an offer a some curiosity or something to engage your reader so that
they can actually take action and also so that there’s no confusion on their
end the person that’s reading it basically knows what’s up they know
what’s being offered and it’s really up to them whether they want to make a
decision or not so you’re not really selling them as much as you would or
have the ability to with a long copy ad because with a long copy ad you can you
can use certain techniques and certain writing styles to kind of persuade
people to do stuff whereas with the short copy ad yeah that’s still possible
but you do it in a more effective and more streamlined way and finally another
two short coffee ads you can test many offers quickly since your ads are short
and just direct you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s working or not and if
it’s not working it’s probably a couple of things that you know we’ll go over
here a second but mainly it just probably is your copy your image or a
video that you’re using or just the offer itself the product itself it’s
just not matching so you remember you want to get all of
these things aligned and once there a line that congroo it along with things
that you’re doing off of the advertisement that’s really gonna be the
markets that will help you have a better chance of being successful when it comes
to your Facebook advertising so here a couple keys I want you guys to take away
when you’re thinking about what exactly to put in your short copy ads so a very
first thing is that you want to ask a question or create curiosity now if you
watched my previous video where I showed you long copy ads particularly story ads
I explained the power of both of these techniques and I’ll explain to you again
right now just in case you haven’t seen it but if you would like to go watch
that video go ahead and do that asking a question is very powerful because as
human beings we naturally want to answer questions
subconsciously even if you don’t realize it or not when somebody poses a question
we are either answering yes or no and so when you post a question in your ad
especially the beginning of your ad you’re automatically engaging somebody
to answer that question and if the answer is yes they’re gonna be more
inclined to go on to the next sentence and see what the rest of the ad is about
and if it’s no then just scroll by and you know no harm no foul they’re just
not who you’re looking for as for creating curiosity curiosity is a
very powerful element in any advertising you want this to be in the beginning of
your short copy ad because one you don’t have a lot of copy to work with so you
really want to grab a person’s attention and what better way to grab somebody’s
attention by leaving them hanging leaving giving them a cliffhanger given
this something to ponder about what a wonder about and so creating curiosity
early in the game early in your ad is really gonna help you convert that ad
because we like to answer questions we don’t like to feel curious and because
you don’t have to feel curious we like to seek out the answer in order
to resolve that curiosity a second element for short copy
is make it short I know right common sense but hear me out
sometimes us as advertisers we feel obliged to have to just write out these
long overdrawn ads because we just feel like we need to say something or we feel
like there’s just information missing dude with this particular ad the point
of it is short like one sentence to three mechs and that’s it so it’s really
easy on your part but making this short and sweet to the point is actually also
helping you out when it comes to your target audience because people like
things that are short and if you have a question that pertains to your target
audience or some kind of curiosity hook that pertains to them followed by
another sentence or two or if that’s it in general we are automatically turned
on by that so to speak and people your target audience particularly are going
to want to learn more and find out more about that especially if they realize
they don’t have to spend an extra amount of energy reading through a blog post in
order to really figure out what’s being offered here or how it can potentially
help them and solve a pain point or a problem that they’re facing and whatever
particular area of their life so the third element of short coffee ads is you
really want to make sure that you are pairing the right image or video to your
copy so it all has to be in sync it all has to be congruent now which one should
you use either an image or a video I recommend you do both why because it’s a
great way to scale a lot of people want to limit themselves and just do image
ads for whatever reason or a lot of people would just want to do video ads
because they hear that they perform better and you can get a lot of cheaper
results which in a sense is true but why not do both why not test out both in
fact the one thing that I commonly do is I will test out my copy with an image ad
because if it works with an image ad the sky’s the limit for throwing it into a
video ad so testing it out with a copy and image framework first before
throwing a video in there can also really be like testing out the ad to see
if it actually works in the first place and then my last component for a short
copy ad is you want to send the traffic to some kind of landing page now
this is completely optional but I think in my opinion this is something that’s
super crucial if you are looking to grow long term success if we’re talking
ecommerce and you’re sending somebody’s directly to let’s say your Amazon seller
account or to eBay or wherever you’re sending them to that’s not necessarily a
bad thing to do however when you send somebody to a landing page a couple
things are happening you’re reinforcing that particular offer that you are
providing and you’re also giving them the opportunity to sign up for your
email list sign up for a webinar and getting a more exposure from you a
long-term which is going to lead to more long-term revenue from that particular
person from its are your audience so I always always always recommend to send
people to a landing page if you don’t know what a landing page is or if you
don’t know where to even start with that get at me you know download clickfunnels
it’s what I use for landing pages but it’s so important to have that access so
that you’re able to not only sell to this person once because people only buy
probably the first time like 2 percent of the time whereas if you have
somebody’s email address or somebody’s contact information to followup with
them you have a more higher chance to getting that person to convert later on
down the line which also will mean that your ROI or return on investment on the
advertising budget you’re spending now for this particular ad is going to be
positive so let me show you a couple examples of these elements and what I’m
talking about here so that you can take these components and create or copy ads
of your own so the two ads that I’m gonna be sharing with you guys are
actually from freshly if you’ve never heard of freshly they’re like a food
delivery kind of company they’re really cool
honestly I don’t use them and I’m not sponsoring them at all
or I’m not sponsored by them I just found their website and thought that
they had really cool Facebook ad examples but anyways so here’s the first
example that I’ll show you guys here and you can see how they’re starting off the
very first thing with a question tired of cooking at the end of a long day guys
that question right there like I said it draws people to answer
yes or no if you are a person that just say working at 9:00 to 5:00 or you’re
just busy or entrepreneur hustling bustling throughout the day and then you
get home and you’re like I have nothing to eat potato chips and celery and you
think to yourself all right I’m gonna order out for this six times this week
which is just a lot and you know you see this ad and says tired of cooking at the
end of a long day that’s gonna trigger something it’s either gonna say yes heck
yeah I am what what is this all about or it’s
gonna say no you know I really don’t mind I’ll just do takeout which whatever
you know do you but this question is getting you to engage and then you see
they go straight into the offer there’s no like building up a climactic story
there’s no you know punching more of the pain points they already hit the pain
point bit right on the head and then you tired of cooking after a long day so now
they go straight into the offer get two weeks of dinner cooked by our chefs for
a 30% off offer ends soon that’s another element that I forgot to mention earlier
guys creating some type of scarcity or a limited time offer proposal is gonna get
people to actually take action and take action quicker versus saying okay I’ll
probably do this later and then never come back to doing it and then as you
can see they put in the little points they’re just um some extra points in
there honestly you wouldn’t even have to put the rest of that stuff in there but
you know they just wanted to throw in a little bit more chefs cooked meals
delivered fresh 100% all-natural ingredients free shipping on every order
and then you see try our top rated meals now this is actually an image which
works great right it’s it’s an image it’s clean it gives a good picture of
the product and it’s just clear it’s to the point it straight to the point
even the headline of special get 30% off so their offer is 30% or $30 off
straight to the point people who see this they automatically know what this
is about there’s no guesswork and I’m either interested in it or not and if I
am I’m gonna click the learn more button and it’s gonna take me to the next step
now here’s the second example of a short coffee ad but this time there wrote it a
little bit differently and it includes a video which I’ll show you in a second
here you’ll see what that what element that they’re using in this particular ad
so the ad starts off skipped a meal prepping cooking and cleaning get two
weeks of dinner cooked by ourselves for 20%
$20 off offer enter 24 hours so you can see the element of scarcity there its 24
hours you know get it while you can you can see the offer it’s right there two
weeks of dinners cooked by ourselves get $20 off and you can see some of the
points that they also emphasize the chef to cook the meals that are delivered
fresh hundred-percent natural ingredients free shipping on every order
but where is the hook the hook is actually in the video you see where it
says how busy people eat healthy that is creating curiosity right now obviously
just by this ad you can tell the type of demographic the type of target audience
they are targeting this company is targeting they’re targeting people who
are busy who don’t got time to cook and even if they did have time to cook they
don’t necessarily want to cook or they’re cooking unhealthy or they’re
just going out and eating so that’s the target audience that these people are
targeting and so if I’m a busy person and see a video that says how busy
people eat healthy I am curious now I want to know hey I’m busy too how do
busy people eat healthy like whatever what are people doing you know and so
I’ll go ahead I’ll shoot over to Facebook here and show you this actual
video okay so this is the ad here and you can see the video it’s just a really
quick video there’s no audio or anything in here
it’s just slides video slides kind of just pointing out some of the offers
some of the benefits of the actual product and here’s an element that’s so
important when it comes to videos when you’re talking about creating videos for
your ads to say you’re doing e-commerce or doing any kind of shipping or
physical products is that you want to show actual people using your product
you know whether that is a you know and really using your product or hiring
somebody actors to to do that for you um that adds another element of your
adds an element of authenticity and people like to see other people using
products otherwise and it encourages them to want to use it for themselves
and as you can see guys the video is answering the question let me go back to
the beginning here how busy people eat healthy have chef cooked meals delivered
right that’s the answer and then they go straight to their offer right there’s no
elaborate story or anything it’s just you got a problem here’s how to solve it
check us out alright so that is the the benefit of these kind of short videos
these short copy ads the straight to the point and as a consumer it’s either
gonna answer my problem and I’m gonna want it or it’s not something that I’m
interested in at the moment that doesn’t mean that I won’t be interested in it
later though that’s why I think it’s super important to send people to a
landing page or to some kind of capture page where you can collect their email
addresses and market to them at a later date and that’s exactly what freshly did
I’ll show you that right here so this is the ad that they created and this is the
same thing they send people to the same offer for both the video ad and the
photo ad that I showed earlier but when they say could learn more here so once
they click learn more they’re gonna go straight to their fresh si website but
they don’t send them right to award a page or right to like the menu to just
start picking things up the first thing they want to do is get your contact
information because they understand the concept of marketing and they realized
that you may get distracted right now and you know have to go turn off an
alarm or you know you forgot you know we left the laundry or something like that
and you can’t completely forget about freshly and they even exist so that’s
what they’re offering now extends to a landing page you can see there’s six
dentists for $45 for two weeks so they even now they flesh out a little bit
more details of the offer you know we’ve added extra delivery days
and orders are running out quickly lock in your meals before we’re slowed down
so they’re even like upping the ante right before it just seemed like 20
bucks off 30 bucks now now they’re saying 45 bucks off for six dinners so I
mean doing the math they’re probably the same thing but the matter of the fact is
though that there you know they’re sending it to a
beautifully designed landing page that’s on you to lock in the meals now before
they’re sold out creating that scarcity okay and then here’s your chance to put
in your email address and your zip code so they know what area you’re coming in
from that’s great for targeting later offer them and to claim your thirty
bucks and of and free meals or free deliveries and then they even go into um
this is a extra step you know if you’re just getting started this right here is
like perfect this landing page right here is nice but then they go and it to
kind of explaining a little bit more of like the benefits and how it all works
it kind of follows almost of like a sales page kind of vibe which is also a
great too as well it’s just icing on the cake but the most important thing is
that they’re getting and collecting your contact information so that they can
retarget and remarket you later and for the long-term so that’s the super most
important that’s a really important like I said it’s optional you can just send
people straight to the menu and let them order but if they don’t decide to order
it you’ve lost that person and there’s no real telling if you will ever get
them back so guys that’s it for short copy Facebook Ads they’re a little bit
different from long copy ads but there are still really effective depending on
what you’re selling depending on what you’re using to market on Facebook so
you have any questions comments concerns leave them down in the conversation
below or reach out to me any muscle media platforms I’ll be happy to help
you out and if you need help with your facebook ad because I know there’s some
people that do better with one-on-one help or if you just need some extra eyes
to look at some campaigns that you’re doing or to give you some ideas on what
could help you so whatever product you’re trying to sell on Facebook reach
out to me as well you can sign up for a blitz session on my website or just send
me a message I would love to be able to help you out I do offer coaching and
mentorship as well to help you get those Facebook ads up and running and to help
you crush it in this game of marketing all right guys that’s it for now our
appreciate you guys so much once again for watching again my name is Gabe
McKenzie and I will see you guys next time

3 thoughts on “Facebook Ecommerce Ads That WORK – Why The Right Facebook Ad Sizes Matters

  1. Good work Brotha..keep it up and keep dropping videos so the algorithm push ya stuff.. if you REALLY want subscabd views you need yo just YouTube display or instream ads fada low and then build custom audience and getcha lookalike audience..in fact YouTube abd google is entirely cheaper for ads than FB and better for brand building.why? BECAUSE MAJORITY OF MARKETERS ON IG AND FB DON'T KNOW HOW TO WORK THE CAMERA VIDEOGRAPHY..youtube video ads and reach tabs are a few cents for impressions n views which is entirely cheaper than FB and IG ..youtube got the,new super carasell feature where I cm run a number of different ad per campaign so people see different ones plus it's free for the first 30 seconds unless they click on link before them 30..that rule is for instream ( which have the skip button) and for display adz( which are those ads that's under the video fold or by the suggested video tab) ..in other words don't wait to sell something to shoot ADS because that's a business mindset NOT A BRANDING concept and Gary v says this time after time because the BIG companies are slowly stepping in and driving conversion and ads bids on IG AND FB and soon YouTube but definitely on FB and IG…yiutive videos reach out emotionally to the viewer AND unlike FB or ig where the video or post disappears, YouTube continues to roll that video AFTER the ads which was only chosen videos you had in your archive anyway ,just like THIS VIDEO YOU JUST SHOWED! This video you just showed could've gained massive views for a few bucks a day

  2. This is outdated advice. Longer the better with no emojis and make it personal. Buyers arent as dumb anymore to us drop shippers

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