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Facebook Creative – How to Create a High Converting Banner

Facebook Creative – How to Create a High Converting Banner

Facebook Creative – How to Create a High Converting Banner Hi there! Now that you know how to reach
your target audience, what about the creative side of Facebook ad? It’s no
secret that presentation is just as important as the actual messages you’re
trying to communicate, so in this episode we’ll discuss what you need to do in
order to make your Facebook ads look and sound awesome. You’ll learn how to find
the perfect image for your product and how to write great copy to convince
potential customers to choose your store. My name is Elizabeth and I’m one of over
Lowe’s resident Facebook ads experts. In case you missed our last episode on
Facebook Ads optimization or would like to watch our introduction to Facebook
ads tutorial you can find a link to both in the description below. Try avoiding the trademark Facebook
blue-white color combo. When you’re setting out to get cold traffic these
colors just disappear in the Facebook newsfeed so you will not catch the users
eye with your ad. It’s pretty hard to get your potential customers attention when
she’s quickly scrolling through her newsfeed so try using vivid banner
backgrounds for them to stand out in the newsfeed. Usually a human face has the
biggest impact in attracting your customers attention but keep in mind
that it could harm you as much as it can help. For example, if the facing your ad
is looking straight into the camera it might fully grab the attention of a
potential buyer. That may seem like a good thing, but this way the customer
might be distracted from the product you’re promoting so you’ll be paying for
an impression that gives you nothing. Try to find images where the model is
looking sideways or gesturing toward the product or toward the area where the
product information is listed. If you’re not using any faces in your banner make
it all about your product; either way it should be the main theme of your image.
Call-to-action buttons tend to get mixed reviews: on the one hand, it is good to
have a clearly visible call-to-action button in proximity to the ad
image where you want people to click; on the other hand, it puts even more
elements onto your add image which distracts people from what’s really
important: your product. Also Facebook allows you to add a call to action
button under your image natively so there’s no need to add another one on
your product image the best advice here is to make two banners: one with a CTA
button on the image and one without so that you can test them out with your
audience. This way you can make the best data-driven decision. If you decide to
use a CTA button on your banner use the RGB color wheel to decide which color
your button should be. This method is simple: look at the main color of your
banner, find it on the RGB color wheel and then look at the color opposite of
it. This is the color your CTA should be. For example, if your banner is blue your
CTA button should be orange to attract the most attention. There are a few
reasons as to why you should not add any text to your image: the first one is that
Facebook’s 20% text rule still exists this means that no more than 20% of your
image should be covered with text, logo excluded. Facebook doesn’t disapprove ads
anymore even if you have more than 20% text on it but it will lower the ads
performance. You won’t be able to reach as many people as you could. Another
reason is that, once again, you wouldn’t add unnecessary words to your image as
it would distract from the product itself. After all humans process images
60,000 times faster than text so let the images speak for themselves. Moreover you
shouldn’t use text over your image because Facebook leaves you with a lot
of space above and below the add image for you to write about your product, its
pricing and where you could get it. Use this space: there’s no need to clutter
your image by using it as a clipboard This is the part where you can put all
your creativity into making your ads sound clever, but
also remember to try to sell with the text you use here. There are a few
details that you must include in your main text: first of all make sure you add
value propositions. In this text you’ll also want to emphasize the value your
product brings to your potential customers otherwise it will be difficult
to convince them to buy from you. For example, “Getting ready for the new
fishing season? We have the best equipment at 20% lower prices than
anywhere else!” The second thing to include is a clear
call to action. As I’ve mentioned earlier this is why you don’t put any calls to
action on the ad image itself. The call to action should very clearly declare
what you’re seeking with your campaign: if you want people to buy from you use
phrases like shop now, buy now, get one now, etc. For example, “Getting ready for
the new fishing season? We have the best equipment at 20% lower prices than
anywhere else! Shop now!” If you want to encourage people
to read more about your product, use phrases like learn more, read about it,
find out more, etcetera. Third, add a link to your preferred landing page: you
should give users as many opportunities to click through and visit your store as
possible. I also recommend using tools like bitly
to shorten your pages URL, which make it more descriptive and appealing. For
example, “Getting ready for the new fishing season? We have the best
equipment at 20% lower prices than anywhere else! Shop now at www.fishing.com!” Your headline should be short and it should reveal the main
characteristics about your product. If your primary selling point is the price,
use it in your headline to emphasize how reasonably priced it is. Don’t use more
than one selling point here because the headline will be too long and you’ll
confuse your potential customers with too much information, which could come
off as too pushy. For example, “Fishing – Fishing equipment
from amateur to professional”. News feed link description text. This is the place
where you can add any additional information you want: you can add more
details about the products or about your store in general. There’s no need to be
super creative here and you shouldn’t put any extremely crucial information in
this area. Keep it simple and only add more general or supplemental information. When creating your ad, always think about this segment to which you’ll be
advertising: is it young women or older men? You need to use a different voice as
well as different imagery for each segment in order for it to be the most
relevant to your audience. Even though the creative part of Facebook ads
doesn’t sound as serious as the targeting, bidding or optimization
aspects, it’s actually very important to approach it with the same attitude as
you would your audience research. True it’s a fun part of the campaign but you
should also be sure to make data-driven decisions here. So let’s recap: always try
to make your ads more vivid and colorful, remember that the central object of your
ad is the product so make sure that the details aren’t too distracting. Test out
a few different combinations with regard to CTA buttons; try to avoid using too
much text on the image itself instead show the value of your product in the
main ad text. Make your headline short and lastly try writing copy with a few
different segments of your audience in mind. That’s it! You’re ready to take your
Facebook Ads campaign to the next level if you like our video or have any
additional questions let us know your thoughts in the comment section below
and if you like us subscribe to our channel to get more updates on best
Facebook practices. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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