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Facebook Conversion Objective – How to use?

Facebook Conversion Objective – How to use?

Somebody asked whether can I start with immediate result? Example conversion. One of my favorite topic because conversion, in my opinion is one of the most confusing objective for a lot of people, especially if you have run advertising before I believe you have somehow tried conversion objective. Now let me break it down for you again when it comes to conversion objective. When it comes to any business there must be a funnel. Now conversion to a lot of people could be purchase. What are the other conversions possible? I mean before purchase what are the things that might happen? Initiate checkout, but before initiate checkout what else? Probably add to cart, probably before you add to cart of course, you would click to the website and view content, view product for example. Now be very careful about conversion objective. In order to use conversion
objective effectively of course the steps will be first you need to get Facebook Pixel installed in your website, Pixel, first thing. Then you need to set up the conversion event that you’re looking at. If you have most of the other e-commerce (software) websites they should have all these things done up for you, but if you are custom building you probably will actually define the events yourself. Now in order for a conversion to work, that conversion must happen 50 times in the last 7 days in order to work. Which means say for example in the past 7 days do you have 50 purchase? No, you probably have only 10 purchase. So if you only have 10 purchase, if we are going for purchase Okay if you only have 10 purchase then this is not an objective that you should be optimizing for. Because facebook do not have enough data to find other people that might do the same thing. Now this is how it work, in order for a conversion event to work, you know for Facebook advertising objective conversion objective, you need to have at least 50 (Pixel) fires, 50 conversion for that particular conversion in the past 7 days to work. So now if you have you do not have 10, I mean 50 purchase, let’s move the level up a little bit you have 30 initiate checkout, is this good enough? If you have only 30 initiate checkout this may not be good enough as well. Let’s move up a little bit and go for add to cart, you probably are 60 add to cart and this is good. Remember, in order for a conversion event to work, you need to have at least 50 events, 50 fires of that conversion in the past 7 days to work. So this is how you should actually consider. Now to answer back the question you are asking, can I start immediately with result which is conversion? I’d say yes! But I’m not saying this conversion I’m talking about move up, move up, go for a conversion that has got at least 50 fires or triggers in the past 7 days

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  1. Thank you for this video. So if my FB account's pixel doesn't have any data history (it is new), is it a good idea to start with Traffic objective, keep it going for lets say 3-4 days, and after my pixel mature enough, launch new campaign with Conversion objective (without stopping Traffic objective campaign if it still profitable or I get at least cheap link clicks to web site)? Thank you for your answer in advance.

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