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Facebook Business Manager Tutorial For Facebook Ads

Facebook Business Manager Tutorial For Facebook Ads

so this video is a continuation of my
last video on how to set up your facebook business ads manager and in
this particular video I’m gonna show you how to basically customize and get
everything set up and up and running so that you can start running
advertisements and get your business going on Facebook and that’s coming up
right now what’s going on guys my name is gabe ekemezie I’m an internet
marketing guide on my channel I teach everything entrepreneurship especially
how to build a business and brand and lifestyle that you deserve so this is
your very first time visiting feel free to subscribe to my channel I really do
appreciate it and this video is actually part of a series of a free ultimate
Facebook Ads course that I’m doing it’s completely free and it’s really just to
dive in deep into teach you do everything you need to know about
Facebook so let’s go ahead and dive in and go back to our business manager that
we just set up now if you haven’t set up your business manager yet and you
haven’t seen the first part of this video I’ll put the link somewhere up
here you know so that you can go and do that so let’s go ahead and dive into the
screen share so this is where we stop laughs with setting up our business
manager account as you can see this is the bare bones skeleton of the business
manager now just to give you guys a little bit of some insight on what the
purpose of a business manager is and I’m gonna actually have another video that’s
going to explain this a little bit deeper and dive a lot deeper so you can
understand the concept of a business manager why you might need it more you
might not and what it really does what’s what’s the benefits of having one versus
just running ads on your personal profile there’s a there’s another video
that I’m going to do that actually link to this video so that you can get a
little bit more of clarity of what the whole purpose of the business manager is
but in a nutshell a business manager lets you take your advertising game and
business on Facebook game on steroids to the next level and it allows you to
house different things that you would need for your Facebook account those
things being Facebook pages of Facebook ad accounts and people that could be
part of your team so I’m gonna show you how to add these things on to your
business manager account so the thing we’re gonna do is add a Facebook
page now if you don’t have a Facebook page I’m also going to link another
video to that to this video um so that you can learn how to create a facebook
business page so that you can bring it into your business manager now you don’t
need to bring it into your business manager if you don’t want to there are
some perks and some benefits into bringing a Facebook page into your
business manager which I’ll explain in a later video but I’m just gonna go ahead
and show you how you would do it and it’s very simple all you would have to
do is click Add page and they give you a couple options add a pager of your own
add someone else’s page or create a new page so you can create a new page here
refer to my other video to do that I’m just gonna go ahead and add a page
because I have you know a bunch of different pages that I can pick and
choose from it’s gonna ask you to pick a page that you want to add into your
facebook business manager type in a page that I want to add okay so this is a
page that I own alright and then I’m gonna click Add page now it’s sitting
right here to add an existing page in business manager you must already be an
admin on that page now this is a page that’s actually on my other account
right now I’m I created a dummy account for you guys just to do this tutorial
but if you are if you are already in your account and you have a business
page on your account it’s going to give you a message that says great you’ve
been approved your page has been added so I’ll have to kind of log in and log
back out to do this but that’s all that really you need to do to add a Facebook
page okay and so you can add multiple pages into your business manager and the
the benefit of adding a page to your business manager is really it allows you
to have certain access to data and statistics analytics that you won’t
necessarily have if you’re not using your business manager and your page is
not integrated with your business manager the next thing I’m gonna show
you how to do is how to add multiple accounts okay so if you want to add
multiple Facebook add accounts you can click here add add accounts alright and
you have a couple options here add an add account on your
own add someone else’s ad account or create a new ad account so we’re gonna
create an ad account now add an ad account means if there’s an ad account
that’s already been created and it’s somewhere else or on or if you are
managing if you want to manage someone else’s ad account that’s where you would
add the ad account with this section but we’re gonna just create a brand new ad
account so we’re gonna go ahead and hit create ad account and then the ad
account name I’m just gonna say add account 100 you want to make sure it’s
advertising the behalf of your business name time zones and everything or
correct I’ll get their currency correct and
payment method we’re gonna add the payment method in a second because this
is a brand new account we don’t have a payment method yet and I’ll show you
guys how to do that and then you just click create ad account and boom add
accounts created now with the ad account you can add people and set permissions
and what this means is if you have an agency or let’s say you have a team and
within your business and there’s a certain somebody within that team that’s
supposed to be managing this ad account you can assign them this ad account so
that they have access to this ad account and can run ads and have permission to
run ads with this ad account so this is where you would do that obviously I
don’t have a team right now I’m not working with the agency I’m just I just
want to assign myself permissions for the stat account so I’m just gonna click
add myself and the next thing you can do is you can add different permissions
which are basically abilities what would you like this person to be able to do so
I can manage accounts I can view performance you can manage that account
you could select whichever ones you want to do you know I’m just gonna select all
of them cuz it’s me and I want full access in the children my ad account and
hit a sign and boom why add account has been created now if you want to go ahead
and add a payment method you can go ahead and do that here I’m not gonna do
that here right now I’m gonna show you another way to go ahead and do it but
you can do it here as well too by clicking the payment method and it’ll
take you straight to the payment method um section okay now if you want to add P
additional people to your ad account and end to your business manager what you
want to do is you can click right here add people and you can choose what kind
of role you want these people to have but first you want to do is you want to
put the email of the person you want to invite so I’m just gonna put my email okay and it basically sends them an
invitation this so listen you want to invite multiple people you can just put
you know multiple people’s emails in here preferably you want to let these
people know hey I’m sending you an invite from my facebook business manager
just accept it and do all that kind of stuff right and then what you want to do
is you want to choose what access you want them to have whether it’s just an
employee access oh and that’s what they recommend because they can only be
assigned certain tools and certain things that they can do with the ad or
you can give people full out adamant access which gives them full control
over your business they can edit settings people accountant tools so
let’s say you’re working with a partner or a trusted a trusted manager and you
want to give them full admin access you can click on here and I’ll give them
full admin access and you can also if when it says show advanced settings you
can select these two as well finance editor finance analysis but most of the
time you’re either gonna be setting employee or admin access okay now once
you do that once you do this hit next and then this is gonna bring you to this
next page right now this says no pages in the business manager okay but that’s
because I haven’t actually added the page yet but you’re gonna see the page
that you can actually assign your people to if you want to assign a person to a
specific page let’s say you want them to run your content or you know just keep
track of your page you can do that if you want to assign somebody to an ad
account this is where your ad accounts come up and pop up here and you can
assign them whatever you want them to do oh catalogs and apps I don’t really
touch so I don’t thinking you’re gonna have to really necessarily worry about
that kind of stuff the real things you’re gonna be assigning people with
jobs to is different Facebook pages and different ad accounts so remember you
can have multiple pages on your business manager and you can have different
people running the pages and you can also have multiple ad
accounts here and you can have different people running different ad accounts
okay so let’s say I wanted to take those two people that I invited and add them
to this attic I’ll just select this ad account and then hit invite and it’s
gonna send this invite to two of those people or it would send the invites of
just one person whoever you wanted to do that particular thing okay so it says
right here two people have been sent invitations to join Tim shop as an
employee you can also give them access to two accounts or two tools so you can
add more people if you like or you know as many people as you need to maybe you
don’t need to not add anybody and it’s just yourself and that’s perfectly fine
if it’s just yourself then you don’t even have to worry about adding people
here because you’ve already done that essentially since you are already an
admin for this business manager account so let’s take a step back and let me
show you how to add multiple accounts and then also how to add a payment
method into your business manager so to add multiple accounts you can do it to
of way two ways you can either click here add account create add account and
do the same process again and then you can hit create add account right or you
can go to up here you can go to the options this three little lines and
where’s his business manager you can click this menu and this is gonna open
the main menu of the business manager now as you can see there are different
categories and a bunch of different things that you can do with this
business manager what I want to do is I want to go to business settings so you
can go to business settings and you can see all the settings for your business
manager you can see the people right now I’m in the people section you can see me
as the access owner as well as the people that I’m invited in they’re
pending you can see that accounts you can see the different pages I’m not
gonna have anything in here because I haven’t added a page it but you can do
that here add accounts which we only have one right now but this is where you
can also add multiple add accounts and then the list goes on with all this kind
of stuff we’re not even worried about in this video so for an ad account you
would come at account and then you would click this
button here add an ad account and what you want to do is you want to create a
new ad account okay now you create a new ad account so
you can go ahead and go through the motions again add your name and then um
once you’ve done that create ad account now just a little bit of a warning when
you’re first getting started if you just created your business manager account
chances that they’ll let you have more than one ad account is a little bit rare
because you haven’t really done anything on Facebook yet you kind of have to
almost build up trust with Facebook in order to build up in order to be able to
add more ad accounts so I’m gonna try it if it doesn’t work that’s why I didn’t
work yep right there see he says you’ve reached your ad account max maximum you
can increase your limit by making payments on your on your business
account let’s see so basically because I haven’t really done anything yet I can’t
add an ad account yet because I don’t Facebook doesn’t really trust me so how
are they gonna give me more ad accounts if I can’t even use the one yet right so
uh for beginners if you’re just getting started you’re not gonna be able to do
this yet bookmark this video set it aside so that when you do kind of run
some ads and you know maybe in a couple weeks or in a month or so then you can
come back here and you can add multiple ad accounts on me and you can add up to
five you know I have five add accounts in my actual business manager and you
can even go higher than that buddy that requires you know calling Facebook and
like getting special permission but you have to be able to kind of prove
yourself a little bit and run some ads first before you can actually add
multiple ad accounts to your account okay so with that being said now let’s
go and let me show you how to change your billing and how to add a payment
which is right down here payments so I don’t have a payment
method yet just click Add now right now we’re in our business settings remember
and if you don’t member how to do that just go to the menu and you can see all
the different stuff here I’m in business settings okay and then you want to click
Add and then this is where you can come in and you can add here credit card
information and once you add that credit card information in here that’s the car
that’s going to be charged any time you’re running Facebook Ads so if you
have a business card set aside or you know if you’re just using a personal
debit card or credit card make sure that you realize that when you run ads this
is the card that’s gonna get charged so so just to be aware you don’t want to
get random charges and wonder where it’s coming from and kind of freak out that’s
what’s happening there so just keep that in mind that’s what you’re good that’s
what’s gonna happen when you set your payment up with your card here all right
so I’m gonna skip that because I don’t need to put all the information there um
and that’s it guys that’s really how you kind of setup the bare bones of your
business manager account how to add pages how to add add accounts and how to
add people and payment plans um and that’s just this is that’s all you
really need at the moment really obviously you know you I can dive in a
lot deeper but in terms of what you’re gonna need to be able to run ads that’s
basically the bare minimum um if you’re running an agency or doing something a
little bit more grand scale there’s a couple other things that you can do but
I’m not gonna bore you with that stuff with this particular video but this this
is really all you need to know and to have in order to really get things going
on Facebook so hope this video was helpful for you guys I hope you got a
value from it if you did give it a thumbs up let me know also in the
comment section below if you have any questions and if you haven’t subscribed
to my channel yet make sure you do that so you can get notifications for my
upcoming future videos as well as the videos for this course remember this is
just one video out of my ultimate 3 Facebook Ads course here on YouTube and
you can find all the other videos down in the description below and you can see
this it split up into different parts and you know if you really want to learn
Facebook Ads go through this course people pay
thousands of dollars for this stuff and my only fee for this course is to share
it share the people that you know that would be interested in marketing who are
interested in starting Facebook Ads for their business for their brand or agency
or company and if you also are looking to up your Facebook Ads game and if you
would like my free ultimate Facebook Ads copy
cheat sheet where I give you ten secrets ten Facebook ad copy secrets that you
can use for your Facebook ads or any advertising that you’re really doing it
really matter if it’s Facebook or not if you want that free cheat sheet click the
link down below in description as well and just put in your email address I’ll
send you that checklist absolutely free it’s gonna be very helpful for you I got
a lot of great testimonies from that and I know it’s gonna be you guys very well
as well so I hope that helps guys I will catch you guys on the next video

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  1. Hi Gabe! This looks like a great series. Looking forward to watching some more. Quick question… If I want to build ads for a different biz page then my own. Do I start an ad campaign for them or do I select the first option…add ad campaign? Thanks !!!

  2. Hi, I having been using FB advertising for years under my personal account. I currently have multiple campaigns running for 2 different businesses. I just recently switched over to FB business manager. I was able to create 2 ad accounts – one for each business. Is it possible for me to moving my existing campaigns over to the new accounts? Such as the ads that’s have been running for business 1 now goes under Ad account 1. I am trying to use different payments for each business ad account but I am having trouble doing so. I do not necessarily want to create or delete my current running ads. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Gabe, what if you wanted to change the entire business account name or switch it to an entirely different account. For example, Tim's Shops needed to be changed to Gabe's Shops because you found out that Tim's Shops was already taken and you had to change the name of your company to avoid being sued.

  4. Hi. thanks for all your videos. I have a question. When I create my first ad account it doesn ask me " advertising on behalf of" . so my question is how I link that ad account that I just created to my fan page (business page)

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