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Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign — The $10 Super FB Hack

Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign — The $10 Super FB Hack

– Today, I want to share with
you my content strategy that’s allowing myself as well as my customers to dominate the newsfeed
and create content that is distributed
widely, while minimizing the amount of time
actually needed to create. Because at the end of the
day, we’re entrepreneurs, not just content creators. Scott Oldford here, (chuckles) we’re gonna rock some content today. (pop music) – All right, so one of the
biggest pieces with content is, Scott, it takes too much time. And listen, I get it. We weren’t really born
as entrepreneurs to be content creators
necessarily, but the thing is we have an unfair advantage. By the way, check the
link for an awesome video on your unfair advantage. And when it comes to
being able to share that unfair advantage, the content,
the ability to share your expertise with other
people, the cool part is, that magnetizes clients towards us. You being able to share your
value is actually one of the best ways to be able to
actually attract your ideal customers and clients and the people that you can actually serve. I think that’s pretty cool. But, at the same time, we
don’t have a couple hours a day to be able to create content, do we? So here is the step by step
way of being able to ensure that your content shows up
everywhere without having to spend more than five hours per month on your content development. Are you ready? So, step one is validating your content. Now, I do this by my email
list as well as Facebook. I just create content whenever
I’m kinda feeling like it. I don’t have any huge calendar
or anything like that. I just put the ideas out there. And whatever gets engagement,
as well as gets messages or replies in my email, well,
I double down on those pieces. And my team, or somebody on
your team that doesn’t have to cost a whole lot of money
for you as an entrepreneur, can take those ideas
and formulate them out. In my case, my team comes back
to me and says, “Hey Scott, these are the best 12
ideas for the next month. “Can you go and shoot videos for them?” Which of course, is pretty
much like this video right now. And, from there, I’m able
to develop five to 15 minute videos that then can be taken and my team can turn into
articles, blog posts, features on places like
Entrepreneur and Ink, as well as being able
to create audio, emails, absolutely everything. So what this does, it makes
it that I can take one day out of each month and develop the content for the next following month. Making it so that it’s very,
very minimal effort on my end and it doesn’t actually
cost that much money. Which is really cool. Now the distribution behind
this and the important part, is realizing that content is
king but distribution is queen. And we all know who’s
actually running the castle. So, from that spectrum, it
means that we must be really, really, really taking
the time to distribute our content the right way. And putting our dollars and
our cents and our effort behind sharing that content with our own audience as well as new audiences. Using things like email
lists, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, YouTube, blogs, Medium, LinkedIn, all of these
different places based on where your customers actually are. But the beautiful part is,
is that you could actually create this entire system so
that you just create the videos and your team takes care of
absolutely everything else. Now I got something
really cool for you today. I put together an entire SOP guide. Being able to actually show
you and allow you to step behind the scenes of how I
do it and how you can do it for a very, very small amount
of cost, for the amount of return on investment of
having content attracting and magnetizing your perfect
customers and clients from around the world to you,
automatically, every single day. If you want it, just
look below, look above, download it, and start implementing
this into your business. It’s gonna be a game changer
for you being able to attract people that want to work
with you, willing to pay for what you’re worth and further,
ensuring that you have the perfect customers that
are bought into you. I’ll see you soon. Scott Oldford here and I
cannot wait to see you dominate with that content strategy. So if you enjoyed this content
and you want more of it, make sure you go ahead and subscribe. And if you want other entrepreneurs
just like you to be able to also access this information,
this knowledge, make sure you go ahead and share it with someone that means the most to you. Remember, as entrepreneurs,
it’s our job to be able to help other entrepreneurs continue
to elevate, allowing us to evolve society and evolve our world. I’ll see you next time. Bye. (pop music)

8 thoughts on “Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign — The $10 Super FB Hack

  1. How can you use this Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign to boost your own authority and reach? How can you become omnipresent to your audience (especially through Facebook) by sharing and repurposing your content?

  2. this is great. i create TONS of content. and some of it is a great – some not so great. but the great stuff, all of my audience should see!

  3. Hey Scott, it says the SOP is coming soon. Is it the same thing as the "visual guide " that goes with this video?

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