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Facebook Boost Post Vs Facebook Ads – How To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook Boost Post Vs Facebook Ads – How To Advertise On Facebook

– Hey, I’m Rachel Pedersen,
founder of Social Media United. The leading social media university online for Social Media Managers. One of my favorite questions that people ask me all the time is, “When do I Boost a Post
versus Create an Ad “in the Ads Manager on Facebook?” I’m gonna break down to you, kinda the basics of when I like to use Boosting versus the Ads Manager. And make sure you stay
until the very end because, I’m going to give you an awesome freebie, which is a Facebook Ad Master Class that will teach you the
basics of Facebook ads, so you are all set to start
running some Facebook ads. Now, you might have
seen people on Facebook completely bashing that
little button, the boost. They say, “Don’t ever
press it, don’t use it.” I understand to an extent. The basics of Ads Manager
is basically that it allows you to create
the most cost effective, most results-oriented Facebook ads that are ultimately going to get you, or your clients, the best results. So, when possible, I highly
recommend using the Ads Manager. But there are three
exceptions to this rule, and those are the times that I would say go ahead and go for the boost button. Number one, when the Ads Manager
is too confusing for you. So, if you are brand,
brand new to Facebook Ads, to being a Social Media Manager, or to marketing your brand, and you just don’t understand
how the Ads Manager works, now is not the time to just
dive right in without support. The Ads Manager can be kind of confusing. I mean, even the first
steps to setting it up can be really frustrating, I know, I’ve been there once upon a time. So what I highly recommend
is if you are confused by the Ads Manager, take
the time to just hit the Boost button and try things, test it, see what works. It’s not bad to try things, you won’t break it by pressing
the Boost button, I promise. Number two, when it is convenient. Yeah, it sounds crazy some of us actually have lives outside of work, right? You might, and I do too. Sometimes I have to run errands, or go to a kids soccer game, that’s life. And sometimes it’s not always convenient to whip out your laptop and
put together an entire ad. That’s another scenario in which I highly recommend using the boost. So, for example, when I’m in the car and I don’t have my laptop with me, maybe I’m at a holiday
get-together with my family, or some kind of vacation, I just don’t have my
laptop readily available. That’s when I’ll hit the boost. Until it is convenient for
me to hop into my laptop and set up an ad in the Ads Manager. And number three, if you are in a hurry to get some eye balls,
get some engagements, get some clicks or results from a post on your Facebook page and you
just need to see results. I highly recommend hitting the
boost and setting up an ad. The interesting thing about that is sometimes boosts are approved a little bit faster than an ad. And it doesn’t hurt to
create both of them. They have the exact same
targeting options available, but setting up both can kind
of race against the clock, and it’s almost like you’re
submitting two tickets to two totally different
teams within Facebook. So when it’s something that you
have to get done in a hurry, it doesn’t hurt to create a boost and an ad within the Ads Manager and then just turn off one
when the other is set to go. The ads one is obviously
going to be better, with better results long-term. It’s just kind of nice to sometimes get those initial eye balls, or engagements, on your Facebook post. So, in summation, when would you use boosting over the Ads Manager? Number one, when the Ads
Manager is too confusing. Number two, when it’s
convenient, if you’re on the run. Or number three, when you’re in a hurry, and you just need to
see some results fast. But I promised something awesome for you, and I didn’t lie, it’s pretty great. I promised you a Facebook
Ads Master Class, in which you can learn the basics of Facebook Ads and the Ads Manager, so you can dive on into
ads and feel empowered in order to run Facebook ads for yourself, or for clients. So click on the link below, and make sure to give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed something
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videos, week after week. I’ll catch you later. (upbeat music)

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  1. This was timely! Thank you for the tips. I'm so glad I've already signed up for the master class. Looking forward to more Rachel's Gold!

  2. I wonder how can you put so much information in less than 5 minutes and still be comprehensive. Maybe that's one of your superpowers! 💪

  3. Hey Rachel, I'm from Nairobi, Kenya. Just found your video today. Great content. I'm really interested in starting a social media advertising agency. Could you direct me on how to add clients pages on my facebook business manager. Thanks

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