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Facebook Audience Overlap To Prevent Ad Fatigue | Facebook Ad Mistakes

Facebook Audience Overlap To Prevent Ad Fatigue | Facebook Ad Mistakes

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome back to my youtube channel
for another Facebook marketing tutorial. in this video I’m going to show you a
quick new handy feature that Facebook has just rolled out and it’s called
audience overlap. What this does is that if your ad account has multiple
audiences – which you should have if you’ve worked a lot with Facebook Ads – you can see if there is any audience overlap between two different audiences.
Now let us first begin by discussing why that is something important and
something that you need to be tracking. So here I have these two
audience defined as Android or IT. What if there’s an overlap with these two
audience. So there’s one ad set which I’m running with Android another one with IT.
Now there are two things possible that might happen here. The first one is that
the audience under Android would also start seeing my ads for IT and the
audience from IT would also see my ads for Android and that’s something I
don’t want and I want to avoid. Also it might get irritating for the same user
to be bombarded with multiple different ads. But the most serious issue here
that’s happening is that both these ads might start competing with each other in
terms of bidding and you’re essentially bidding more because one ad set of your
own is competing with another ad set again of your own. So you need to make
sure that there are minimal overlaps between your audiences. To check this you
will first go under the audience tab which is here under assets in the ad
manager. Once you’re here you can select the two audiences that you want to
compare, go to actions and select show audience overlap and here you can see
there’s an 87% overlap between Android and IT which is not desirable. So you
will have to edit one of these two audiences. What you can do is you can
just quickly select the audience go under action edit scroll down
and start excluding people from this audience and you can add all the
parameters here which you want to exclude and narrow this audience down
further and I think that’d be the most quick and easy way to make sure that
there is no overlap. You can also select another audience and now if I again go
back and compare this is perfect because these two audiences have no overlaps. So
if I have two different ad sets running with these two audiences I know for
sure that both these ad sets will not compete for the same users and no user
will see both of these ads and that’s the perfect situation. That’s about
it for this tutorial, I hope I was able to teach you something new and add value
to you. If I did please hit the thumbs up button comment and let me know and
subscribe to my channel for more marketing content. If you’re looking to
have a one-on-one session with me the best way to reach me is through
Instagram the link is right here. Thank you.

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    Hope it helps and happy reading!

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