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Facebook and Instagram Advertising Targeting Strategy

Facebook and Instagram Advertising Targeting Strategy

In this video I want to talk to you about why you’re targeting actually matters with your Facebook and Instagram ads. Hey, my name is Traci Reuter. I’m the CEO and Founder of Divine Social. We are a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, really helping you to try to get it right. So you don’t waste your money and time on a platform that should be serving you. And I also wrote three chapters in this book, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. Let’s talk about why your advertising targeting matters. This morning, I was on a phone call with one of our consulting clients and we’ve been working with them for a few months. They run their own ads, but we kind of give them some feedback in the last few were on a call picked up something that had no idea that they were doing they were running their campaigns targeting their friends of fans, so you’ve probably are familiar with it. So you’ve seen it in your newsfeed where you see an ad and it says, you know, Traci Reuter and 10 other people that you’re connected to like this that is typically An ad that’s been targeted to friends of fans. Now the good thing about that is those particular ads really help from a social proof standpoint. So if you’ve got a brand that really needs to leverage social proof that can help tremendously now there is a huge downside if this option if using the Friends of fans targeting for both your Facebook or your Instagram ads The downside is is if you just go straight up friends and fans you have to remember that that’s all you’re going to be serving your add to that Think about it for a minute you could be my perfect prospect or I could be yours right I could be your perfect prospect for your business. And let’s say that you sell lighting right I thinking about lighting, there’s lighting around my camera so you still lighting but you still lighting to business owners? Do you think about all of the people I have about I think I have about 4000 connections on my Facebook personal profile. If you started targeting all of the people that are my friends, what percentage of them do you think are actually business owners? Now there could be for some people it could be a high percentage and there is the same as a burden of feather flock together. So odds are that if I’m an entrepreneur, I’m going to know a bunch of them, which is true, I do. But I also know a ton of people who are not okay, I know a lot of people from that I grew up with, that I went to high school with. And so if you start targeting only friends of your fans, what’s going to happen is you’re going to target the people that they know that maybe good prospects just like them, but you’re also going to target their cousins, their neighbors, their friends, from the PTA, their kids, parents, friends, and so on, and so on. You’re going to end up with a lot of people you don’t want. And that’s what I noticed with this particular clients campaigns, they were only targeting friends and fans. So two weeks past, you have a next call. And this morning, we start looking at their campaigns and they had continued to target friends and fans, but they use a interest overlay. So an interest overlay is essentially to be able to say, I want to target all of all of the Friends of my fans who also like this. So in their case, they they’re out of the Netherlands and they are doing business consulting and so they wanted to make sure that they were they were targeting People who had an interest in business or business management or something along those lines. So that’s what they did. They did friends and fans. And then they did an overlay of, of business. And what happened was absolutely amazing. They’re cost per lead dropped dramatically. Like it went from the $10 range down to $3. Like, that’s a huge, huge jump, because now all of a sudden, what’s happening is the ads are getting put in front of the right people. And the more frequently your ad and your message gets put in front of the right people. The Facebook algorithm the the artificial intelligence that runs both Instagram ads, as well as Facebook ads starts to get smarter and smarter and smarter. And so when you feed it’s that old saying, right garbage in, garbage out. If you feed the algorithm or if you’re targeting is garbage that’s what you’re going to get. And the thing that that makes me absolutely crazy is when I hear people say Facebook ads don’t work odds are I just know that they need a little bit of hand holding a little bit of tweaking because Facebook ads Instagram ads absolutely work even even if the costs are going up a little bit. It’s still works incredibly well better than most places that you can put your advertising dollars today. So takeaway from today’s video, take a look and see how are you targeting people? What is your audiences that you’re going after see this is something that is so, so important. We have somebody on our staff that that’s all they do. They do only audience research for our clients. They spend a tremendous amount of time getting interest and getting different things that we can build audience targeting in the campaigns. And so don’t overlook that thing don’t it’s happens a lot, right? Where you spend all your time and energy on your offer on your lead magnet. It’s exhausting making all of the marketing for your business. And then you finally get to the ad and you spend all this time creating the copy and you get your asset and then you don’t follow through to really, really do the research that you need to do to make sure that you’re targeting the right people. Now the algorithm is getting better and it’s a lot more forgiving than it ever used to be. But it’s still really does make a difference especially when you’re using something like the friends if they feature, right? So think about that. So need to stop and think great. So I’m going to target your friends or your friends, the people that I actually want my business in this case, the answer was no or some of them were right. So make sure that you don’t, you don’t leave out being very, very intentional about making sure that you’re targeting the right people because it can absolutely make a huge difference. If you combine good copy with good creative and a really good offer. And then you have good targeting, you’re going to see a much greater success with your Facebook and Instagram ads than you would if you didn’t take the time to understand those things. So if everything you just said to us, like sounds great, but I still don’t know what I’m doing. If you haven’t downloaded our three pillars worksheet. The three pillars of successful social advertising is our it’s our framework of how we build out all of our agency clients. And I’ve put together a simple checklist so that you can use it for yourself. You don’t have to be one of our agency clients. To take advantage of this you can go to the link below this and you’ll learn about audience building. Engagement campaigns and about conversion campaigns and how you use those together. Not only that, we give you a great resource where you can go through all of your existing assets, your videos, your blog posts, and see where you can slot those things into the ad funnel so you can get better results with your Facebook or your Instagram ads. And as always, if you have any questions, please leave them below. I’d love questions, comments, your thoughts. If you’ve experienced anything like this, always want to hear from you. And if you haven’t yet subscribed, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel because we put videos out like this every Tuesday and sometimes more often, and you don’t want to miss them. So with that, my name is Traci Reuter, and we’ll see you next time.

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