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Facebook and Instagram Advertising PSA

Facebook and Instagram Advertising PSA

In this video I want to talk to you about why you need to stop spending money on your facebook ads that nobody cares about My name is Traci Reuter. I’m the CEO and Founder of Divine Social. We are a Facebook and Instagram Advertising Agency and we specialize in helping our clients not waste their money. So what is today’s video all about? well, I talked a while ago and social about a public service announcement and it’s really because in our company one of the things that We do to stay just on the cutting edge and pay attention to what’s working What’s not working is we’re always looking at social ads in the feed So we are you know collecting ads and analyzing what works and what doesn’t work and it is shocking Shocking right? Let me say this shocking Shocking to me how many people are running Facebook or Instagram ads? Using copy and creative that nobody but their mom cares about so what do I mean by that? So often what happens is people who don’t really understand what they’re doing put up ads and I see this so much which is why I wanted to Make this video for you today so that you don’t make this mistake They put up ads and the ad content is essentially all of the reasons why they’re great. It’s all their features It’s all their benefits It’s all of the you know, patting themselves on the back as to why they’re so amazing and you should do business with them It’s all basically me me me me me me me me It’s just silly nips. There’s nothing in their ads About their prospect there’s nothing in the ad about how they could make a difference in solving My problem or your problem or whoever’s problem that they’re trying to talk to you now obviously when I see something like this, they’re targeting me, so I’m wondering Why would I even care about this? Like why does this even matter and it’s even worse when I’ve never heard about the brand before because they don’t know them I don’t like them I certainly don’t trust them and I am NOT gonna remember them for the reasons that they would want me to remember them And so how do you prevent this from happening? Well, there’s a couple things number one I believe in our company’s philosophy is what we call the three pillars to successful social Advertising if you want to get a worksheet on how to use the three pillars of social ads There’s a link below this video where you can download an awesome worksheet and really understand I’m talking about The way we set it up with the three pillars is we focus on building an audience Providing great value to that audience and then asking for the leader the sale and it’s it’s done sequentially and it’s actually an architected process a very deliberate process So in order to do that, successfully what you want to do is you want to be talking about the end user, right? So you want to the end user but the person you’re talking to you want to be talking to them about? How you understand their problems how you understand what they’re going through and how you can solve it and you can do that every step of the three pillars you can do it when you’re creating your audience’s you can do it when you’re providing great value and You can do it when you are actually asking for the sale and when you when you really Speak about what actually matters to your prospect you’re gonna find that you’re not gonna be wasting your ad dollars That’s the worst thing when I hear people say Facebook Ads don’t work Usually that’s a big red flag for me that something is missing because we just see Facebook Ads work over and over and over again And it has been like that for a really long time So here’s your key takeaway for today The takeaway for today is to make sure that in all of your advertising copy if you’re gonna put your hard-earned dollars, right? It’s your profit. It’s your money If you’re gonna put money back into marketing your business to expand make sure That you are talking about something that actually matters to your prospect and not just to you or your mom Or your wife or your husband or the people who really like you and think you’re awesome Okay, make sure you do that and you’ll be blown away by the success of your of your ads So make sure you download go ahead and download the three pillars. It’s right below this video if you haven’t yet subscribed subscribe Leave me a comment Tell me what you think about this tell me if you have seen those kinds of ads that I’m talking about the ones that are like, you know, like the Old-school ones that are basically like billboards and stuff that are like, yeah, look at me look at me. We’re so great These are all the reasons why you should come here. Nobody cares All right, so I want to save you from bad ads. So make sure you subscribe make sure you leave me a comment. My name is Traci Reuter We come back every single Tuesday with the new with a new video, so don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you later.

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