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Facebook Advertising Tips – Watch Ad Frequency to Avoid Ad Fatigue

Facebook Advertising Tips – Watch Ad Frequency to Avoid Ad Fatigue

– In this video, we talk
about Facebook ad frequency and how you can optimize
that for the best results and to avoid ad fatigue. Check it out! Hi I’m JB with Marketing 360. And we help small businesses
grow with our Marketing and Design, Talent Technology through our number one marketing
platform: Marketing 360. We call Marketing and Design that. We love MAD. And hopefully these videos,
we’ll help you fall in love with MAD too. So, make sure to follow
us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your
business and fuel your brand. So, what is ad frequency? Ad frequency is, essentially,
how many times somebody sees your ad. So, you wanna keep an eye on
that data metric and make sure that you’re optimizing to that. To make sure that people
aren’t seeing your ad so much it’s creating an ad
fatigue and are no longer really impacting themselves from your ads and turning into leads,
and turning into customers, and, therefore, you’re wasting money. You wanna avoid that fatigue
so let’s talk about some tips on how you can do that. Tip number one: Facebook
ads perform the best when the ad frequency is between
three and five times. So when somebody seen the ad
between three and five times, that’s optimal. If they haven’t seen it
at least three times, they really haven’t seen
it enough to take effect. If they’ve seen it more than
five times, it starts to lose its effect. And you start to really waste money on your marketing because
you’re cost per version is going up and you’re
getting less conversions starting to drop. So, three to five is
what you wanna look for. So, when your Facebook camp
ends, make sure you have the metric, the column
added for ad frequency and watch that. And when you reach that
three to five threshold, that’s pretty good. When you exceed that, you
gonna wanna make some changes. Tip number two is what do
you do after you exceed that five times frequency. When you start hitting six, a
seven frequency, you’re gonna wanna make some changes so
what you do is you just have to have new creatives. It doesn’t have to be a
huge change with your ad. It can just be a simple color
change, whether it needs to be some kind of an update,
because what’s happened is the other ad has become fatiguing to the people seeing it. And they’re blinded to it now
so you need an ad refresh. Now, typically when you hit
that three to five threshold on ad frequency, that’s
gonna be two to four weeks. So really what this means
is you need new creatives essentially every two to four weeks. One bonus tip here is video ads
have the longest shelf life. So, video ads will typically
make it for four to six weeks. Whereas in an image ad,
it’s only gonna be two to four weeks. So, what does this mean? Let’s talk about some other tips. So, tip three: how do you
really strategize for this? And, here’s the tip here:
develop a series of ads. Come up with your call
to action, your message, that doesn’t really need to
change, what really needs to change is the creative
that surrounds that, the colors, the imagery, the presentation of that call to action
message should change. So, what you should do is
come up with a call to action, come up with the messaging,
and then design, literally, six or more sets of ads
for that same thing. What you’ve done now is
you’ve now pre-planned and pre-designed the process
for you to really update your ads whenever that ad
frequency exceeds that five mark. And, so this is really powerful, right? Now, you have a nice series
of designs already ready to go right out of the gate everytime you reach that three to five threshold,
you update your ads. This is probably gonna be
every two to four weeks like we talked about. So if you develop six different ads, that could be potentially
be six months worth of ads. And here’s the nice part, by
the time you get to the end of the sixth month, you
can almost start back over at the beginning because six months ago people wouldn’t necessarily
remember that ad. It almost becomes fresh to them again. So this really allows you
to kinda rotate this through on and on until the end of time. Tip number four is to make
sure you build your camp ads so that you’ll exclude
people that converted, if they converted. You don’t wanna show your ad to somebody that are already converted
unless that makes sense for the business model. But typically once somebody
converts, you’re wasting money if you continue showing them the same ad they already converted. So, save money by excluding
the people that converted from your ads, that’s gonna
keep your camp ads leaner and meaner. So tip number five we’re just gonna put this altogether now. So, how do you really tackle Facebook ads? You develop a call to action,
you develop your messaging, you then design a series of six ads. Six ads are gonna run the
course of three to six months in terms of the calendar, how
long those are gonna last. You’re gonna want a
refresher ads everytime your frequency hits three to five. So that those ads stay
fresh to your audience. You’re gonna wanna setup
your targeting on Facebook to target the perfect
demographic of people that are interested in
your product or service if they see your ad. And you’re gonna wanna
run that and you’re gonna wanna exclude the people in
that audience if they convert. So as soon as they
convert, you pull ’em out. What this is doing is
like squeezing a towel and more water comes out
and you keep squeezing the towel. And that first month you’re
got a good chunk of conversion as you exclude the people that
converted, you’ll then show the people that haven’t
converted a new ad. And that’ll squeeze the towel
little more and you’ll do this over the course of
time, you’ll really get the most out of that audience and the highest overall conversions you could have possibly received. Boom! So, in conclusion, thanks for watching. If you like the video, like it, share it, leave a comment if you
have some other tips around this idea of ad frequency. And also follow us for
more content like this in the future. Give us ideas in the comments
too if there’s other things you’d like us to talk about
with regards to Facebook ads or anything else. We’d love to cover it. Have a great day! Happy marketing!

11 thoughts on “Facebook Advertising Tips – Watch Ad Frequency to Avoid Ad Fatigue

  1. This is exactly what I needed! I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole Facebook ad concept, and now you have given me a structure to work with. Thanks so much!

  2. Love this I completely agree. I enjoy your content… I was just wondering are you guys doing any video ads?

    Bc I think that may convert better.

  3. On Tip 4: Exclude people that have converted…when running Lead Ads, how do you exclude those folks that already given you their information? Thanks

  4. What if you’re advertising a weekly webinar and your ad is only running a week at a time. My ad frequency never really gets above 1? Do I just need to run the ad for a longer period of time?

  5. Great content this is just what I have been looking for. Thanks a lot!

    I am wondering, once I have changed the creative when the frequency hits 5 or more, as it will be the same campaign do I just then wait for the overall frequency to hit 10 before I refresh the content again?

    Or alternatively do I just start a new campaign with the same interests but updated creative? Thanks

  6. I'm doing a retargeting campaign that uses the product catalogue dynamically. I can't change the ad much. My frequency hit 19! What should I do with this?

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