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Facebook Advertising THAT WORKS! – 3 Reasons Your FB Ads Aren't Working

Facebook Advertising THAT WORKS! - 3 Reasons Your FB Ads Aren't Working

hey this Ryan hildreth and in this video we're gonna be going over Facebook advertising that actually works and I'm gonna give you an in-depth tutorial step by step on the three reasons why your Facebook ads are probably not working and why you're not making tons of money from your Facebook Ads all right so the goal of this video is to get you from your Facebook ads not working okay you're not making maybe you're not making any money with your Facebook ads or you're not getting the results that you want to becoming a profitable Facebook advertiser with your business okay and before we get started I just want to let you know that we're gonna dive into my ads manager and the Facebook ads that I'm running are to my one of my affiliate businesses that's generating over 10,000 a month in passive income and if you want to plug into that business you can do that by clicking the first link of the description but let's go ahead and dive into this deep in-depth Facebook advertising tutorial okay so Facebook ads can be extremely powerful if you're doing it the right way and I'm gonna log into my ads manager and actually show you three simple you know little tweaks that I can almost guarantee you're not doing because these are the same mistakes that I made that really helped me become profitable and will help you get some results with your Facebook ads okay not making money with Facebook Ads –is is one of the biggest reasons why I made this video is because there wasn't videos out there like this that actually showed me these little key nuances that would help me make money with Facebook ads so maybe you're not making money with Facebook ads maybe you're not getting results or maybe you're just pouring money into something that doesn't seem to be working and I really want to shift you to the profitable side of Facebook advertising okay so the first thing that most people get wrong and this is something that I was getting wrong when I first started with my Facebook ads in it you know costs me thousands and thousands of dollars was the wrong objective okay so we're gonna log into my ads manager right now and basically we're gonna go create an ad or just kind of go to that first page together okay so log in to your ads manager now if you don't know how to set up your Facebook Ads manager you have no clue you've never seen this screen before like you've never set up a Facebook ad I'm gonna link a video right up above that's going to show you step-by-step on how to actually set up your ads manager and how to set up a campaign but if you're someone who's maybe set up one or two or maybe thousands of campaigns whether you're a beginner or an expert then this video is gonna be for you but if you have never set up a campaign before I highly recommend watching that video up above but this page obviously obviously you've seen this page a lot okay and this is where most people get it wrong now for me in my business okay my affiliate business some of my online education businesses my objective is to get sales okay it is to get sales and continue to get sales with Facebook Ads now I'm probably guessing that you are selling something online and you want to get sales so what you want to do is start your campaign off with the conversion objective okay now this was different in the past in the past that would start off with some brand awareness warm up to a cold audience right maybe show them my name show them some value then I would start you know maybe running some traffic campaigns and then I would run conversion campaigns but what I've been seeing that's working lately is just going straight to conversion campaigns and finding your buyers right then and there because there's a little window of people about 5% of people on Facebook that are ready to buy right now okay these people are harder to find obviously every single business is trying to go after these 5% of people but if you could just get one or two of those people to purchase your product or service then that's gonna give Facebook some data it's gonna give the pixel some data to work with okay it's gonna say okay this person purchased now let's go find more people that look like that person okay so the goal with Facebook advertising is to get that data and get that data quick so you want to get some conversions right away so you can warm up that pixel faster and you're not really gonna do that by doing any brand awareness or traffic campaigns or even lead generation campaign okay those I don't do those anymore what I do is purchase conversions okay now if you have never set up a pixel on your website you're gonna want to do that okay you can go up here to ads manager in the left hand corner go to pixels alright and it's gonna take you to this page where you can go ahead and you know create a Facebook pixel and you know try it you know kind of set that up as you go and Facebook will show you how to do that okay but we're gonna go back to the ads manager okay and basically that is the first thing you want to do is run purchase campaigns now if we look at all the campaigns I've done for this particular business okay I'm gonna go to I'm gonna click on this or actually purchases so you can see all of the purchases that I've been getting because I'm running all of these campaigns for purchases right you see 58 there 44 there 40 30 2014 right and the list goes on and it gets smaller and smaller and obviously you see these campaigns didn't get any purchases therefore I shut them off quickly okay so that's the reason why I run purchased campaigns because I'm able to warm up the pixel quickly and start getting more purchases that's what most people don't do they start doing traffic objectives and get a low cost per click I like to look at purchases because that is what I want out of this the only exception would be if you are running a lead generation campaign to actually follow up with those leads and maybe you have a sales person that hops on a call with them that I would say that would be okay to run a lead objective but purchase objectives are going to be what you want to you know what you want to be running in 2019 and forward okay so that's the number one issue is the wrong objective okay now number two is these small nuances nuances that lead to money being wasted okay so little tiny holes in your Facebook advertising that are just leaking out money meaning you're targeting the wrong types of people maybe you're targeting the wrong age ranges and you're not getting optimal leads or optimal purchase conversions for who you're targeting right so let me kind of dive into that on what I'm you know and kind of explain what that means okay so we're gonna go ahead and create the ad together and we're gonna go purchase conversions okay and once we do that you're gonna see the CBO campaign budget optimization I don't tend to use this because I like to see which ad sets are working and kind of evenly spend on each ad set so I can compare them evenly and turn off the ones that aren't working so I'm going to turn that off we're gonna press Continue and these are the small nuances that I can guarantee you're wasting money on advertising okay so make sure your purchase conversion pixel is selected right here to your website right and make sure that you have a custom audience maybe a look-alike audience if you I click here you're gonna see all of these look-alike audiences that I have now I've talked about this in previous videos but you want to have different audiences that you're testing okay so I'm assuming that you have some look-alike audiences meaning you uploaded your email list into your Facebook Ads manager and you've created a look-alike audience based off your email list or maybe someone that's viewed your video maybe you have an a video view look-alike audience right you want to be make sure you're creating a custom audience if you don't have an email list you don't have any of that that's fine you can go ahead and use like geo based targeting and stuff like that but this is what I want you to focus on right here's locations this is the main mistake that was leading to you know one dollar being spent here two dollars being spent here five ten dollars being spent here on people that actually didn't live in the United States even though my objective like my campaign was targeting people that live in the United States I was selecting everyone in this location now you want to switch this to people who live in this location because let me explain this to you there's people that you know are in the United States that you're targeting right but is it possible that they might be on vacation is it possible that they might be have a family member that lives in the United States and they're just staying for a few weeks or a few months right can that be a possibility right yes it can be so you want to make sure that you're not targeting those people because some of the time they don't even speak English and secondly they don't live here so culturally right if you're running an ad that's targeting a specific country like the United States you want to make sure that your advertisement is only targeting United States citizens okay because that you know there's obviously cultural barriers language barriers maybe your ad doesn't communicate effectively to anyone outside the US okay or outside the country that you're targeting so make sure to select people who live in this location this is one of the biggest mistakes I was making where sure I was only losing a couple dollars on each ad set but if you have a hundred ad sets going or you you you know over time you've done a thousand different ad sets and you wasted two dollars on each ad set right that's a couple thousand bucks that have been wasted on your Facebook advertising because you were targeting people that actually didn't live in the location because you didn't select this okay so always select people who live in this location so you're not targeting travelers you're not targeting people who are just here for a short amount of time you're targeting United States citizens okay or whatever country that you're targeting all right another thing is age all right I think age is essential sure you can target maybe your audience is younger 18 to 24 but you have to remember that you know young people that are just coming out of high school if you think about yourself in high school did you have a credit card maybe not if when I thought of myself like I didn't have a credit card in high school okay I had one maybe in college but not in high school so you have to remember that if you're targeting teen 2:24 I recommend actually bumping this up to 19 just to be safe and I've seen that make a drastic difference because I was getting feedback from a few of my advertisements where there was high schoolers right people that are a teen or maybe just turned 18 that we're getting targeted with my ad but didn't even have a credit card to purchase what I what I had to offer even if they wanted it they couldn't get it because they didn't have their own credit card so you want to make sure that if you are targeting a younger audience if you want to do the 18 to 24 range just bump it up one year just in case because you have to remember that people it you're going to target people that maybe just turn 18 today okay so they were 17 there were minors before they didn't have a credit card they didn't have anything like that and in one day they probably still don't have those things necessary to purchase what you have to offer okay so this is a little nuance where you can be you know sending maybe a dollar here a dollar there over a thousand ad sets you're gonna lose a couple thousand dollars over time okay and I want to make sure that you're getting the most optimal results in your dollars are being placed to people that actually can purchase your service or product okay and then last but not least languages okay this is something that I never selected because at first I just you know went right over it I just assumed oh well I'm targeting the United States my product is in English but everyone speaks English in the United States and that's simply not true okay you know my grandparents they speak English but obviously it's broken English because they came from the Philippines so you have to know that there are people out there that don't speak English but live in the United States okay so you need to select the language that your product or service delivers on okay if it's English then put English right in here and select all okay so that's a little tiny nuance there's a couple dollars you're spending too on people that maybe don't even speak English so a couple dollars here a couple dollars here and a couple dollars here that's you know five to ten dollars on each ad set and if you have a thousand dad sets going you can do the math five to ten thousand dollars over time being wasted okay so select English another thing detailed targeting okay and I'm just gonna walk all the way through this because these are tiny nuances that can lead to thousands of dollars being wasted on Facebook ads and people you know they're all the selections are here but you just kind of brush over them because maybe you took a course or something and it didn't go over this type of stuff so I like to turn off expand detailed targeting if you are targeting your look-alike audience if you are targeting a specific demographic or interest do not expand the detailed targeting I'm I haven't seen this work very well okay I've only seen dollars wasted on expanding detailed targeting so I choose to turn that off and that's just what has worked for me okay now if it's worked for you that's fine but for me personally I'm very you know stingy with every single dollar that I put into my facebook ads I want to make sure it's going to the right person that is my ideal customer okay so I turn that off now placements okay this is another thing I never do automatic placements okay the only time I do automatic placements is gonna be for retargeting which I'm going to talk about later in this video but as far as editing placements device types most people are on their phone okay so I like to turn off desktop this just I found that I get cheaper conversions for mobile now it all depends if you have a service based business then people might you know be on their desktop looking for that type of stuff so obviously this is kind of relative to whatever offer you're promoting but if this is an offer that's you know under under a couple hundred bucks or under five hundred dollars then I would just select mobile only okay now if this is something that maybe you're selling a digital product that's a high ticket item a thousand dollars or more or service as a thousand dollars or more you know desktop maybe something that you put in there but I like to select mobile only and make sure you do this first for you edit this because look if I select desktop again and I'll just show you what happens and I unselect instant articles I unselect all these right okay but then I go in unselect desktop because I forgot I was like oh no I just want to do mobile only look what happens it resets all of this so you'll have to do this all over again so make sure to do device type first then unselect whatever ones you want now I usually stick with Facebook feeds and suggested videos if you're doing a video ad and Instagram feeds okay but usually I just do Facebook only campaign and then I'll do an Instagram only campaign so that's something as well now if we go to device types this is something that you know is gonna be dependent upon you I like to select iOS only but that's very very specific okay for the most part just go with mobile and you should be fine okay you should be fine with mobile only and as far as budget and scheduling conversions is fine daily budget if you're running a purchase conversion I would start your ad sets often at least you know five to ten dollars a day if not twenty you know and if you're doing five dollars a day because the budget your budget is just smaller make sure to front end your budget okay so how does this work let's say you have five hundred dollars to spend on Facebook ads in one month okay what you're gonna want to do is in the first three days or first two days you know set your ad sets at $10 a day sure you might spend a couple hundred bucks in the first couple days but you're gonna get results that you can you know shut off the bad ad sets and keep the good ones going at your $5 a day budget okay so that's what I like to do if if I have a five hundred dollar budget I'll spend maybe a hundred or even two hundred right in the first couple days to find my perfect ad sets then I will go back to shut off the bad ad sets and have the good ones going at what five ten dollars a day whatever meets the rest of the budget requirement okay so that's another thing you know daily budget I like to start my ad sets off at $10 a day I wait 12 hours and then I check them and I shut off the bad ones if you're doing $5 a day wait 24 hours shut off the bad ones if you're doing $20 a day add sets then you can you know look at them for the first you know five or six hours and then start shutting them off see you're gonna get your data quicker when you spend more money okay so that's fine their conversion window I always do one day click it's just optimal for me you know standard is seven days click so that can track someone for for this one day with clicking your ad okay so one day with clicking your ad they're gonna track that person let's see if they actually purchase from you okay this is something that I like to choose one day click and that's gonna be up to you okay so those are the small nuances that can lead to drastic changes in your advertising just those little tweaks and those little areas that I went over I promise that you will see a difference in your ads and hopefully that difference is positive for me it's been positive that has changed me from going like from wasting tons of money to on Facebook ads that weren't working to highly profitable Facebook ad sets so hopefully that helped you out and the last one is not retargeting now I've gone over this before but I'm gonna stress this again and show you proof of results that retargeting is so crucial now when you first advertise to someone it requires someone to see your ad maybe seven times to actually remember you okay so what you want to do is retarget the people that maybe clicked onto your web page or clicked over and gave you an email but didn't purchase okay and I would have different types of retargeting ads for each one of those types of people like hey I saw you landed on XYZ comm but you didn't register for the webinar you didn't pick up a product this is the last time you're going to be able to get this product at 50% off go ahead and now write those ads are so effective because you're communicating in a style that is very probably you know personal to that person that clicked on your page so I like to run retargeting ads to kind of scoop the overflow right there's gonna be a lot of people that go in your funnel and purchase but there's also gonna be those people who kind of drop off to the sides and you want to make sure to have buckets right here to catch them with your retargeting ads to bring them back into your funnel okay so we're gonna go ahead and go to the ads manager and we'll leave this right here and I just want to show you how powerful this retargeting campaign is for this particular affiliate business again if you want access to this business if you want to just plug into my business and start profiting with affiliate commissions and passive income that's gonna be the first link in the description but as you can see I'm gonna pull up the purchases and out of all my campaigns here okay and this is all for the same business I have gotten the most purchases from my retargeting ad okay RT we're targeting this is my retargeting ad and I'm getting purchases for $15 now a customer is worth about a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars to me so you know this is a major ROI right here now these are OAS these Roiz or return on adspend these aren't accurate because these don't track upsells so if you're looking at this and you're saying like oh well you know these these ROAS aren't you know return on adspend aren't any good you know point five point four the thing is they don't track my pixel doesn't track upsells so you know I I don't really look at this too much I do have it here just to take a look but this these numbers really don't matter to me because it's not tracking the additional sales I look at the average cart value of my customer around hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars so if I'm getting purchases for fifteen dollars the rest is pure profit now all of most my purchases has come from retargeting ads and that's because again people need to be able to trust your business they need to see you over and over and over again and if you aren't hitting them with retargeting campaigns then you know you're leaving money on the table now how do I set up a retargeting campaign I'll show you real quick on what objective I choose so the objective I choose okay you can either choose traffic which is fine because you're just sending like your retargeting to all the people that have viewed your webpage and you're just you just want them to get get back on to your page or you can run conversions okay either one doesn't matter I've just been doing conversions lately I used to do traffic but either way you just want people to see you see you over and over again and get them to purchase your product but conversions is probably the best one here so I would choose conversions on here as well okay for your retargeting campaign so again I hope this video helped you out I will link the other Facebook ad video right up above so you can watch that and get more training on profitable Facebook ads but hopefully these three things helped remember you have to have the right marketing objective you have to make sure number 2 the small nuances are fixed ok those little things like targeting people who actually live in the country that you're targeting not everyone in this country ok and then number 3 retargeting your potential customers ok if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe because I got a lot more videos like this coming out give this a thumbs up and I'll see you in the video right up above take care

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