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Facebook advertising secrets

Facebook advertising secrets

hey it’s Chris. On this video I want to
show you how you can build a business just using Facebook as nothing else. Now
I’m gonna go through this and this is the first 19 steps you need to go to
make your first nine thousand dollars and you can get this checklist just by
pressing on the the message button and I’ll send it across you. But before I go
into this I want to share with you is I don’t really want you to do this I want
you to understand it I want you to see what’s going to happen but then I want
you to find somebody to do it for you and I’ll explain more by that in a
minute but I still want you to get this I want you to understand it but I don’t
want you to be outside the area mastery you see I think that there’s way too
much focus right now on entrepreneurs learning the next in the next thing the
next thing the next thing the next thing the problem with that is it never stops.
You end up doing everything but we’ll get to more of that later if you want
this hit the message button i’ll send it you so this is going to explain to you
how we’ve helped hundreds and thousands of people be able to make money online
using Facebook and I mean in real businesses with real services
brick-and-mortar businesses online Approach where they need the first thing
here is finding your hidden market now you’re hidden market is your market the
one that’s just perfect for you there is a certain people and certain group of
people that you are gonna be best for you know the next is really
understanding who your client is and how to do interviews. I’ve got to stop this
right now. Most entrepreneurs have never
interviewed their market. They have no idea what’s going on for the person they
want to sell product to.We want to really make sure that you interview them
properly and you distilled down into their fears frustrations their wants and
aspirations so you understand. You see I know my person wants their marketing to
work. They want it done for them what they truly desire is they desire to be
like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and with a little bit of a mixture of Oprah
Winfrey that’s who they want to be they want to have a business that changes
lives that gives them a life and they don’t want to do things that they don’t
love. They want to be with people and so when you get really clear on your person
you get to define a target avatar . You want to be honest say hey this person is
frustrated with all the technology all the new things coming out and they just
want it done for them that’s my avatar. Now the next thing is to create intellectual property. You want to understand your intellectual property
and you’ll see here in set a that talks about transformation so make sure you’ve downloaded this. The transformations is when you show and you share how you
transform somebody so this is what we say we know we said you’re gonna go from
frustrated doing it all to sitting back and having leads and sales come towards
you you’re gonna go from trying to learn everything to just having a team do it
and so when you understand how people transform then they can understand where
they’re going to go then you can give them intellectual property. When you
download this I’m going to give you some videos they will show you how to apply
all of this and that’s my intellectual property. Then you want even no brainer
offer here’s my no-brainer offer is I can help anybody it doesn’t matter if
they have a service business a health business they have products how to get
more leads and more sales online guaranteed we’ve done it for the last 13
years and we can help you for sure. So the next thing is to have your story and
your bait so your story needs to be on point with the person. Here’s what happened to me,
is when I set out in business I had a great service and a great product and I
went out there and I got moving. But what I found is eventually I had to decide
doing so many things and what I really love to do is I love to get out there
and I love to mock and sell my product but then I had to do you know I had to
hire people I felt like a babysitter they were fires and accounting they were
fires and legal they’re fires and HR I had to go get new product and source
inventory and I had to go and manage people and then there were the customer
complaints. What I really loved to do was the sales and marketing. I bet you
there’s a place in your business that you just love to do it. Well I was just
like you I had a place and so I tried to do everything else until they realize I
just needed to hire and build a team. So I love the sales and marketing so I just
focused on that I built a team that are able to do the technology able do all
the emails all the graphics that are able to help me get the right products
and really build everything else out so let me ask you where in your business do
you just completely love to do things. I’ve got a hallucination and that it’s
you love when you’re just working with your client right. If you could get
everything else done for you just get to work with your client get to get
paid great, it’d be awesome for you. What was same for me and so that’s why we
create this company we have a 20 marketing stuff and here’s what we do we
find products we partner with people who have great services and we help build
their business we become their marketing partner and I love that position and I
want you to be in love with your business. The next is to create your bait
you’ll give away that attracts the right people. The next thing is to create a 24
hour sales person a video just like this that comes in and delivers value. This
video here’s what I’m wanting to do. My intention is to show you why we should
do business together is to come with value it’s to build trust and then I’m
going to ask you for your business. You need to be able to come in with a 24
hour sales person that’s out there building connection with your people.
It’s the most important thing. So we go through we grew via social media then
we’re going to go down here and we’re going to create online traffic, we’re
going to get some quick wins, we’re going to get the first few leads in the first
few sales normally this is done by the phone and we’re going to make that first
five or 10,000 dollars. We do this by then getting people on calls. 10 minute
calls and strategy sessions. It is so important that you go through these
steps if you do this, you will build a business just using Facebook. You will
build a business just with online traffic, you can get people on the phone,
you can get people to buy online. Go ahead and download this. When you
download this you can just click the message button download it right now. I’m gonna send you across some videos and some trainings to accompany this so you
can actually make this thing work and then I’m gonna ask you to get on a phone
call and on that phone call I’m gonna show you how you can grow your business.
I’ll explain to you multiple people just like you with a business just like yours
with frustrations and challenges just like you’ve got. I’m going to show you
where they are now and how we’ve helped make hundreds of thousands of dollars or
tens of thousands a month we’ll just get a bunch more leads. We’ll show you how to have freedom to do it you love. So go grab this. My name is Chris Duncan. I’m
excited for you. Thank you for watching to the end. Thank you for being an
entrepreneur change the world. I look forward to talking to you really soon
all right. Bye now.

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