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Facebook Advertising Master Class – Why should you join?

Facebook Advertising Master Class – Why should you join?

Hey, this is Jason. Welcome in. Let’s talk
about Facebook Advertising Master Class. Why should you choose to join this class?
First of all, this is a class backed by our 9 years experience as a Facebook
advertising agency. Since 2010 we have worked with over 200 brands from various industries, managing millions in facebook advertising ad spend. So what you’re going to learn are those mistakes that we have made, the challenges that we have faced,
we put together in the class to make sure that you don’t need to go through what we have went through before. The second reason of course is that the class is based on Facebook Blueprint Program. I’m personally a 2-term Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional, which means whatever you’re about to learn from this class is actually based on what is Facebook officially teaching the whole world. Third reason of course is that this class is going to be the best class of your life. Why? Because this is probably the smallest Facebook advertising class that
you can attend. Every class is only limited to 10 person, which means we are able to spend enough time with you to make sure that you are able to absorb whatever we are sharing with you, and we are able to go into your business cases to find out what’s best for you. So what are you about to learn from this class are actually based on real cases, after we have been managing millions in facebook advertising ad spent – the proven techniques and tactics that you can actually put to use right away, to increase effectiveness of your campaign. The first part of the class, we call it Laying the Foundation. We’re going to go through certain Facebook features and tools that you probably overlooked all these while, but they are really powerful in terms of increasing the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads campaign. And then after that we are going to dive into the important fundamentals about Facebook advertising such as the campaign structure, the optimization methods, the ad types the placement types, etc. which is really important for you to prepare yourself before you enter into the next part of the class. The second part of the class is really awesome, we call it Effective Facebook Advertising. We’re going to dive deep into each and every one of the Facebook advertising objectives to make sure that you’re able to choose the most effective ones for your campaign. Eventually we’re going to share with you a few Facebook audience targeting techniques that we have been using on our clients cases, proven ones which might increase your effectiveness right away. And then we’re going to dive into a few like ads design do’s and dont’s, ads copywriting do’s and don’ts, and a few other things such as Facebook Pixel and how do you analyze your campaign. Really it’s a class that you must not miss. Somebody asked me, is this a class for beginner or intermediate? In fact if you have already experienced in facebook advertising, yet you still do not really grasp the differences between each and every one of the objectives, join this class. And of course if you are starting out, join this class as well because it’s gonna help you decide which a direction and what kind of strategy you should be putting together for your businesses. We are so confident in our class, we offer 100% money-back guarantee. Join our class, in the first 2 hours if you think Jason Gan, crap walk through the door and we will give you full refund no questions asked. Usually we will have this class every month, one in English another one in Mandarin. Remember sign up now because it’s only open for 10 person.

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